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Great tool! GPS is really a pain, however in WM5


Oct 3, 2006 by claytp

I have to say this phone is a great phone. I have sold these for a while now.

since you can already see about all the wonderful things it does. I want to elaborate on the bad things.

YES it may be hard to see in the sunlight, but it is a PDA and that is how they are! quit whining people. if you're approaching your 40's, maybe its time for glasses?

the Stylus falls out WAY easy after a few weeks (or days) of use. I used some fingernail polish to help keep it in. you might want to buy a stylus pack when you get this phone.

It is big, especially with the extended battery, that you should buy if you use between 500-1000 voice minutes AND actually want to use the PDA functions during the day. but the size it something one should expect. would you rather carry around a PDA AAAND a phone? of course not!

EVDO is cheap, 25 unlimited with Qwest.
Try getting that from the devil (verizon) or his cousing (sprint).

the microsoft Voice command i purchased for it, does NOT (as far as i know) let you activate it from a bluetooth headset (like the Motorola's do).

I do love that i can put in my 2gb mini sd card and use it at the gym for music and switch to my phone while i'm jogging on the treadmill, just like those ppl in the cingular commericals :). so that adds to the cool factor.

The keypad IS viewable in the dark! the other posters on here must be trying to TXT and drive at night, where the headlight glare prevent you from seeing the keypad. I can browse the net and check email before i go to bed and before i get OUT of bed with no problem.

I had a HEL of a time getting tomtom and the PHAROS BT gps receiver to work.

TOMTOM 5 is such crap but I like the program. I begun using iGuidance from iNav which is WAY customizable and user friendly like tom tom. I could actually TELL it what port the gps was set up on. Tom-tom doesn't let you ;( grr

windows mobile 5 has a GPS control panel that is hidden on this model and on some other phones. regedit!!

Did anyone else get a headache from it?


Sep 18, 2006 by kidceurope

I loved the phone. Really. The keyboard was ideal and even though it did way too much than was necessary, I could see it really growing on me. Just one problem...it gave me a headache. Literally. The front of my head would hurt when using the phone. I think I am just sensitive to some phones, but I was interested if anyone else had the same problem. Now I have to trade it in and bummed out.


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Powerful PDA and phone


Sep 17, 2006 by Rodjwita2way

I owed a samsung I730 with verizon for a couple of days until I decided to upgrade to the 6700 I was very pleased with my upgrade.

PROS: EVDO service usually everywhere and works great. No proccesor stalls even with with many programs open. Qwerty keyboard is ver easy to use much better than Treos, I am using it now to type this review. Wifi is great and doesn't seem to lose signal ever. No dropped calls yet, and phone can take a drop. Rubber feel is great and one handed use is pretty good as long as you aerent typing.

CONS: Soft Resets every few days, normal with pocket pcs. Memory is a must if not phone will lock up frequently, and after memory is installed hard reset is suggested to clear out temporary files the user can't find. Speaker phone is pretty low but manageable, unable to use in car. Battery not too great but much better than i730s even with the extended battery.

Overall the phone is great I was very happy with my purchase, I have owned several pocket pcs in the past and I will honestly say this is the best even though I dropped my proccesing speed from 520mhz to 416 not really a noticable difference. I would suggest it to anyone, at least if you have some prior knowledge of pocket pcs its a PDA before its a phone, just make sure you know that before you buy it for your main phone.



Sep 13, 2006 by skyluv

Worst pda phone. At first I was very excited w/ the phone b/c it's windows operating system. The reason why I didn't turn to treo. But after having the 6700 for a month, I've had enough and switch to treo 700p. Now they have the treo rw for windows, but I'm extremely happy w/ 700p after what I've been through the 6700. I had to go back a zillion times to my carrier b/c of so many proplems, like not charging, battery life too short, phone freezing up. And during daytime, you can't really see the screen. The ringer is not loud, can barely hear it. It had som many issues, I can't even remember it all. All I know is that I'm glad and extremely happy I switch to my treo 700p. I love this phone!

Good Phone Bad Users


Jul 29, 2006 by sneums1

I have read other reviews that state that you can't end a call if you phone is in password protection mode. I wish that people would either read their manual or insert the learning cd into their computer before writing ignorant reviews.

The phone is a good phone, not great. The speaker is not good. It is the only feature that I am truly disappointed in on this phone.

I made some calls that I didn't want to make until I figured out that all I had to do was put my phone in stand-by mode.

Otherwise, good phone for those who need all the features that it offers.

Great Phone!


Jul 13, 2006 by Xander063

This phone had just about everything! From a computer to a phone to a camera. I have no complaints other than well windows still, even on a mobile device, freezes but you just have to reset it and go on with your life. So if you're looking for a pocket PC that's really good and that has an awesome size keyboard this it the one to get.

...billion thumbs up


Jul 12, 2006 by arctic.banana

I've been playing with the baby for a week plus now, and so far I am very impressed. Very sturdy, EVDO works great, and I love the size of this screen.


- Big screen
- Slider qwerty board w/ big keys and sturdy
- EVDO/Reception good
- Only 1 page so far did not load (www.gamespot.com) lots of images though
- Syncing is so freaking easy
- Comes with dock, case, and extra stylus
- Speaker phone excellent


- Voice on receiving end a little tinny (person I call)
- Some bluetooth options disables (keep in mind that is Telus' doing not the phone)
- 1.3mp camera is good, but screen is a tad to big for a 1.3

All in all a nice device. But you must keep in mind that the UTStarcom6700 is a PDA first, and a phone second. Other then that this is a great device. Only issue I have had is it needs Outlook express for most syncing, which I don't use. For those that use outlook you'll have no issues.

I've also only downloaded software that you can find via software store on the device, haven't tried any software via net. The 6700 is basically a treo...but just in a different shell. So far I'm happy and I doubt that'll change anytime soon

Amazing Phone!!! Would Recommend To Anyone


Jul 11, 2006 by dparso3886

So as I bought this phone after doing much research for a pda phone. when this one came out i was one of the first to get it and i would have to say I'm very pleased with my decision. I've had the phone for about 4 months now and I'm still loving it. Many people give reviews saying that it is a horrible design and that the makers really missed the boat on this one. i will admit there are some issues with the phone, but all of them can be fixed with hacks or patches, if you know where to look. i went over to pdaphonehome.com and found out how to make this phone the best it can be. they have ways of fixing all problems that have been mentioned in previous reviews. overall this phone kicks any of the other pda phones' butt!!! it doesn't have the horribly designed palm OS, it comes with wifi, and the keys you can actually press without hitting 5 other ones around it. if you just take the time to get to know the phone and find answers before giving up on small issues the phone is great. i recommend getting the extended life battery and a holster for it. and now with the new ROM upgrade, the phone is even better than before. i would recommend this phone to anyone who is looking for a phone that can keep up with the advanced user and also for those users that are looking for something better than a standard phone. I couldn't be more pleased.

They MISSED the BOAT - Design issues


Jul 5, 2006 by dtomsimpson

If you never travel, always remember to turn the phone off after you make a call, live under a tower and don't use the phone. This is the phone for you.

BUT, if you do REAL things with the phone here are but some of the REAL problems I've encountered. I AM BITTERLY DISAPPOINTED.

I’ve never had these problem with any other all in one phone.

Lost calls – I cannot get and hold a call in my home office. Away from my home I have lost many more calls than I did with my Kyocera phone.
Random calls – Unless I remember to turn off the phone after each and every call I make or receive (and I sometimes do forget). This phone will make random calls to my last number, go to my last appointment, etc.

Problems – I was playing bubble breaker one time and got a reminder popup. When I dismissed the reminder and went back to bubble breaker I got no sound. I had made no changes to sound or speakers or any volume control but there was no sound to ANYTHING. I powered off and back on the phone and sound returned.

Text size – there seems to be no way to change text size on certain items.
For example - the TIME. I don’t carry a watch so I use my phone to see what time it it.
I have trouble reading the numbers and they cannot be made larger. What an oversight.

Ring sound – Speaker Phone - Ring sound and speaker phone cannot be increased enough. This is MAJOR

Keyboard close lock – There is no way to lock the keyboard closed on this phone.



Jun 29, 2006 by Jacquin

I would not waste your money go with the Treo 700p, i recently took back the 6700 and bought a treo 700p and i would not ever change that again i love it!! This phone was a huge let down! If you like a phone that lags alot then get this phone

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