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Mar 14, 2006 by awesomedavid05

This Phone is just simply awesome. i got today but Ive down loaded to iTunes and it takes for ever. well igot the phone2 days before everyone has stopped selling it.

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Love it!


Mar 11, 2006 by slimbeauty83

Got the rokr and LOVE IT! Its really cute and I love 2 just hold it. Never wanted an iPod but this phone caught my eye, I like the idea of having a MP3 player integrated with a phone. So far, I haven't had any major problems with it. It's sooo much better than the stinking razr. I love the large clear screen, stereo speakers, the size of it. Not really a big flip phone fan, this is perfect for people who don't like flip phones. My biggest pet peeve is not being able to have my contact list on the sim card if I have picture id. But, I understand why it works that way. The slvr is pretty cool too but the rokr is the best I've had so far. if you are hard of hearing this phone is perfect!

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Not as good as I expected.....


Feb 21, 2006 by laserjoc

Once the ipod novelty wears off, you are left with a standard Motorola O/S.
My biggest complaint is the plodding O/S. Deleting things should be fast! I don't want to see a little trash can lid open & close! It's also slow for the standard things like hanging up etc..
Another Motorola drawback is the one-number-per-name routine which they don't seem to want to do away with.
And, finally, the phone simply will turn off it's ringer, change ring tones and do other tricks w/o asking!
Now, good stuff?...The screen is bright & colorful, sound quality is good as is RF. Solid feel & weight and the camera is more than decent.

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Nice Phone


Feb 18, 2006 by pramodmeee

this is a nice 4n.like it. gr8 sounds, cool looking,

it would be GRRRRRRR8 it has vibration+ring at the same time. and a radio.
ALSO, If it came with USB2.0 (i have no idea why it came with USB 1.1 coz its not really fast.)

but its a cool nice 4n.

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The Motorola Redemption


Feb 16, 2006 by AndrewGS

Got this phone the other day after being skeptical for a while. Motorola's quality has dropped quite a bit from the old days and I've not heard much praise lately. This phone, however, presented a great deal to me and I got it on the premises that I could exchange it if it wasn't up to snuff. I was completely surprised that it's actually a stable, well-built phone that works great. The iTunes works very well and the speaker quality is amazing for it's size.

I've had some Motorolas in the recent and not-so-recent past and this phone has got me recommending them again, something I haven't been able to do in years.

I plan to also get the L7 and see if Motorola really has returned to building great phones.

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Rock On


Jan 3, 2006 by hammey22

I have owned this phone for about a month now. It replaced a long list of phones who couldn't stand up to my needs. I am in the Minneapolis area on Cingular. I first had a V551 which came to an unfortunate ending at an REI climbing wall. To replace I started with a Nokia 6102 but couldn't hear the other party when there was any kind of noise. I then went to a Sony S710 but was not happy with the size and the backwards swivel action. Then it was off to the Sony 520 and was once again disappointed with signal and call quality. Then I aquired a Razr from a friend. Nice phone great reception, but was still not the phone for me. Great for my wife though.

Finally I reluctantly purchased a Rokr. I was surprised at the size, it was smaller than I had envisioned. Call quality was great even for a Moto and the ability to listen to the call with your headphones was perfect for someone who is on loads of calls for work and always seem to be in a busy noisy location. iPod feature is great, I now have 1 less device in my pocket when I am walking the dog, and it is perfect for when I am shoveling snow or doing any yard work. Still would like to see a new menu interface and a more useful and feature filled calendar. Battery life is amazing considering what all I do with this phone. If I charge it once every 4 days then it is a lot. I listen to the iTunes daily and am on calls for most of the day. As you may have read in other posts I can't give it a 5 because it isn't the all-around device. Camera is okay for VGA but the E2 is correcting that. The flash is more like a flashlight. Not useful at all in pics, and there is this goofy mirror on the back so you can take a pic of yourself...if you want to?! Overall I would totally reccomend this phone to anyone who is considering it.

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Dec 27, 2005 by lam_p_p

I was looking to upgrade my phone from V3 Razor to a better reception phone. My first impression was it was a nice looking phone. I had used it for one week using Cingular nationwide both in Virginia and California and somehow I was not happy bc the connection was on and off and end up return it to the store.

Pros: nice looking, great sound with lot of bass.

Cons: short battery life, poor camera and connection problems.

PS: Always try out.

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Great affordable mp3 phone


Dec 26, 2005 by bonjoey

I have been using my rokr for almost 3weeks now and it has been great. Excellent rf, audio, 3d speakers and mp3 player. I dont know why so many people complain about the slow itunes sync and 100song limit, it is a cellphone with mp3 capabilities! if you want a mp3 player go get an ipod/iriver! And 100 songs on 128kbit is almost 400MB already and that will last you hours of music too. And my solution to the slow itunes sync, create a playlist, drag the songs you want and then sync the playlist on the rokr, wait or do something else. done. Bluetooth is ok but no connection through itunes and still have the "continental" ringtone default when a bt headset is connected.
Now the negatives, camera is poor same as v3 and other moto vga camera phones, well i guess you get what you pay for (slvr L7 also vga bah!) video camera is same too. while itunes is running, phone is slow and lagging, i upgraded to 45R and it seems a little responsive than 44R but lagging is still noticeable. And for some reason while watching a video clip and someone calls you, the clip will pause but it wont ring, it's probably a software bug or how you encode the video, not really a big deal though.

Excellent RF, audio (gain table mod is a must), 3d sound (no other mp3 phones can compare to it)
expandable memory card
excellent battery life (16hrs of continous mp3 playback, 6hrs talk time using bt headset)

Still using old and sluggish UI
VGA camera and poor video camera
Cannot use itunes sync on bt

I still recommend this phone to anyone on a budget and want a mp3/camera phone.

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Cool phone


Dec 12, 2005 by TheGuinea

I just picked one up about 3 weeks ago and so far so good. When I first got it I thought it was defective because it takes forever to power up and also the keypad was not lighting up. I took it into the Cingular store near my house and had them check it out. The reason for the long power-up is all the features it has stored takes it a bit to cycle on. Fine, no problems. So what about the keypad? The store rep had me take it into the back with the lights in the room turned off and sure enough.....the keypad lit up! The phone is light sensitive. It would have been nice if that were in the user manual.

So now those 2 small issues resolved, time to play with my new phone. The size is really nice. Not too small, not too big. Camera and video works well considering this IS a cell phone after all. The iTunes feature is cool. But regardless of song size or quality the phone is limited ONLY to 100 songs. The phones flash for the camera serves also as a mini flashlight (stays on when activated) and works really well. The menu is easy to use and take advantage of the shortcut options it has.

I guess my only real gripe is the color. Its almost like a pearl white. Very "girly" I think. Sales rep at Cingular said Motorola was trying to copy the look of the iPod. So I can only hope some aftermarket covers are coming soon. Something in all black or silver would be great.

Overall this is a cool little phone. I had the Black RAZR prior to this phone (gave it to my son) and liked the RAZR too. Next year Motorola has the new SLVR coming out, similar to the RAZR but non-flip phone. I will more than likely upgrade to that phone when it comes out.

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Doesn't get any better!


Dec 12, 2005 by larue26

I had bought a Razr V3 black last week and was mesmorized by its beauty and sleek designing. After about two days I got bored as hell. The phone just rang and looked pretty. Then I returned my super sleek Razr V3 for the Rokr E1. First of all the phone is just beautiful, small, and very pleasing. It took about 40minutes to download 80 songs. The trick is to make sure all of your songs are are at a bit rate of 128kbps. This way you will use less storage space. Once I had the music on the phone, it was something marvelous. I also mad playlists for the gym, writing music, slow music, and jazz. The music sounds great coming from the two stereo speakers. It can do so much more than the RAZRV3. Oh, I also have read that the V3i w/itunes will be on its way as will the Rokr E2 but who cares, be original. The Rokr E1 has stereo speakers!!!!!!!!! No ipod has that! When I switch storage space I can still take 90 videos or 800 photos (high quality), can an ipod do that! No....

Great Screen! I believe it is scratch resistant!
Stereo Speakers
Speaker phone
Camera w/flash
flashing lights
video capture
blue tooth
airplane mode
better phone book

More skins!!!!
Better ring tones

If you want fashion then buy a razr, if you want fashion, intelligence, and sheer fun then get a ROKR E1.

I am totally happy with my ROKR E1! I would recommend it to anyone. Furthermore if you want a 30GB on a phone to listen to thousands of songs then you must either be in jail or insane asylum. Who in their right mind, would want that many songs on a cell phone. What do you do? Spend 6 hours at the gym! Get a life and stop bashing the ROKR just beacuse you do not have one!

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