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Not the Best Phone....


Jun 15, 2009 by TheScavenger

I had a Nokia phone before this one, and as soon as I started using this phone, I drastically missed my old one, despite it's constant shutting off. This phone used to be my moms old phone and she gave it to me as a temporary. I've had it for about 3 months and my over all opinion is okay.

-It has good sound quality for the ipod part
-The screen is very bright and big for its size
-Battery is really good! I'm used to charging my phone every night but I can't with this because the battery's always full
-Good for texting with out looking
-My last phone didn't have the easy forward option. I had to go to contacts, search the name, insert and then repeat the process for each one. With this phone you just check off the name that you want to send the message to and go down your list. When your done, you hit "send" and you're good!
-MP3 player...that's pretty cool!

-It's freakin HEAVY!
-It's think, and a bar phone. I personally really don't like bar phones, although something like the iPhone would do, but it's a thick bar phone which when in your pocket it's extremely bulgy.
-It's extremely slow at texting. I text a mile a minute, and I use iTAP, so when I need to type of instead of me I look at the screen to see if it needs changing and it's still typing about a sentence behind.
-The delete button and the call button are strategically placed so when you want to backspace because you typed "rood" instead of "good" you sometimes hit the big bulky send button and Woops!
-You can't cancel a sending message. I highly miss that feature, for it was a life saver on my old phone.
-The music player went off in my little hand bag once. So my phone was "sining" =P

So, if you don't text a lot and you're a big MP3 listener, and you have abnormally big pockets, than this phone's for you. If not, then I highly suggest something else.

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Not too Shabby...


Oct 17, 2006 by Pizmatica

One thing people have to keep in mind when reading a phone review, is that its one persons opinion. Now, if 500 people say the same exact thing, then YES, that is a flaw in THAT phone. I was one of those yuppies that bought this phone for $350 the first day it came out. No i couldnt wait the 1 month til the price drops in half...I needed it then. I was at the mall looking to buy a new cell phone, and also to buy an iPod. And there ya go...killed 2 birds with one stone.

-Tough phone - when dropped..never blanked out, and very MINIMAL scratches.
-Speaker phone kicks ***
-good reception - could be better...
-itunes....need i say more?
You can put iTunes on speaker with some kick *** sound?? iPods cant even do that!

- dropped call at least once a day. Doesnt sound like much when making 30 calls a day but...its always that ONE IMPORTANT CALL that gets dropped.
- This is my second Rokr. Got a new one becuase the first one A) wouldnt charge right B) Software malfunction once a week.
-Not a big deal, but i personally HATE the navigation joystick. Its a phone, not Atari.

Although i do enjoy Cingulars service and plans, i Lost respect for them when i took out insurance they wouldnt replace my original phone. After freaking out and screaming on the phone they finally agreed to send me a refurbished one. Now, I havent had any problems with this one yet, but to me, when ya spend $350 on a phone and then pay $5 monthly insurane...you have to offer some kind of retribution...they woudnt. Now, cingular forbids to ensure Rokr's anymore. Go figure...

Although I personally think I paid too much for it, its definetly worth and ebay offer of $150 or so...

Ed. note: edited for language

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Moto RORK review


Apr 5, 2006 by russianspy1234

Ill review by feature organization on this site.

Battery Life:
Decent, but I do have to charge it every night unlike previous phones.
Gets minor scratches quite easily, but decent
Memory :
No complaints, its a phone not an IPOD.
Phone Book:
Again no complaints.

Polyphonic Ringtones Chords:
Preloaded ringtones are nice
Ringer Profiles:
Havent used em
I dont know how to say this without sounding dirty, but the vibrator is too weak.
Picture ID:
Pictures display kinda small but I love this feature
Ringer ID:
Havent used it
Voice Dialing:
Couldnt find it.
Custom Ringtones supports MP3 format (not shareable with iTunes) / built-in ringtone composer
I found a difficult way to use songs as ringtones. First I made a good sized file, the first 33 seconds of summer nightfall, then i sent it to my PDA, then i used its bluetooth to send it to the phone.
Predictive Text Entry Technology:
I hate this feature, but its better than my last phones.
Side Keys:
Keys are customizables, very helpfull.
Main reason I bought this phone, its great.
Stereo Speakers:
Very good.
Photo & Video
Decent for a phone, but dont expect much
The initial review I read on the site I hought my phone said no flash so I was pleasently suprised. Its more of a flashlight than a flash but it does what it needs to do. Quality is deffinitely less with it on though.
Same as camera
Mine came with crazy, a game not unlike worms. Helps pass the time when I kill the battery on my PDA
Headset Jack:
The little cover gets in the way of plugging in the headphones, kinda annoying.
Speaker Phone:
Considering how great the speakers are for iTunes I expected more, but not too bad.

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Well, another Motorola....


Sep 9, 2005 by JesusWasABuddhist

This phone is OK. That being said, it's not good enough. We would expect an innovative company like Apple to have stopped this one before it left the design room, but oh well. All in all, the ROKR is just a rehashed version of the semi-popular E398. Motorola has said that this is just the first of what will be a ROKR lineup, so lets just hope it's the worst of the bunch.

Great RF...I mean...GREAT.

Screen color, bluetooth, and camera are comparable to the v551 or the RAZR which is mediocre but serviceable

speaker quality is excellent

Keypad and phone is very solid

battery life is surprisingly good for a Moto

Same O/S, same problems as before. The phone crashed and rebooted itself 3 times on me within the first hour I used it. 2 times while trying to send a MMS. It's also slow and plodding, just like the razor.

iTunes is locked to 100 songs. Sure it's enough if I'm going to the gym, but too bad my gym does not allow camera phones. Plus, it's bigger and heavier than an iPod shuffle, which comes in a 1gig version for more than $100 less. This product is in no way designed to 'replace' an iPod, but will be fantastic for people who don't own a portable mp3 player.

You can't player the mp3's in itunes on the mem card as a ringtone.

In the end, the phone is good. It's not great, but it's a worthy 'first step'. Hopefully, like I mentioned earlier, there will be upgrades. If you liked the RAZR, v-series but don't want a flip...this is a great phone. If you're waiting for the 'next great phone', this isn't it.

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i can dig it.........for the most part.


Jan 4, 2006 by sowhatsowhat10

i have longed for...okay that sounded silly.

being an avid user of wireless phones i feel i have to have something that can save me from boredom. i.e the old nokia's with snake. i know you all remember that.lol.

but phones today give you waaay more options. being my 3rd music phone i won't discuss the other's here. i thought i'd give it a try due to the fact this has itunes and itunes and ipods are all the rave now.

so with that said this is my review:


looks like an ipod with buttons. i find it cool and it turns heads. sorta like the n-gage, nokia3300,or razr.

vga camera with flash. i have a se s710a also which is 1.3mp but this one still rocks.

bluetooth. nuff said

rhythm lights. i dig the thought moto put in this phone it viberates and lights whenever bass hits on my songs or ringtones. that is sick for a phone.

itunes. only 100 song which suck but there is a hack i haven't tried yet some say works.

airplane mode. you can cut off the phone and still listen to music when not allowed to use phone service.


usb not being 2.0 transferring songs and other large data files in mass suck.

100 song cap on itunes. what is that for apple cant be scared a phone is going to hurt them.

price is to damn high for a v551 with music.

there is a way to get downloaded videos on this phone but not one moto put in the manual. lets just say that.

battery life sure isn't 9 hours.


alot of people have stated they hate or dislike this phone and its whole concept but i like it.
surely due to it being the 1st ipod like phone the 2nd and up will get nothing but better. if you an itunes fan get it. if you are looking for a sheer music device that is also a phone sorry your outta luck. unless you have hack. but overall i like this phone and would definitely recommend it.

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Who needs an Ipod?


Dec 8, 2005 by s1lence

It's funny how so many people try to compare the RKOR with a stand alone mp3 player. Why?

Anyways, lemme begin by saying that this phone rocks! If you're looking for a music playing phone, the ROKR will satisfy your needs. The sound quality is amazing! It meets and sometimes exceeds the sound quality of many stand alone mp3 players. Sure it only holds 100 songs, but unless you're on a trip across America, 100 is well enough to occupy you on the way to work.

I've read all the negative reviews here and I have to laugh at a bunch of them. Seems some never took the time to either read the manual, or looked at the phones feature set. Some just seem pretty illiterate, when it comes to configuring today's technology. So after reading the humorous negative reviews, I went to a cingular store and played with the phone hands on. Here are my impressions.

1. Design/ The phone is light, screen is excellent, solid build, key layout is great, and yes! the headset jack is on the top!
2. Speakers/ Amazingly loud!
3. Sound Quality/ Top notch!
4. Itunes/ Very solid software for organizing music.
5. Features/ Too many features to mention, super speaker phone (One key activation and not 2 keys like my 2 previous phones. And very loud!) and ability to attach multiple numbers per contact, to name a few.
6. Expansion Card/ Just the ability to expand is definitely a plus.
7. Camera/ Hey, Moto was able to fit a camera in this nice little package. Not gonna complain bout it. If you want pretty pictures, buy a digital camera.
8. Rhythm Lights/ Lol! Nice feature with an option to turn on or off. An option to SEE your phone ringing, is always welcome.

1. Music transfer can be a little slow. But NOT as exaggerated like some of those negative reviewers. I really believe, some of the reviewers don't even own the phone.
2. Phone slows a bit while playing music. Again, NOT as exaggerated. An extra half second in order to navigate around, isn't gonna kill you.

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Good music phone


Dec 1, 2005 by lil_wayne_1029

I wanted a good music phone because music is a big part of my life. I started looking at the silvr L7 but decided against it because I did not want to jump on the razr bandwagon. I was going to get the w600a from cingular but after comparing the prices on the rokr and the L7 I decided I can get more for my money with the rokr. Also the price is twice as less then the w600.

1. two inch diagnol screan
2.i-tunes(its really easy to sort through music
3.price(its only 150 an I guess there having a sale buy one get another phone for free so that could be a christmas gift to someone.
4.Comes with a memory card stick 512mb
5.speakers-the music comes in loud I had to turn the volume to half mast beacuse of my ears.
6.Not a real popular phone so u shouldnt see too many people with this phone
7.The phone is more attractive then i first thought.

1.Cant use I-tunes as ringtones(not big a deal with me)
2.100 song limit will upset a few people.
3.Vga camera

So this music is good for its purpose(as a music phone) This is great for me becaz I did not want a ipod because of the cost and I dont have the enough songs to fill it. This phone is perfect for every day use and its excetional as a all in one device. I dont like carrying many different devices if i dont have to. This phone solves that problem because I have my music,phone,camera,date book all in one.

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A lot of Features!!!!


Nov 29, 2005 by spmedi

My v220 seen it's better days. I had ordered a LG F9200 with the qwerty but it wasn't supported yet so I sold it.

After a lot off research I ended up just going to Cingular and picking up a ROKR. I got it mainly due to the expandable memory and not for iTunes.

But know that I have it I love the fact I can carry 100 songs w/ me. It is more than enough for someone who isn't into the iPod thing. I have tons of pics, games, and vids on the card. The screen looks great and actually make the pics it takes look better than the actually are.

It only has 5mb of memory on the phone and you can only set ringtones to sounds stored on the phone, so if you want to use your own MP3s you will have to cut them down. You can easily move files between the phone and the card though. Playing a video really sucks the life out of the ram/cpu. It will really lag when you try to increase the volume, pause, exit,etc while it is playing. The actual vid looks ok though. So much for crunching a dvd and watching it. I'll probably still try it.

18-bit screen
Stereo Speakers!
Large buttons
side keys/iTunes key

Only 5 MB memory
Video causes phone to lag
no Edge

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Nov 10, 2005 by augiealmighty

I would def. give this phone a 5.0, because the sound quality is great.Overall the phone is cool looking and the ring tones are nice and loud. I would def. recommend this phone to someone who like motorola's, and someone who wants a heavy duty,strong feeling phone. It doesn't feel like cheap plastic.Its well worth $149.99 for all the features and accesories that are included in the Rokr box.

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3 phones later


Nov 2, 2005 by derek02

I had my celluar company provdie me with 3 different rokr phones and they all malfunctioned the same. Call would get dropped and the phone would hang 10 to 15 times per day. Only a batterty reset would bring the phone back to life. While listening to music and the phone is answered, the phone does not come back to playing mode every time. The phone will go in a loop and continue to ring until the battery is replaced. I replace the phone with an audiovox and that works like a champ.

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