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iTunes phone is tight


Sep 16, 2005 by walke413

I got this phone from Cingular on Monday. It's tight! I recently got a "new " iPod mini but since the iPod nano replaced it so quickly, I decided to get a new phone instead of iPod.
Pros- Great iTunes feature
good screen quality
stereo speakers
light up sides
bluetooth syncs up great with my mac.
camera is good not great but if I was going to get it for the camera I would have kept the SE S710a I traded in for it.
video recorder

The only con is that I cant get the voice dial to work. I can record the names and it works via the included headset but not with the phone by itself. I called moto and the operator didn't even know how to do it. Other than that the phone is great. I hope they don't make another ROKR soon Cause I don't want to $$ for it.

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Stable and alot smaller then expected


Sep 9, 2005 by adubgsx

I purchase a lot of phones and use them as well as sell them on ebay. I have recently had many smartphones which i like, although they are only good for work.
Primarily i have been using the Sony Ericsson S710a and love it... However Motorola has won me back. This phone has the Same UI as most other Motorola Phone and an amazingly crisp screen. Everything works just like a Motorola!!!

- iTunes--- enough music to go jogging or to the gym
- Reception --- My house sucks but this phone holds the call
- Bluetooth --- Faster than most phones i have used
- Speakers --- People don't even know they are on Speaker Phone
- And all of the other Motorola Pros

- Limited Memory --- Bad choice in "TransFlash"
- Only Headphones work with the 3.5 mm adapter... Will not work on computer Speakers or in car like th ipod does

Nothing Else so far... Very inexpensive for what it is and does!!!
Very Highly Recommended!!!
Will update if this changes over time!

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not a nokia


Sep 9, 2005 by jb82

so, a pretty good phone, but to all you nokia lovers, i'd play around with it in the store before i committed to it. i came from the nokia 6230 because my bluetooth stopped working, and itunes seemed pretty cool, but this isn't quite as user friendly

great sound
good reception so far
big bright screen
cool lighting effects
"working" bluetooth
camera excellent

ui not as friendly
slow transferring from itunes
can't use itunes songs as ringtones
doesn't vibrate and ring at same time
no quick way to silence ringer

if anyone has any suggestions to solve these cons, please reply!

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this is the future


Sep 10, 2005 by mwollvs

Own it and am pleased.

i tunes is right there for you to use and it responds great. The phone itself works very well, maybe the best speaker (s) on a phone yet. it is very clear. And in stereo. Head phones sound great. The included adapter makes larger headphones a perfect fit. With the included headphones/headset you can listen to your call in stereo. This device is completely suited for a cell phone with i-tunes.
I am fortunate to say that I have also had the V3. There are some things (skins) that i miss, all in all it is the next step, well it is more of a stroll to the beat.
And with owning the V3 I have not had the misfortune to personally have technical (software) issues.
Enough for it to annoy me that is.
Service ,well there are stories.
I have had no issues with this device.
Loading songs is easy one at a time, a bit slow when you auto fill, but it is music you are adding to your phone. You are able to navigate the phone while i-tunes plays but there are times when it will pause. This is must prevalent when you try to use the camera, it's only a minor pause but it is a pause.

so far so good

it has i-tunes
it holds 100 songs
speakers speakers speakers
airplane mode
headphones and headset (stereo conversations)

trans flash is small (hoping for a larger format to become available)
Auto-fill to load songs takes some time
headphone jack cover (it scares me to think I may loose it)
does pause a bit when going into camera mode while playing music
fonts (wish that I could change them)

This is a good phone and yes 250 is a lot, you do get a fair bang for your buck. Think of this keys, wallet, cell phone. that's it.

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Waste of time and money


Sep 26, 2005 by foxfire235

After having this phone for a little over 24 hours, I once again realized why I gave up on Motorola back when I had the V600. I promptly returned this phone for the Nokia 6682 smartphone.

cons: SLOW operating system, EXTREMELY SLOW song transfers (usb 1.1) took over 1 hour to transfer the 100 songs. Bluetooth has limited use, i.e. can't use mac iSync to transfer contacts. Only one phone number per name. Songs DO NOT pause then play after phone calls. They do pause, but don't automatically restart.

pros: the speakers are really good.

So if you are looking to throw away your $250 then go ahead, but if you want a good mp3 player and phone combo, I'd suggest waiting till the next version comes out.

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Awesome Phone


Sep 9, 2005 by mlg823

This phone is great. I just got it this afternoon. The size is great. I had a 6230 and was worried about the size if the phone but it is only a little bigger than the 6230. The bluetooth is awesome. My 6230 froze on me when the bluetooth was on. Music transfer is slow, but not to the point where you could flip out. The speaker is by far the best speaker I have ever heard.


Great speaker.
Easy User interface.


None yet, but like I said I just picked it up today so I will update in a few days.

All in all so far it's great and if any of you who read this are having second thoughts or doubts trust me get the phone you will love it.

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The E1 is a good phone


Feb 21, 2006 by androlic

So far i have been very happy with my rokr. I live in seattle washington and the reception has been great, in some cases better then my verizon or sprint phone. So far the only calls that have been dropped are when i call a verizon phone and they lose reception. so i'll start off with a few pros and cons


-great reception
-songs can be loaded onto the phone as ringtones so basically i can make the phone any ringtone i want on my computer (currently i have a shortened version of hypnotize by system of a down that i cut down to 30 seconds on my computer)
-the screen is a good size
-i really enjoy the motorola menu setup in comparison with my old samsung
-the size of the phone is just right, not too big or too small
-my old phone was a flip phone and i gotta say i prefer a candy bar style now
-the joystick makes navigating the menus and such easy

-the battery life isn't amazing. with bluetooth on i got about 2 days out of the battery and with it off about 3 but the stereo speakers really suck the battery life out of the phone which makes sense
-the camera isn't that great. its the same camera as the razr and honestly both of them suck. if you want a camera buy a digital one. honestly i would rather have a seperate digital camera anyways.
-the camcorder on the phone only records for about 15 seconds.
-itunes is a little slow but considering i don't have an ipod this doesn't bother me at all.

overall the phone is very good and I like it very much. My job allows me to review many phones and the rokr was the one i ended up buying.

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good phone


Nov 29, 2005 by igor

I just got my phone and so far its the best everything is working on it the transfer f the songs with my computer is fast i have no problems

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Sep 9, 2005 by rc89721

This phone is pretty good. I like it so far. Just got it yesterday so not sure on the battery life. The phone is a pretty good size. I just went from the RAZR and I think I will like this one better.

1. Bluetooth
2. Camera
3. Wen going to the gym you don't need to pack a MP3 Player now.
4. Good Reception
5. Good sound and ear piece quality
6. Flash For Camera "Wont Use Though"

1. Flash/Why bother
2. The color, I don't roll around in mud, but I can see this phone getting visible scratches easily and dirty fast. Hopefully they will have a good case for it.
3. Unlike the RAZR it has the old style SKINS etc.
4. The Damn Alarm does not work when the phone is turned off.

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Dec 1, 2010 by narn3049

Back when I got this phone it was 2005. I was amazed that a phone could work with itunes, and the phone I had previously the V180 didn't even have a camera. So I was happy to receive and use this phone. It was amazingly durable, and an amazing phone altogether. I dropped it and even got it wet a couple of times, resulting on the lights on the sides for some reason to flash sometimes, but besides that little issue it all worked. I gave it to my sister when her phone broke, she got it wet, and then the battery failed about a year later.

I would still get this phone, but I LOVE my iPhone better

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