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Love It!!


Feb 5, 2008 by MISC

I got this phone about 4 months ago,& I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!It is the best phone that i ever had!The camera take excellent quality pictures.The phone is easy to use.

It works great & with the internal antenna it gets great service!It looks great too!

The only problem that i have had with it is that it sticks for a few seconds sometimes (But very rarely)when you are texting.

I highly recommend this phone!

I dont like it


Feb 4, 2008 by slayer_son92

well i have had verizon for almost two years and I've had this phone for most of the plan time and i really don't like it because of several things:

1. lagy phone. the phone gets very lagy when you have alot of pictures and videos stored even when you have a memory card.

2. bad battery life. i have to charge my phone probably once to twice a day because the battery life is so bad

also I'm not a big samsung fan, although i will say that they do have some nice phones.

overall i really dont like this phone because i have just had lots of bad run ins with it and i deffinently dont suggest this phone for anyone unless you dont want to do anyhting fast

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My 2 yrs is up @ Verizon


Jan 18, 2008 by anmd40

...and I realize that I'm going to miss this phone. The main is reason is that I beat the h*ll out of it and yet it continues to work!

I spilled a double cup of coffee on this thing - you should have heard the horrible death moan - then I put it over a lamp for two days and it started working again. The sound quality and battery life may be a little less than they were before, but all the functions remarkably remained intact. I also got it wet in the shower. I must have dropped it at least 20 times, as well.

-Too big for my pocket; kind of bulky
-My Motorola Bluetooth works with this unreliably; unsure which is at fault
-Camera is only ok, and Verizon won't let you send high resolution photos
-Only can have a few ringtones unless you buy more from Verizon
-The SD card is so delicate, I'm scared to take it out, but must to transfer pictures to the laptop

-Not a bad looking phone
-Holds a lot of pictures
-Has Bluetooth and camera/recorder
-Camera has flash
-Good reception

Might buy it again if I can find one.



Jun 18, 2007 by cbingbong

Excellent phone. This review is outdated yes. But if you reading this have a chance to pick up this phone from a buddy because yours is broken. Do it.

excellent signal strength, even deep inside a building with tornadic weather (from personal expierence)
battery life
very durable hinge

external display does not turn on with simple click of button, must hold a button
the UI gets annoying sometimes, but taht is just Verizon
the calender is picky sometimes, i wish it would lock important dates like birthdays
instead of erasing anything and everything inputted when the memory is full

this has been a very good phone to me
it has been through a lot and it is a lot better then my POS Motorola e276 I had before.

Still one of the phones I have seen come through any service since I started working with phones 2 years ago.

It's okay


Mar 25, 2007 by karmacodelucky7

I have had this phone for 5 months and i am ready to upgrade. It has good sound quality and good mp3 application, for a phone the mp3 and the speakers do not sound like a phone. Even though i has some good things I have a few complains. First the battery sucks, it could be because i talk a lot and txt and listen to music but sometimes i don't. but when i do it last barley 6 hours. It makes me mad, even when i don't use it the battery lasts 1 day if that. The camera for a phone is great and the video capture and sound for the video is excellent, but like most verizon phones the menu style gets old and boring so i am going to trade it in for a chocolate. Oh and on the plus side it is tough
i through it and hit somebody and it did not break and then it dropped in the snow and not to
mention i drop it all the time, and it still works.



Mar 12, 2007 by xo laurren

i have had this cell phone for three years and have had no problems with it. its an excellent phone and i give it 2 thumbs up. the only problem with mine is that sometimes it will restart out of nowhere. but otherwise its an excellent cell.


a great phone


Jan 20, 2007 by lastopher7

I was going from cell phone to cell phone they keep on braking or were garbage. When i got the samsung A 950 i new it was a great phone. It has a high membery capacity. i have over 160 pics and 20 min of videos. I Highly recomed it to any one.

features-Very Easy to use

-Cristal sound
-color front screen
-camera and camcorder with flash
-very durabale
-has mp3 player very easy to use
-high mebory and battery compasty
-Blu tooth
much more AAAAAAAAA++++++++
sorry about spelling im typing 1 hand



Dec 2, 2006 by missnikki_09

Yup. I have this one, am about to upgrde to the new LG VX9900.

well, its an okay phone


Nov 26, 2006 by brittanyrose

I recently got this new Samsung phone, when my LG VX 7000 broke. but I'm not completely disappointed.
the camera and camcorder work really well, and i like that you can take videos as long as you want.
the speaker phone works wonderfully.
and its cool having an internal antenna.

The picture ID only works with pictures in very low resolution.
since the camera button is a side key i often get lots of pictures of the inside of my pocket.
the battery life in my phone is awful, it will barely stay charged for a whole day.
but the worst part of this phone is that the texting is horrible.
the T9 feature doesn't remember any words.
and i have to switch from ABC to T9 to type most words.

This phone is a mixed bag


Oct 27, 2006 by Guy11

I have had this phone for 11 months now and both love it and hate it.

1. reception is great (Verizon San Diego, CA)
2. Internal antenna
3. I like the size and feel
4. Sound quality is great if the party you are talking to is in a silent room.
5. Volume is more than adequate
6. Great speaker phone
7. Runs cool.
8. Strong Vibrate

1. Sound quality really stinks if the other party is in a noisy room. The sound fades in and out due to some sort of noise suppression employed on the A950 end. My wife has the same phone and same problem. Renders phone unusable in that scenario. This is weird since I thought the noise suppression should only apply to my end.
2. Keys are slightly too small particularly the 5 way pad.
3. menus are cumbersome
4. Calendar defaults to alarm daily not once. So when you cancel the alert the first time, it continues each day until you go in and delete it completely.
5. Doesn't sync with your PC.
6. Bluetooth connects variably
7. Standard tones pathetic

Ultimately I bought the phone because I was interested in a phone first and gadget center second. If it weren't for the sound problem when I call a noisy restaurant I would be quite satisfied despite the numerous cons and give it a 4.5. The sound quality is sweet in all other situations. Reception is rock solid on VZ network in San Diego.

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