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samsung a950


Feb 19, 2006 by hollataplaya469

this phone is amazing. it has the best features that anyphone could ever have. i recommend it to everyone. it gets great signal and good sound to the ringtones.

Very good Phone


Feb 9, 2006 by carljmi

First off I would like to say that there are some negative reviews that mention a person cannot have either ringer or picture ID which is false, if you can't figure it out that's a serious problem because the rep I talk to stated that verizon is going to this interface as standard for all of their phones. I've had the phone for a couple of days because it was purchase for my wife who liked my E815 better(lol). As usual verizon cripples the functions of the phone takes out ringers and whatever. I'm used to that; I've had verizon for many years and their cs keeps me around. I've worked for a national retailer for many years dealing with many different carriers and by far I've had more help with verizon personally and professionally than with any other carrier. (for the record my company no longer sells verizon and I am planning on keeping them) I like in Michigan and have some signal issues simply because of were I'm at; most other carries have their issues in my area. I do miss having an antenna my 815 had better reception, but I haven't had any dropped calls as of yet which is a plus. I hate the fact that to use the mp3 player I had to purchase additional software(verizon special) and that I can't use it on my notebook with I use 2000 on, and have to use my wife's desktop(she hates that). Need xp with windows media player 10 to load music into it. I also have to buy another transflash because I have my songs at a higher bit-rate, most other people will not have this issue. The speaker phone is great with very low noise levels to talk with. I have always been impressed with samsung phones and this is not a disappointment, although my wife inhereted all of my Moto accessories(quite a few of them after having motos for six years.)

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Nice phone...almost A920


Jan 14, 2006 by TampaBayPirate

The A950 is a nice phone but lacks the features and quailty of the A920. Pretty much the same phones except:

1) A920 looks better
2) A920 has better battery life
3) A920 is data-capable makes nice modem
4) A920 has PictBridge Technology
5) A920 Textmessaging Templates
6) A920 has To-Do List
7) A920 has Java (J2ME)

User ratings: A920 A950
4.39 3.58

Same phone one just has alittle more.....
Comparison was done on Phone Scoop...

Overall.....Great phone!


Dec 9, 2005 by infinitehorizon

Got the 950 last week and I have to say it's a great phone for the price.

Reception is very good
Great display, very clear inside and out
Awesome speaker phone!!
Voice activated dialing, no training needed!
Internal antenna
MP3 player (very good)
Sturdy build, doesn't feel flimsy
Jog wheel for mp3 player

Have to press and hold button to make outside screen light up, should be one touch

No one touch vibrate option

Small pic size for pic caller id

Have to constantly hit "OK" to accept any volume change

Software very sluggish

The cons are really minor in the grand scheme of things, but can be annoying at times. Otherwise, the phone is fantastic. I haven't tried bluetooth yet so I can't comment on that, but I'm sure it works fine. Would've gotten a perfect rating, but hopefully a software release from Samsung will help fix those minor issues!



Dec 9, 2005 by bebopz

On my second 950 in a day. There seems to be an issue with the phone randomly shutting off, as well as it's inability to send sound attachments with pix or text.

Over all, pretty good phone- especially for the short lived sale price.

The handwritten text option is pretty cool.
Camera options are more in depth than LG6100
Resolution much better
Cool look
good speakers
like the option to shut off all sound aside from alarm...say g'bye to calls on day off
Can silence phone by using jog dial

Cannot attach sound with text/pix-
No short cut for vibrate option
OS not customizable Grrrrr!
Stuck with VZW red border on screen

Very nice phone


Dec 6, 2005 by nycnm

I got this phone after being booned by another provider on an insurance replacement.
This phone seems to have everything I need and some that I don't. The camera is OK but I really don't need it to that's OK.
I wanted good reception and go it. Another review said something about having to be 100 feet from the tower. I'm not sure where the closest tower was the other day, but I was about a half mile from my truck in the Mts. behind the Zia Indian res. ( New Mexico) and I got a good connection !! Maybe it was the elevation because on the two track Rd. I had no signal, however to be where I was, 4.5 miles from the rd. and half mile on some goat trail in the New Mexico High Desert I have to say this was nice.
Ring tone quality is very nice, Virizon's kind of limited on selection, no sound effects, but that is not he phone's fault.
I needed a large screen and this is very large and easy to read.
The voice dial IS GREAT !! You don't even have to record, just say the number or say the name you have in contacts and it dials just great, can't beat that with a stick !

awesome phone, but verizon takes away what makes it cool


Nov 28, 2005 by phancci

so i bought this phone because i was mesmerized by the fact that it takes microSD and it plays mp3's and it has bluetooth. i used it for a day, and the PHONE part is great, the camera takes clear pictures, and the video is good for a phone.

but when i got home and tried to put some mp3 ringtones on it, i discovered that verizon has locked up these features. they took away the ability to sync with a computer through bluetooth, and they also locked up the ability to download ringtones from any other site than their own. they want you to PAY for the songs that you download.

so its got some cool features, but they've been turned off. great phone, i'm sad to take it back. but i'll switch to cingular tomorrow so i can actually download stuff from the web.

Can't Beat it For the Price


Nov 20, 2005 by L7jr

I have owned this phone a little over three weeks and have come to realize that this is one of the best phones available on Verizon right now, especially for the price of only $50 after rebates and the NE2 credit.

This phone has so many pros that I can't even list them all but my favorites include the excellent reception in NYC (no dropped calls), the incredible speaker phone, ability to record your own ring tones, the crispness of the internal display, and the ability to record up to ten minutes of video without a memory card and the ability to have almost 200 pictures when playing with the different settings and resolutions.

Every phone does have it's cons though. Those include the chirping I sometimes hear when on a phone call and sometimes people will ask me to repeat what I said because I broke up and sometimes people will break up slightly and I will miss what they are saying. Then again, the breaking up may all depend on where I live since I am all the way out in Brooklyn by Avenue Z (Sheepshead Bay).

One last thing, it was recently found out by another forum member that the phone can answer a phone call with any of the play controls or the scroll wheel for the MP3 player when the "ANY KEY" is chosen for answering a call. You just have to have the speaker phone set to on and it works perfectly.

My current software version is a950.Y103.

Terrible Phone!


Apr 16, 2006 by viper005

I received this phone about 3 weeks ago it is just terrible! DO NOT GET THIS PHONE!

-Good design
-Speakerphone is pretty good
Camera quality is okay

-Battery life is way too short
-Reception, I will be lucky to get 2 bars unlike my old verizon phone, where i almost had full reception all the time
-No miss call reminder. Big problem!
-The MP3 player is poor
-Cannot read the text messages on the outside screen
-Very limited on ringtoons

The cons for me outweigh the pros by a long shot! DO NOT GET THIS PHONE!



Feb 19, 2006 by phonephanatic21

Great size.
Quality build.
Great sound.
Great reception.
Sync is easy.
Music sounds great.
Style is great.
Intenna great.
Many, many, many more.

???? None come to mind right now.

I'm really happy I decided to go with this one. Real winner in my book.

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