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Reasonable Phone...


Aug 16, 2006 by nmorton24

1 Bad thing about the A950:
1.) Some pictures won't send because there is too much detail. This could be a problem if you like to send pictures to your email.

Battery life on this phone is excellent. It will last days as long as you're not constantly talking on it. Charging does not take long either. Charges very quick.

Signal...Nothing to complain about. For having an internal antenna, the signal is great. Only certain areas where signal is poor and reason for that is because of hilly areas in southeastern Indiana.

Sound quality is very good as well. Ringtones and music are able to be heard clearly.

Camera/Camcorder...Camera takes excellent pictures. I was very amazed. Video recording quality is very good. 15 seconds is all that I personally would record, though, unless you have a memory card. There are options to make the video as long as there is memory.

Overall I rate this phone 4 out of 5.

This Phone Blows My Mind!


Jul 13, 2006 by verizonjunkie

So, first off, I've never owned a cell phone, but have had much experience with my friends, parents, etc cell phones. I know what I'm talking about.

My parents (after much begging :P ) got me a cell phone. They put me with Verizon, which I was very happy about. Cingular may have the cool phones (not that Verizon doesn't have awesome phones) but as for service Verizon blows them out of the water. I've talked on both Cingular and Verizon on my friends phones, the quality difference is amazing!

So, now as far as the phone goes it is amazing! It looks great with the red border and click wheel in front. Even if you don't use this phone for music (I don't) it just looks REALLY cool on the front. It has a nice large screen and is really bright. It has the same interface as all the other Verizon phones, and has nice big buttons. It's hard to accidentally push the wrong key, assuming you know the phone. I really like that the speakerphone option has its own key, not like press and hold the up arrow or whatever. Also, some people have commented on this phone being too big. I like it that way! When I'm holding the RAZR, even though it's not flimsy, I feel like there's not enough to hold. Not so with this phone.

The camera and video are amazing! It has great zoom, and the contrast option is really cool. I love the options interface, it allows you to see the changes as you're making them! Unlimited Video is cool too!And the sketch option, under messaging, is soo cool! It looks like an artist drew the picture!

However, like most phones, it has its cons. Compared to others, the cons I'm about to list are like nothing! I don't like that there is no camera button on the main keypad. Also, it comes with AWFUL polyphonic ringtones. (But, if you're like everybody else in this world,you'll buy your own.) That's it!

All in all, this phone is a-MAZING! If you're looking for a new phone...get this one!

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To the person with the...Annoying pinging sound


May 23, 2006 by vteacher

What your were hearing is an alert, which allows to monitor your time on the phone, so it beeps every 30 seconds, it is something that can be turned off on all phones. This would be the reason why you heard it on the other one too. It's all in your manual. most alerts are set to on. til you turn it off.

Ok This Is For Real People


Mar 22, 2006 by sboon007

After I changed phone carriers after 3 years I was indroduced to this A950 from Verizon Wireless, okay great 15 days to try it or I can return it.
After purchasing the remaining items, I couldn't find anything bad to say about the phone or the new service I was getting.
This phone and this company is really for real. Everything about it, the size, shape, color, weight, flip style, color screen, stereo sound, even 2 stereo speakers on each side, downloads, videos, pictures, text messages, auto battery saver, and all the other options and features. You can even hook it up to another speaker system to set on your desk, get the additional speakers from Verizon Wireless, try it with your powered subwoofer, it positively, endless fun, at least for me. I use it everyday regularly, even with the computer it works with with the software that can be purchased seperately. Download songs to your PC, then add them to your A950.
I really could go on, but personally if you don't have this A950, don't look at the price so much, this like I said, is for real. I am extremely, fussy about technology, but for some reason, I changed phone carriers to experience this phone and it was the best decision I ever made wireless wise and I am glad I did.
Okay, can't give to much away, try it today, don't let the price scare ya, get the everything insurance for protection.
You don't wanna lose this one for sure.
Have Fun.

great little phone


Mar 21, 2006 by sbw123

i love this phone it is the best, i defiantly would recommend it to other people! this is the best phone ever!

PROS~ awesome reception, good build, nice feel.

CONS~ could use more ringtones(verizons fault)

Ten Reasons Why I Hate This Phone


Mar 15, 2006 by llewkcalb

I have had this phone for 3 weeks, and I hate it. Here are the reasons:

1. I use my phone for my watch, but the outside display goes black after a few seconds, and you must hold the button in to get it to relight.

2. The case (provided by Verizon) has to be removed to use the camera or else it gets in the way.

3. The camera shutter has about a 2 second delay causing you to miss the picture your really wanted to take.

4. The phone plays MP3's, but you can set them as your ringtones. Apparently the only ringtones you can use are those purchased through Verizon's system.

5. The included ringtones are very few and very much not impressive.

6. There is no way to disable the snooze function on the alarm.

7. The picture ID can only use pictures taken at the lowest quality. Any others can only be viewed or stored.

8. There is no one-button function to switch to vibrate.

9. The phone will not allow you to fill your display with a picture. It hogs part of the screen with it's banners.

10. The clock on the inside is very small, rather than having a large display like my last LG phone.

I could go on and on. This phone functions well as a phone, but the annoyances are such that I am going to put it on Ebay and get rid of it.



Mar 15, 2006 by my best friend Jack

this is by far the sweetest phone i have ever owned. i just figured out how to make my own ring-tone.

(I can go on and on)

haven't found any yet

Overall, one of the best phones that Verizon sells in my opinion. I think it is better that the LG 8100, with the internal antenna. I love this phone and would recommend it to anyone.

First impressions could be better


Mar 14, 2006 by gwizrus

I had the LG VX-9800 and decided it was a bit too heavy. I gave it a try based on the salesperson's recommendation. This phone is light but it does not have the reception that the LG had.

+ Small Size
+ Cool looking color
+ Good external speakers
+ Well lit keypad at night
+ Easy to use button for external speaker

- Runs hot during call
- Navigation button sticks
- Limited ring tones (VX-9800 had neat sounds
- Lacking miss call reminder (big negative)
- Lacking PC software interface to update contacts (Huge negative)
- Reception in my area is weak on this phone.

awesome, no super, no great, no excellent phone


Mar 9, 2006 by mkaphillips17

i love my a950. i have had it for about a month and it is the best.
Camera, heck yea
Battery, Excellent, especially wirh EV-DO and VCAST.
Call Quality, the best i have had in any phone.
Music Player, the best mp3 player i have ever had (probably because it is the first one i have ever had)
Build, nice, smooth and good looking.

Cons:only the ourer shell. i wish the red could be a different color.

Perfect Phone


Feb 19, 2006 by jackwhite68

I have tried almost all of the current higher end Verizon Phones in the past couple of months and this one by far is the best, feature wise, size wise, performance wise. You can't go wrong with this one.

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