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Pantech PN-215 / CDM-8915 / Snapper / PN-300


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Great Phone. I love it.


Sep 23, 2007 by ohdang.elizabeth

This phone is great. It is well made, and I've had it for a long time, and there has not been one problem.


- Good Camera
- Good service (virgin mobile)
- Tough
- Cute
- Small
- Great ringtones
- & Much more.

- Only available through Virgin Mobile and Verizon, but thats it.

i have it


Jul 10, 2007 by madisongrey

and i like it...

nice pics, cheap, and the sugar mama air time is great..

and when you call the virgin call center..they are very very helpful and nice, unlike some other cell carriers.

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Very Good


Apr 10, 2007 by cellphoneexpert

This is the best phone i have ever had.
Here are some pros and cons.

Pros:Awesome camera
Very good color display
Outside display
Easy downloading for
ringtones,games, and more


PN-215 Verizon


Dec 14, 2006 by Judie4x4ing

I have had this phone for almost a year and It Rocks. I have not ANY problems with it, I have dropped it, kicked it. No problems downloading tones or ringback tones. Good clear hearing capability. I have nothing negative to say about this phone, it is Verizon. Poor Game quality is the only neg I have to say. This is the longest phone I have had. My husband ran his over and it still works just cant use the camera now.

Nice and Easy to use


Aug 27, 2006 by witesamurai

I really liked this phone with its features and sleek look.

Color display
front display (self portrait)
web browsing
polyphonic ring tones
downloadable games and wallpapers
sleek look
speaker phone
downloadable aim

a little big



Aug 24, 2006 by PrestonDisk5

I Have had many cell phones and several prepaid phones, Virgin Mobile by far is the best prepaid carrier i have ever used because the service is cheap and the phones are really cheap. Many of my friends have Virgin Mobile and some of their phones were crap until one of my friends let me try their snapper. I was impressed it was cool looking it had a good camera and it looked tough that is why i bought it. You can get it at radio shack for $89.99 it is a great Value.

-Tough look
-Plays ringtones well
-OK Camera
-Virgin Mobile
-Holds Charge

-Has Sparkles
-Could be smaller

If you are looking for a good Camera phone from Virgin Mobile I reccomend this because it is cool, cheap, and it is one of the best Virgin Mobile Phone I have ever seen.

Like it


Aug 18, 2006 by Keala

I have had over 6 phones and I am only 16. I have gone through verizon which totally sucked, tracfone which was better than that. And virgin mobile which is the best by far. the color is wonderful. The sound clear, everything about it is wonderful. Sometimes the camera does get a little crappy if you get way too close but otherwise its a good phone and its cute. The service is wonderful and the sugar mama deal is a really nice way to get free minutes!

WOW its nice


Feb 18, 2006 by hondacivic1997

well when i got this phone for christmas of 05 it was like beauty in a box.. then when i actually got to mess with it and i got it activated i loved it and now to this day i love it... it is perfect for me and it fits everything i like....

and the ringtones are great too.. they sound crystal clear and they are real too... well for me it took a while to find the whole song.. but it worked.. i love this phone... i really dont want to get rid od it.. its perfect..

and i like how u can actually change the cver plate... and i can change the antenna.. so i have a faceplate and a lighting antenna

Verizon Quandry


Jan 4, 2006 by swrlygirl70

First, I must say the phone itself is not bad, my son dropped it once (he's little so it didn't go far) and it still seemed to hold up well, although I'm sure it wouldn't have stood up to much more, just the nature of cel phones in general. I can take relatively decent pics with it, as far pics on a phone go.

What I must tell everyone about is that I somehow got a hold of this phone from a Verizon dealer. With Verizon, all the fancy extras may or may not work (text messaging, pix messaging, "Get It Now" (getting games and new ringtones, etc.)). Especially I cannot get any new ringtones for this phone. Also, I cannot get a straight answer from Verizon on whether or not the salesperson was supposed to have sold me this phone. So, if you're at a Verizon store and they try to sell you this phone, please look into whether or not all the features work BEFORE you leave the store.

Virgin Mobile version disappointing


Oct 24, 2005 by bobj

Despite an unhappy experience with a misfeature of a previous Audiovox phone, I bought the Virgin Mobile Snapper. I figured they couldn't be that stupid twice. But they were.

First, let me mention the generic stuff: As usual, Virgin Mobile's choice of graphics are silly and overly cluttered. The menus could be a bit easier to navigate (just cleaning up the graphics would help with that).

I've only taken a few sample pictures: they were better than I expected, so I'll give it a plus there. The web browsing is slow (which I expect from a phone), but does a respectable job of handling normal web pages on the tiny screen (better than some PDAs that I've used). I can't access my office's webmail site with it though: it gives a mysterious "forbidden" error that we can't correlate to anything in the web server's log, so perhaps this phone has a problem with some web content (maybe it can't do https?).

Now for the misfeature: Whenever it loses signal, it beeps (four quick beeps). You can't turn off this feature, nor adjust its volume. You can put the phone in silent (vibrate) mode to silence it, but that's the only way to get the idiot thing to shut up if you are in a weak signal area (like an elevator, inside a large building, at my house...). The vibrator isn't strong enough for me to reliably feel it when I'm walking, so I tend to use the audible ringtone, but then the fade alert drives me crazy.

If I was never in a weak signal area, I'd give this phone a rating of "4", but I'm not, so it gets a "2". Such a stupid design decision is really hard to fathom.

I hope I can return this phone...

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