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Pantech PN-215 / CDM-8915 / Snapper / PN-300


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good standard phone


Aug 23, 2006 by pandawings

This is a perfectly good phone. For those of you having issues with its features being turned on or off, that is a problem with your account setup through your provider, and is no fault of the phone. It is also completely irrelevant what graphics the phone has, as Verizon tends to load the same software and graphics on multiple phones. Thats a software issue, folks, not the physical phone.
I am a Verizon Wireless customer, and this was a free phone elligible to members of a family share plan.
While it does not have certain features like removable memory, I think the camera quality is equally good to any other camera phone I have used. My battery lasts for several days, even when I seem to talk on it more. If you are having trouble with your battery, there is a good chance you received a faulty battery; it is not the phone.
It seems as sturdy as any other cell phone I have owned, and I have been able to customize it with downloadable ringtones, images, and pictures I have taken.
Overall I think it is a good phone for someone looking for a low-cost reliable device with all of the necessities, and a lot less confusion than some of the fancier models.
The only negative point I really have about it is that because it is not a major name-brand, I cannot find a snug-fitting cover that I like. Verizon provides a black leather one, but I was hoping for something in pink. :)

verry good!


Oct 14, 2005 by xposive

i had this phone for 2 1/2 month, and i love it! the picture quality is great. connection is great. every thing is great. i would recommend any one getting this phone!

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Ok for a beginner phone


Dec 15, 2008 by JS8604

I had the prepaid PN-215 from Verizon and it worked great. The phone in itself was fine, I just didn't like VW prepaid plan and the limited features it had.


External caller ID
Downloadable ringtones, games, wallpaper
Color resoloution


Speakerphone was not clear
Numeric key pad started acting up. I think it was the 7 on my phone that stopped working.

Ok phone with no few features


Dec 8, 2008 by MrGooch

Use as work phone (PN-300). Limited functionality due to simple menu scheme. RF is ok, voice quality is ok. Rugged, I have dropped it many times and treat it rough in hopes of getting a different phone with bluetooth, but it looks and functions as good as new. The outside display is easy to read in sunlight.

-Decent battery life

-Calculator is no good, only shows 2 decimal places in results.
-Inside display is not particularly good.

Had it for 3 years


Jun 7, 2008 by Tiggy

I give this phone a 5...


Because I have had over 9 phones at least
And this phone still never let's me down
Pictures come out wonderful
Easy to work with and very very sturdy.
Internet is quick the graphics are cute
The ringtones are wonderful and always have been
Never have had any problems with it.
Most of you who have it's the people you are getting the phone from not just the phone itself.

Wasn't cheap when I bought it like it is now...But I LOVE this phone.

not great, but not completely sucky


Feb 13, 2008 by crayontree741

This was my first cell ever, so I was at first really excited and really amazed... but then i realized it wasnt too great either.

- kind of cute
- easy to find your way around
- good memory space

- buttons were kind of hard to push
- no service where it mattered
- couldnt turn of the camera noise
- bad camera flash
- cant text sounds

If you dont really text all that much, and you live in the city, this phone might be good for you. But otherwise, go with something else.

Snapper! more like Crapper


Feb 3, 2006 by aries5823

Ive only had this phone for a month, and it sucks [...]. I am very carefull with my phones, but this one is so bad. The extendable antenna sucks. When you loose service it beeps and there is no way to stop it. Which is a bummer because i have to have it turned off in school because of it. The camera is really bad. Theres no video either.There is one good thing about this phone though, it plays ring tones well. Now back to the cons, speaker phone sucks, external display is in black and blue not color. The glossy black shows finger prints very well, so your phone always looks ugly, after about a week or two you'll have to charge it every night which sucks if your on a long trip. Overall i gave this phone a 0.5 which i only because of the ring tones. If you asked me, i would say stay away from VM there phones are cheap and useless.

This phone is ok but....


Jan 9, 2007 by lakyn01

I think this is one of the better phones from virgin mobile. It has some features that other phones dont have since vrigin mobile does not have a good selection.

flip phone
color screen
voice recorder
picture caller id
fun frames for pics
downloadable material

kind of clunky
scratches easily
pics are grainy(you expect that with a phone)
battery is OK
no aim (not important to me)
looks kind of old

Over all i would recommend this phone if you are a user that does not talk more than 30 minutes a week

Not So Great Service


Dec 26, 2006 by J741

I own this phone right now and i do not get that great of service in my house or outside, etc. The camera is decent for a prepaid phone and the speaker phone is ok. The ringtones though work excellent on my Virgin Mobile phone and our loud and clear. The battery works well for me so i dont charge it up alot. Games on the phone though are somewhat of a downfall because the controls dont work so well for me. Also my phone takes a while to turn on and that sorta bugs me. If i could get better service this phone would have prolly been a 4.5



Oct 4, 2006 by ianm81191

I have the Verizon version of this phone (the PN-215) and this phone is the biggest piece of crap i have ever used! Verizon even had to discontinue it!!! (Hmmmmmmmmm i wonder why???) Well, anyways, I only have one pro. That is the fact that the phone has an outside screen. Other than that, the phone SUCKS! the speaker phone sucks, the quality sucks, the size sucks, and even the camera sucks! I dropped it once and now its all screwed up!!! I previously had a Samsung a650 and that was the best phone by far. It would not die, and this one seems to be as fragile as a Razor! DO NOT BUY USED PN-215!!! THE PHONE IS NOTHING BUT TROUBLE!

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