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awful omg


Nov 7, 2006 by ballinbabi

I have had this phone for about three months now and this phone sucks!!!

so far there are no pros that I can think of. true story

There are so many I don't even know where to begin. Not even a week after I got this phone it started to squeak when I opened it. I have sprint and I live in Boston, I swear that I could be standing next to a gigantic telephone pole and I still wouldn't get any service. The speaker phone doesn't work either. The louder you turn up the volume the crappier it comes out. The battery is awful. My battery will be like on the last little bar, so I put it on that charger and when it is full I will take it of the charger and like five minutes later it will die on me and I be like what the crap I just took you of the charger. I could go on and on about how much this phone sucks but unfortunately I have a life and have to get back to it. peace out homies!!!!!!



Aug 28, 2006 by SmartSprint

I sell this phone. Or should I say I ATTEMPT to sell these phones. Horrible pieces of crap. If you have a choice, stick with Sprint but choose a different phone. One drop will disconnect the camera. Water damage happens from holding it in your hand for too long. Reception sucks.


Everything else.

Take it from a pro

Avoid like the Plague


Dec 14, 2006 by emouth1

I sell this phone. It's popularly considered one of the worst phones ever offered by my carrier. Unequivocally, I have never repaired, replaced, or received more complaints about any other phone.

Pros: It was free for awhiles.

1) TERRIBLE reception.
2) Batteries for this model frequently swell.
3) Phone has a tendency to overheat.
4) Screen breaks relatively easily.
5) Phone is VERY sensitive to heat and liquid damage.
6) Battery life is bad.

Run, hide the children from this phone.



Nov 27, 2006 by awells3

I have had this phone for less than a year. I bought because it was fairly inexpensive and I thought it was like my old phone which finally died after being run over by several cars. I was dead wrong. The camera is worthless as the picture quality sucks. The "power saver mode" is a ridiculous idea, it keeps the screen lit for about a minute when you close the phone, wasting precious battery life. If you are on a call, after a minute everything goes blank so you can’t see how long the call is, etc. Sometimes it logs onto to the internet by itself for no reason and you have to turn the phone off to log off. The way text messages work is just absurd, take my word on this. Up until a few days ago it would sometimes not ring or show someone called, but you would get a voicemail if the caller left one. Now it does that ALWAYS, it won’t say that you missed a call unless you go into the menu and look at the missed calls screen. It no longer always I send text messages either. The battery life is poor, requiring charged every two days with minimal use. The charger itself is temperamental as well, requiring the jack to be in an exact position. Too many times has the phone displayed that it had half battery life left, then I would get a call, speak for about a minute, then it would die without warning. The speakerphone is alright, and it does have a big contact list, but it is set up so that can have several numbers per contact, but you can only assign one of the numbers for speed dial, so it is kind of pointless to have it set up that way if you use speed dial. Also, if you don’t put a lock on the camera, it will take pictures in your pocket and drain the battery even more. The geniuses at LG decided to put the camera button on the side and it is extremely sensitive. I think that about covers it. I will never buy another product from LG again. Buyer beware

lgs kick @ss


Mar 28, 2007 by lgskikass

I think that this very well might be the best cell phone ever made. Screw the Razr- they're junk. Think the Dorado is good. Yeah right! Lg pm 225 is at the top of the hit list. For all those donkeys that haven't had as good a cell phone experience as I have- get in with the new! Get a lg today and you'll start to love life much much more. No more dropped calls, no more dead battery, and no more pathetic life. Maybe. It all depends on if you act and get the lg. Life's Good- LG

hate it


Mar 18, 2006 by brennenjc

I got this phone in October 2005. The rep at sprint pushed this phone on me, and i bit. Sounded too good to be true. Well, I had the phone for a few weeks, and then began to notice the batt was having problems. I did not know why yet. Then I realised the connector that the charger plugs into on the phone the sottering came loose. But in a month timeframe. Brought it back to Sprint telling them what happened, and they had there Tech look into it. Came back 4 hrs later to find they told me it was not fixable at all. I was like, ok, so can I get another phone, not liking this one, wanted to get a different brand. They said, no, you will have to get the same phone, or you will have to pay for a brand new one at full price. I was very upset at this. I was willing to pay more for a different phone. Really wanting something else. Well, needless to say, I walked out of there with the same LG brand phone :( 2 months past, and the same problem occured yet again. I have now to return to Sprint, wait for 2 hours to see a tech rep, and leave it there for 4 more hours to have them tell me the same thing all over again. I will not swap it for the same LG pm-225 again. Never make the same"mistake" twice.
pros: sheek design, small, light, easy internet, and instant msg access, but thats about it from me.
Cons: delay on dialing numbers, especially if you are re-dialing a number, the button on the lower left side on the phone is the button to snap pictures, its constantly taking pictures in my pocket, how annoying, poor image quailty, not user friendly menu, when logging onto the internet, it keeps me on aim even when I am off. If you in the middle of writing a text page and a new text comes through, you lose the current text you are writing, so rediculous!! Very frustrating. While charging the batt, the whole room is lit up. Ringers dont have beep option, or low ring with vibrate, no memory for downloads, fills up with 8 photos. I want my samsung back! no more LG for me ever! Too much drama



Jul 13, 2006 by alwaysreal09

This phone is crap, and I'm glad i finally got rid of it here are just a few pros and cons:

screen messes up(gets a blue-ish color)
turns off on its own
gets stuck on vibrate
tells you message wasn't sent ,but it has
camera is completely awful
battery lines constantly jumping around

loud speaker

Do not get this phone it it terrible, and sprint won't replace it unless you give them money,and it will be replaced with the same phone.Getting this phone is a waste of time and money!

Excellent Phone


Aug 31, 2005 by tnot1

I just switched from Cingular and a Nokia 3595 to Sprint PCS and this phone. Talk about night and day difference. Sprint PCS and this phone are an order of magnitude better.

I thought the 3595 got good reception (and it did) but this phone is at least as good, and the voice quality is as close to landline quality as I've heard in a mobile phone (I'm sure there are better, I just haven't heard them).

I like being able to do my own wallpaper for both internal and external screens. Both screens are very good (not nearly as good as some of the upper end phones, but this isn't aimed at that market).

I haven't had any problem navigating the menus and haven't had to refer to the manual that much.

Having the external screen on while charging doesn't bother me. It's kind of like a night light.

Camera quality is fine for taking pictures that I'll use on the phone's screens and send to folks to look at on their phones. I'm not planning to use it for anything else.

Two possible cons. (1) The speaker phone sounds tinny and distorted sometimes when the volume it turned up too high. This is probably a function of the fact that they just use the earpiece speaker and jack up the volume when it's on speaker mode. So far, I've been able to solve the problem by just turning down the volume. This may or may not work when I get into a louder environment. (2) (and this may not be a con once I've scanned the manual more thoroughly)I can't figure out an easy way to switch between normal ring mode and silent mode. It was very easy on my 3595 and I miss that.

I highly recommend this phone, especially at this price (2/$50).

Close, but has some REALLY annoying flaws


Dec 21, 2005 by antihero


signal quality is good. The lack of an antenna really does make it more durable and easier to fit in your pocket. aside from th things i listed below, its a pretty good phone i guess.

This phone has many annoyances. I cant imagine what they were thinking, this phone might as well not have an external screen for how badly LG handles it.

1. if you mute the ringer, the external display reads "ringer muted" instead of caller id. This is incredibly frustrating. I typically mute the ringer in my pocket and then pull the phone out and look who's calling. No such luck.

2. The external LCD is almost always off. same with the internal. When idle the external does not show anything. the time would be nice. even when you push a button to make the external turn on, there is a delay. When you are on the phone, it goes off after a few seconds, good luck making a quick check of you call time or the current time.

3. closing the phone = cancel whatever you were doing. if you change the ringer volume then close the phone, this phone cancels your changes. Very annoying.

4. Mine squeaks. This phones construction is worlds below my last samsung. The hinges squeak loudly. and the phone is just not well built. again, very irritating.

5. Practically the only time the external LCD is ever on, is while its charging. its rather bright. i bet most people charge while they sleep. simply stunning.

I can't wait to trade this thing in.

Acceptable Phone


Nov 20, 2005 by rusy001

I just switched to Sprint, and this phone replaced my beloved LG 5550.

-Both internal and external screen look great.
-Plays low-bitrate ( less than 64 kbps) MP3 ringtones.
-No external antenna, yet good reception (for sprint, I guess)
-Lots of customizable features (sounds, menus)
-Horrible delay when browsing menus or entering numbers. Just a split second, but it can get really annoying when you are searching for names.
-Bad layout of menus. The two main buttons are for menu and web. Who will be using this phone for web browsing enough to justify putting it as the main hot button? Seems like "contacts" would have been a much better choice. Luckily, you can customize the 4-way pad to add contacts, but still.
-No easy way to put on vibrate or silent. You must open the phone, scroll using the side buttons to vibrate/silent, a five seconds till the phone registers it or hit OK. What happened to holding down a button for a few seconds?
-Camera has separate memory from downloads. This isn't that problematic, but it would be nice to have more than 1Mb for the MP3 ringers and less for camera, since the pictures aren't that great anyway.
-the "ring+vibrate" is only available if volume is on high, a level where the sound is poor quality.

Overall, I was very disappointed with this phone. My old LG 5550 had less features (no camera), I would take it back in a second. This phone will probably get the job done, it just won't be a user-friendly way.

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