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Great phone for the price


May 24, 2006 by lamskinz

Got this phone at a sub dealer with a car charger and universal case for 20 bucks + tax. Overall it works great. Switched from T-Mobile to Sprint just this month. Service is like night and day. Menu very easy to use, reception 100 times better than the T-Mobile phone (siemens cf62) yuck. Some of the operations I've been reading about that are a pain in the butt, I have not had any issues with. Battery life isn't long when playing around on the internet, but I got a car charger for free so it's not even an issue. Great value for the money

Awesome Phone


Nov 6, 2005 by pumpkin44497

This is a great phone. It's way better than my nextel i100 or my 2 nokias. If your looking for something that is reliable, pick this phone up its sure to satisfy you. The only thing about it that i don't like is that i cant put a real ringtone for when i get text messages. It might be able to i just haven't figured it out yet.

Mixed Thoughts


Aug 3, 2006 by danc3r4god23

Well, my phone is brand new. Truly just got it. I traded from and Virgin Mobile and here are some pros and cons.


Hardly ever drops calls.

Sleek design

Camera looks good for a cell.

Fairly large numbers.

Flip phone so you aren't pushing numbers all the time.


Virgin mobile phone was easier to use.

Sound isn't the best.

Close the phone = lose everything.

Outside light doesn't stay on anytime at all.

Green and red blinking is already getting on my nerves.

So yeah... there you go.

the lg pm 225


May 15, 2007 by cellphoneking16

idk wat yall are tlkin about for sayin it aint the greatest but i tell u wat it is... and to me i think it is the bomb now i know u cant get games on it and all this crap but atleast u get some stuff on it and atleast u can get online with it... it has good sound quality and good picture quality and def. good single for bein in a wooded area... trust me my dad mom and i are firefighters and when we get brush fire calls we are deep in the woods and when i want to call someone i got the highest single that u can have... and it is all the way up to the last bar it is made to go to... so to all u pple that think this phone stinks its only cuz u want the phone with games and is small and can make vids.. well u know wat for a cheap price this phone isnt that bad... and who cares about videos on there phone and games i mean cmon its for chatting and callin not for playin games... u guys are just rediculous... i mean its a ceell phooone not a ceell gamerr duh.. anywayz i give my overall for this phone a thumbs up and a HEELLL YEAH... nice job makin the phone lg u are a great company keep it up.

Its a really good phone!


Feb 6, 2007 by cujo09

The pros- Sleek, looks nice there is no anntena sticking out poking u everywhere, light weight the camera is O.K but it could be better. battery life is sweet! the background are cool and the whole phone looks nice! and u can customize it so much!The reception is nice.

Cons- when u close the phone the front screen dosent stay on for u to read wut time it is or w/e.People are complaining about the camera on it is fuzzy and they are getting all upset! ITS A PHONE PEOPLE IF YOU WANT A GOOD PICTURE GET A CAMERA. It takes a while for the camera to power up and power down. When charging the front screen stays on and its so bright if your charging it during the night it almost lights up your whole room!

Overall the phone is good and i recomend it! And some other people are saying that it dosent get good recption because that depends were u are and were the towers are!

Okay for Sprint Service


Aug 22, 2006 by Odiedog6

After nearly 8 months of owning and frequently using this phone, I have found its use on the Sprint PCS CDMA network to be average.

-bright outer display
-very easy to text

-the phone can receive, but cannot send text when roaming
-frequent static with two bar signal or less
-mediocre reception (roams where other Sprint phones (3 others that i know of) get 2 or more bars on network)
-if ur a fast texter, letters take 5 sec. to show up on the screen

Spend $100 more and get the FUSIC. Reception is SOOO much better.

good reception w/internal antenna


May 24, 2006 by trickle

This is my first new phone in a few years. Call me old school I guess but I have been with sprint since 99 and their reception is great in my area. I have had my new LG about 2 weeks now and overall it is a good phone.

The small size with internal antenna make this a great phone to keep in your pocket.
I was skeptical of the reception because of the internal antenna, but was pleasantly surprised at how great the sound is on this phone.
The menus are pretty easy to navigate. Plenty of room for addresses.
The camera is o.k. It is a camera phone so a person can't expect a professional photo.
Web browsing seems to work good.
So far battery life is great.
No dropped calls...
There is a small button to activate the camera on the side of the phone when it is closed. It is easy to accidentally activate the camera and take a picture when you are trying to turn the volume up/down. IMO, it is not necessary to have this on outside and inside of the phone. I wish you could de-activate the camera completely and activate it when you want to.
External screen is basically always off and doesn't provide too much info.
There is a web browser hot key that doesn't seem to fit. It would be more useful if this was a 'contacts' or 'call history' hot key.
I wish there was a web browser 'log-off/disconnect' option or maybe I haven't found it yet.
Overall this is a nice middle-upper end phone. Quality reception is most important to me and so far this has provided that in the twin cities metro area. I am not too sure about downloads, etc. since it is not that important to me. Plus, sprint is practically giving these things away now so it seems like a decent value.

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