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Not for Business


Aug 20, 2007 by samthecableguy

I am a System Engineer, and my company provided me this phone. I also would say this is one of the most awful phones ever had.


- Light Weight & Stylish design
- Relatively Long Stand-by Time


-Awful Signal Reception
-Low Resolution Screen
-Low Camera Resolution

Awful Signal Reception causes decreasing my
working productivity, and this is not a right phone for the business at least.



Jul 1, 2007 by mzan123

This was my first phone I got in the beginning i was happy cause it was my first phone a week later i had so many problems with phones if i write it I would be here all day. I much rather not have a phone then have a phone like this. It lags so much once i typed the whole phone number and not even one number showed up WORST PHONE EVER


Everything there is nothing nice in this phone

Unfortunately I still have to use this phone for another 2 months until I could get another one

Stay far FAR AWAY!!!!


May 2, 2007 by mizzpinky

This phone was alright for it being my first phone but as time progressed I saw that I should have picked a better phone!!!The camera isn't all that good, the reception even IN MY HOUSE was horrible!!! The battery life was terrible and I had to replace it over 3 times WITHIN A YEAR!!! I finally gave up on this phone!!!This would have to be the worst phone I have ever owned!!!!

Im so sick of this phone


Apr 19, 2007 by criddle

I got this phone about 8 months ago. The phone was replaced within the first week due to "water damage"... I found it odd though because i plugged it in to the charger and went to bed and in the morning i couldn't get it to turn on...it worked fine the night before and then not at all a few hours later...(without being near water unless of course it can walk.Then the battery swelled and was replaced 4 months ago, and the entire phone was replaced about 1 month ago because it was logging into the internet,and shutting off and back on. I could plug it in to the charger (at dead or almost dead) and it would only charge a few seconds before proclaiming that the battery is fully charged. Unplug it and the battery bar is full... for about 5 seconds. I hate this phone... so they replaced it a month ago and i am now having the same problem again except this time i cant even talk on it when its plugged in because there is a bad connection. I loved the look of the phone but the quality is awful i cant wait until my contract is up!!!

Um, WTF much!


Dec 16, 2006 by mylesman

I got this phone about a year ago ,but let me clairify, it was not the "same" phone. This is my 3rd PM225 and the worst. My first one was red, which was pretty cool. But i dropped it into the pool, it then started calling people and taking pictures(wich are the worst that i've ever seen before anyway)on its own. So i take it into the Sprint Store, having to wait about 3 hours. they come out to me saying that it was water damaged(well i told them that in the first place) and MAKE me pay 50$ for another one. So i had that one for about another 4 months and that one starts to stop calling people. So I take it into my favorite place in the world, the dreaded Sprint Store. I wait for about an hour and then they told me that they were to lazy to fix it so the give me another one. But this time it was silver (which looks pretty ugly) and the inside logo was the old one. So ive had that one up til now, and so far the outside screen has stoped working so i have no idea who is calling me and the inside screen was dead but i had to take it apart and managed to fix it. I have kept it like that and am waithng till christmas for my new lg Fusic BABY! i am so excited as my phone is a peice of %4@&$*DG#!!!!
it "had" a color exterior screen
You know, to tell u the truth, i cant think of anything, honstly!
The camera SUCKS!!
the camera button on the side of the phone fires up the camera whan in you pocket, taking about 5 pictures without u knowing
there are so many cons that all i can say is that DONT BUT THIS PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whats going on lg!?


Nov 27, 2006 by Christofc7

i must say that in my experience this is one of the most awful phones ever produced on sprints behalf. reception is awful. even on the model in store. menu is sluggish at best.


-color sub lcd screen
-decent camera for a mid level phone

-signal reception
-sluggish menus
-cheap feel and construction

in all honestly this phone is bad. there are other phones that are better for similar price.

don't buy it.


Oct 25, 2006 by oxfunnylovexo

i would avoid buying this phone. i was with sprint for five years, and this one was the worst.

- it's light, small, and easy to carry.
- it's easy to customize and has a lot of options.

- the internal antenna isn't something to brag about. (and friend and i would be on our cells, going through the same area... and she'd keep service but my call would drop.)
- the camera quality isn't great. it takes mediocre pictures at best, even in high resolution. it also doesn't have a flash.
- the battery life is lacking. and once your phone beeps to signal you need to recharge your phone, it shuts off within thirty seconds. so unless your charger is right next to you...
- the phone has a delay, whether it's for your phonebook, getting on the web, of accessing features.
- the speaker feature isn't good. you might as well not use it because you can't hear what the other person is saying and after each of your sentences the person asks, "what?"

i actually had a big problem with the battery and sprint itself. i had my phone for two, maybe three months. and my battery stopped charging. to get the phone to fully charge, i'd have to plug it in, unplug it, plug it in, unplug it, etc. because the phone would only charge for about fifteen seconds. so i went back to sprint, and they said it would be $50 for the same phone. (my friend, with the same model phone, did that. and hers just died again.) i told them i'd think about it. i called customer service and they never gave me a straight answer. to make a long story short, instead of paying sprint $50, i went online and bought a battery from overseas for $15. my phone works fine, but i'm switching to verizon.

Glacially Slow, Poor Customization, BAD!


Oct 16, 2006 by djsteiniii

My wife and I both have one of these phones. My phone gets great reception, hers is TERRIBLE. My opinion is that every other function besides the phone is horrible. The response is slow, even using simple applications. Features are terrible - you cannot set defaults for many functions (e.g. default reminder tone, default reminder snooze period). You cannot specify "none" as a ringer for pesky numbers (i.e. you have to specify a ring-tone, even if you don't want to be bothered). The "battery Low" warning is absolutely USELESS - it should be renamed to "Shutoff in Progress" warning; the phone beeps once and begins shutting down. Shutting down and powering up the phone take forever.

The different functions are generally easy to find, and the menus are easy to navigate. You can compose text messages without going on line (something my last Sanyo phone lacked).

Worst phone I've owned


Sep 25, 2006 by valnden

To think I actually paid a little extra for this phone. This is the worst phone of the 5 that I have owned as a Sprint user. I get terrible reception in the same areas that I used to get great reception with my old phone. The battery life is short. Those two things define a phone. If you don't have those, you have nothing!!! The camera sucks and has no flash.

Not a fan


Aug 8, 2006 by ballstonlegal

I just "upgraded" to this phone two days ago. It looked nice in the Sprint store, and I was assured it was a better model with better features than most.

I'm returning it tomorrow.

Pros: Very lightweight phone.

I liked being able to customize the inside screen saver as well as the external LCD screen.

Internal antenna makes the phone look sleeker.


No flash on camera

You can't use downloaded ringtones for voicemail and text message alerts.

Placing phone on silent takes away caller ID feature.

Text messaging is difficult - if you need to press the same key twice in a row for different letters, you have to WAIT several seconds - no way to move ahead quickly like on most other phones by using the space button.

I found it harder to get reception on this phone, than with previous Sprint phones (samsung, sanyo, etc).

Menus are slow and awkward to navigate.

Very disappointed in this phone. I didn't think that I was such a tech-snob, but I find myself quite disappointed, and will pay more money to have a phone with better features and easier navigation.

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