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Do Not Buy This Phone


May 18, 2006 by 8yearsSprint

Looks nice.

Poor reception - internal antenna.
Easily break.
I purchased 2, I have had a total of 5 due to exchanges for multiple issues in the past 8 months.

This phone is CRAP!


Apr 22, 2006 by Eclipse98RS

ok first off lemme say ive been with sprint for 5 years.... ive had a touchpoint 2200, and a samsung N400... both great phones and never had a problem with either of them... well the samsung started to get outdated to i bought the PM-225.... ill start off with the pros, cuz there are actually good things about this phone.

- A TIP CALCULATOR! ive never seen this on a phone and what a great idea it is... seriously all phones should have this
- the external color display... its nice that you can put pics on there...
- the internal antenna
- its compact

- 1 MB of memory
- like another guy said if you are doing something on the phone and you flip it down it cancels everything you just did, this isnt really a con it just takes some getting used to.
- Dropped calls... i dont think the internal antenna works very well, even though its nice not to have an external one poking you all the time
- when you send a text message it will somtimes say that your message wasnt sent, or the network isnt working, when in fact your message does go through.
- the battery life on this phone blows... mine lasts for maybe a day at most... and the bars go down really fast and then come back... kinda confusing
- When you charge the phone the main LCD and front LCD screen stay on until you unplug the charger from the phone... this is really annoying when you are trying to sleep while charging your phone.
- No flash for the camera! this is incredibly stupid to have a camera and not have a flash on it... it has an indicator light in the front that doesnt do anything why not put it there?
All and all this phone sucks... and since sprint wouldnt replace my cracked internal screen because " i stepped on or sat on my phone" which i didnt... i pulled it out of my pocket and it was broke!!! im switching to cingular and getting the SLVR. Too bad sprint you had a customer for life and you ruined it by being bastards and not replacing my phone when you should have.

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Great Little Phone


Jul 18, 2006 by albatross

I just ported my number to Sprint (7/5/06) and so far I am very happy with the phone.

Crystal clear calls
Good signal 4-6 bars 9 times out of 10
Nice preloaded Screen Savers
Internal Antenna
Vibrate and Ring simultaneously
Status Light still works for incoming/missed calls even if turned off in standby which is nice!
Loud Speaker/MIDI Ringers
Choice of Colors (Red or Silver) I went with the Silver model (just looks sharper with the solid silver)
Solid build quality for a consumer grade phone.

Sometimes slow interface.
Could use more personalization by replacing soft key "web" with "contacts" (like Next el) for a shortcut.
Needs a little more memory
Camera's not all that great (But it's a PHONE!)

This is a good entry to mid level phone for the Sprint PCS network. This is my first LG handset after a few years with Motorola iDen phones and I am quite impressed. While it doesn't have all the bells and whistles (or camera quality) of other models offered by SPCS, this is a pretty solid phone for as inexpensive as it is (Free in some cases). If you want a good CELL PHONE, than the PM-225 by LG is it! If you want something that is geared towards the iPOD crowd, go with the LG Music or Samsung A920.

Worth the Buy!


May 23, 2006 by Aciidsneaker

This phone is a good phone, one of my first LG phone's Really enjoy it.

Nice Ring tone's
Lot's of room for contacts
I have dropped this phone a few time's and it is still working great hardly a scratch,
Personalize the pic's on the front display, and inside display.
Also can change the picture while the phone rings for a certain contact along with the ring tone

The camera's picture's aren't as clear but decent for the phone,
Wish the camera had a light
Signal use to fade out from time to time,

Until we got the new sprint store and tower, phone is worth the money if you not looking for allot of gadget's but still want a few, the phone only comes with game demo's not full game, some alright apps I don't really end up using them all,

Tip Calculator
Alarm clock with 5 different alarms
World clock (Seems to be standard on phone's now)
Voice Memo's

Good phone


Sep 19, 2005 by Slim_dave

i would all so like to say that LG for signal is lil nice then sanyo.. not much more though but with the LG i did learn that the calls where really clear.. even when i did not have much signal.. LG has really made a good phone

Decent Phone


Mar 9, 2006 by Angelo_667

I recently purchased the LG225, and at first I loved it, I still think it's a decent phone but there are some things about it that I dis-like.

Signal is great for being sprint and having a internal antenna.

The look of the phone is awesome (I have the red one).

Has speaker phone which is a very good feature to have the cell phones.

The camera is is ok.


I've come to also realize that it does have a little bit of a delay when searching for names or dialing a number, and that I do not like.

The blinking green or red light that is constantly going is very annoying. I would understand it blinking if you missed a call or recieved a txt or pix but not all the time.

The only thing about the camera that I don't like is that you have to have a lot of light in the room for it to come out good, or you have to be outside.

I also agree that to silent the ring it displays that on the external and internal displays, covering up your banner or the time.

And last, You can't turn the speaker phone on at any time, it can only be turned on if you are making a call. Example.. if you record on voice memo to make a ringtone you cannot play back the voice memo on speaker to see what it sounds like, you have to hold it up to your hear to listen, that tends to get a little annoying. And if the speaker is you to loud you can't hear very well.

But for the most part, I like this phone. I went from a Samsung-680 and really liked it, it had the video capability and I miss that but the sound went out on that right from the start. So I am happy with the LG-225, I just had to used to a few things.

Poor Quality


Aug 24, 2005 by kokolicious26

I bought the the LG 225 a few days ago to replace the Sanyo 8200 I had that was destroyed in a car accident. I saw the phone at the store and thought it was cute. I bought the red one. I got it home and started playing around with it and I was like...OMG this phone sucks! I didn't like the fact that when the phone is closed, after a few seconds the outside LCD screen goes completely black. I know you can adjust that but I know with my 8200 it always showed the time even in power save mode. Secondly, the phone doesn't give the option to set the ring on beep. You can only set it to ring,silent, vibrate or ring+vibrate. Third, the camera feature is of poor quality. The pics I took were fuzzy. I took it back and got another 8200 in Midnight blue. Yeah, I know that the 8300 is available now but I really didn't want to spend that much money on a phone. The only difference is that the 8300 has the camcorder feature, streaming video and changeable faceplates...I don't need all of that. Don't waste your money on the LG225. If you like LG phones, purchase the LG MM 535 slider phone. I actually played with that phone a little in the store and I think its awesome but I wasn't willing spend almost $400 for a cell phone.

Good Gracious!!!


Sep 20, 2008 by rrgsg

I got this phone (without any research) on one of my "contract renewals" and boy was I wrong! This phone didn't really have any cool settings or anything special, but I thought "as long as it works". WRONG! This phone sometimes freezes. It doesn't let me answer a call from time to time. Sometimes NO reception at all, when my husband's SAMSUNG A920 on the same plan, has perfect reception. (which his is a great phone by the way). People will call me, and it never rang. now after time, the screen turns SO dark, I have to rub it hard to get any picture at all. The camera wont' take any pictures anymore. and ON and ON. I took it in, because I have insurance on it, and the service center says it has water damage; I don't recall getting it wet. So YES my next phone will NOT be this one!

Nice phone, I was happy with it.


Jul 24, 2008 by esears

I used this phone for 2+ years, and it worked just fine. I like the features: personalized ring tones, easy set navigation keys, etc. It is a little thicker than I like, but it feels rugged and is comfortable to hold. I recently "traded up" to a Sanyo Katana II, which I hate!!! I would trade back in a flash.

Awful Phone Buyer Beware


Sep 28, 2007 by Keeper

Biggest mistake ever made.

9-29-06, joined Sprint, choose phone after much thought.

2-07, battery stopped charging even if placed on charger all night. Bought new charger, thought that would fix.

3-07, Sprint Store said the battery could be the problem. Bought new battery.

4-07, phone wouldn't hold charge but worked sometimes.

5-07, stopped working, couldn't use even when it was "charging" or plugged in. Geez.

6-2-07, Sprint Store, waited 2 hours, told its dead, they would replace. 1 hour later got a "new" refurbished phone. Promised it would work. (all my stored stuff is gone as phone was dead)

6-3-07, plugged phone in to charge. Nothing happened, exact same problem.

6-5-07, called Sprint with my husband. Wanted different phone, Did not trust this model. Told by the tech dept @ Sprint that this phone was bad. Her cousin went through like 5 in 2 months. Gave recommendation. LONG process of trying to replace phone with recommended phone. Account Remittance, told it would be free to do this, Customer Support Sales, Supervisor that Dept, (transfered, promised to stay on line but didn't), then Corporate Sales, I had a discount through my work. Now Sprint wanted to charge for the phone "upgrade" $30.00 + shipping, Promised Free. Not ok. Canceled my service due to Sprint being unable to fulfill promises and unwillingness to provide equipment to access network. 4 1/2 hours on phone.

Sprint breached contract in my opinion. But no, they don't see it that way, I canceled the service. Current and paid up to date, hadn't used the service for over 2 months at that point.

Account now in collections for $245 or so. Dispute this. Told Sprint to let a judge decide on who owes who.

Pros - not worth the trouble

Cons - battery not charging
delay I never knew if it was on vibrate or not

Recommend RUN not walk not only from this phone but from Sprint.

Sprint knew bad phone did nothing.

With Cingular, happy with a Sync phone.

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