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This was my favorite phone ever, I miss it...


Dec 31, 2009 by ridethelightning1984

This phone was THE greatest that I ever had. I bought it shortly after it came out - a little over 4 years ago I believe. When my 2 year upgrade came after the first 2 years, I skipped it to keep this phone. Why, you may ask? Well, I have reasons.

BATTERY LIFE - I had the extended battery and it could go through a week of HEAVY usage before it needed to be charged.
CAMERA - It was only a 1.3 MP but it had autofocus - pictures looked beautiful on it.
KEYBOARD - Perfectly laid out, comfortable, and you could write lightning fast on it.
FEATURES - For a phone this old it was feature packed.

There are some CONS
SIZE - It was huge. Made a huge bulge in my pocket and would completely bring my pants down if I didn't have a belt.
MEMORY - used a MiniSD. It took me forever to find one of those. I like MicroSD better!

After almost 4 years of usage, it bit the dust. Just refused to pick up a signal. Verizon couldn't fix it, so they sent me the enV2. It doesnt compare. I have since upgraded to the enV3, which is much better, but still, the VX9800 was the best phone around.

Very Impressive Cell Phone


Jan 24, 2006 by wwhizzard

I truly am impressed with this phone. I previously owned the 8000 and the 8100. I like both of those phones as well but this seems to be the better of the 3. These are my reasons why.

Beautiful internal screen
Clear loud speakers.
Speaker phone that puts my 8100 to shame
Internal memory capacity
was very annoying on my aforementioned
Text to speech...I love it
Ability to shoot close ups and
distant camera shots
GREAT reception and battery life.
QWERTY keyboard
Ear piece quality sending and receiving
Very solidly built

No leather case...other than a pouch
Inability to set phone to ONLY ring
in a headset
Keys are a little small but I am
adjusting well
Small outside screen
With the phone closed the speakers
are not as loud as my old 8100
I wish the cam had a lens cover
but how many phones do?

The pros of this phone heavily outweigh the cons. There are several thing I have yet to test such as the Mobile Web to see if it is true that this phone allows you to clink on pix when looking at sites. Also I hear that the Bluetooth headset capabilities of this phone are superior to my 8100.
I am tentatively giving this phone a 4.85. Since the site doesnt get that precise I rounded the score up to a 5. Buy this phone and I highly doubt that you will be disappointed.

wwhizzard has spoken.

Is Life really Good?


Dec 29, 2005 by draras

- Solid phone, good build
- Loud & clear speaker phone
- Fast menus
- Good reception
- Screen resolution
- Camcorder resolution (320x240/QVGA)
- Keyboard, quick & effortless
- Battery, amazing for CDMA
- Mini SD slot
- Vibrate ringer at any level
- Very customizable
- STRONG hinge (no squeaks)
- Vibrate, solid and powerful

- Camera, ALWAYS dark, & VERY slow shutter speed
- Size, bulky & heavy
- MP3 player & equalizer
- Outside screen scratches easy
- Camcorder record length

Ok, so I'm a first time LG user, and I've had the 9800/V for about 2 months now. Honestly I can say I am impressed. It truly is an awesome phone, but it's not perfect. The camera is 1.3MP, but it is AWLAYS dark, even when you have night mode & brightness turned up. There is a flash, but it isn't a true flash, so it only does so much. Also the shutter speed on the camera is very disappointing. It's very slow and I often have to take pictures more than once. The camcorder resolution is amazing for a phone, but it only records for 15 seconds no matter how big your Mini SD card is, that's very disappointing. The phone is a little large for pockets, and can be awkward. If you have a purse/briefcase or something else to put it in, it isn't a big deal. Some of you may think I'm an idiot for putting the MP3 player as a con. To be honest it sounds loud and clear and is very impressive. But, what sucks is when you have the MP3 player on, you cannot do anything else on your phone. The equalizer will show up, and you can't do anything (i.e. text message, phone book, games). The ROKR can do it, why can't the 9800? Ear piece is excellent, and texts are sent on a dime. Phone charges fast, and battery really does last. You don't have to open the flip all the time, which is nice.

Overall this phone is still awesome and the pros easily outweigh the cons. If your into the keyboard and don't mind the size/price, give it a go. Plus you'd have the coolest phone on the block. Solid effort LG.

LG VX9800, It Gets Better With Time! 5 Star!


Oct 11, 2005 by SHIVA

The LG VX9800 is a rockstar, a near-PDA in a compact package.

> The reception is quite good. In NYC I am in either full bars, or 3 out of 4 bars.
> The keypad, once you get used to it, is well spaced and very easy to use, much better than PDA's that are tiny and too close together.
> 9800 has HTML browsing capacities. It will browse any web site, will show you any thumbnail image, and allow you to click on links. You can browse the web using Mobile Web 2.
> The Voice Alert feature simply rocks. I don't need fancy ring tones, the Voice Alert announces my calls by either their phone number, or their names if in my contact list.

Here is a list of some tweaks I've found very helpful on my 9800:
1- You can edit the Voice Mail speed dial number. Click on OK/Messaging/Left Soft Key/All Msg/Voice Mail #.
2- You can alter the font size in Yahoo Mail while using Mobile Web 2. Go to Yahoo Mail, click on "Yahoo," scroll down, click on "Make Font Larger."
3- You can browse the web freely. From time to time an "insufficient memory" warning comes up, just hit OK and continue your browsing no need to worry about it.
4- You can remove the Verizon Wireless banner (unlike some other LGs). Go to Settings and Tools/Display/Banner/ERI Banner.
5- 9800 has a self-portrait feature. When in camera mode, use right soft key and click on options/LCD Dual Mode.
6- You don't need to turn the camera on by using the external button and hold down for 2 seconds, neither are you limited to pressing the external button for additional 2 seconds to use the video mode. Simply click on OK/Get It Now/Get Pix & Flix/Take Pix or Take Flix.
7- There is an option to kill the "Power on/off Sound," but if you do that you may initially lose sound to the internal speakers until at least one call has been made. So, keep the Power on/off Sound to On to avoid this.

The Shiznit!


Feb 2, 2006 by MsftMan

Long story short, I've been with Sprint PCS ever since they started. Huge fan of Sanyo phones due to their indestructible design. Recently decided, since I was out of contract, to investigate other carriers. My nephew has T-Mobile and uses the SideKick II. Awesome phone for an e-mailer and web user. However... my son has a lot of friends that are "IN." So...

I buy the LG The V. What a fantastic phone.

Great plain phone!
Great gadget effect!
Tons of features that will take a while to discover and become familiar with (phone and carrier).
The business card reader (the sh*t!). WOW!
QWERTY keyboard! I have big fingers, but the keypad works wonderfully.
Speakers and volume control great.
Screens front and inside, vivid, clear and overall great.
Wireless sync add-on, great!
Camera, more features than mentioned here in the past, sure 1.3, but what the hell... it's not a camera.
The Web!
All of my email!
IM via AOL, MSN, Yahoo!
Voice memo.
Text-to-speech in email and notes!

Not too many for me.
Speaker phone needs the front cover open to use... but that's a design limitation. I'd rather have the two speakers in the fold out mode, than one mono speaker out front for lid closed speaker phone operation.

This is primarily a PHONE, that does a lot of very neat sh*t. One of the things I noticed here, is that when people mention the wireless sync at $19.99, that is a ONE time fee and not a monthly fee. That's for the Intellisync software installed on the phone and PC. If all you want to do is surf the web, email personal/corporate, and do IM, all you need is the web option at $5.00 a month. V-Cast is a separate entity offering different features for $15 a month (I apologize for mixing in carrier features with a phone review).

I'm used to "candy bar" phones, so the size and weight were never an issue. With luck, I will report again in a few months after I have run it through it's paces.

Steve Banks
A very happy camper

Great Great.. then Ok


Feb 18, 2006 by RSX8900

I've had this phone since October 29th, the second day it came out... i've loved it every since.. But today I had to get my first replacement but to mention it was not a Refurbished one... The reason was that after a while the phone kept restarting during texts, or phone calls or just left alone.. Well after a hard abuse traveling, school, and drops on carpet.. Never on cement its taken its beating but this phone is Excellent. Small minor issues.. such as keys too small might touch CLR or Send or End?... Key Guard = Amazing.. Perfect. holds back everything no mistake phone calls ever made.

Loud Speaker
Great phone
Fast Text/ Voice Clarity
Other end Clarity
Mp3/ ringtones/ music
Reception = 1- 10.. = 8
Best Phone i've owned
Fast contact scroll
Fast Everything basically.
All around fun , sleek fun phone.
Battery Life = Amazing/ Talkative always using phone
Hard Vibrate.

Smalls keys on front
Have to open to get to main menu areas.
No Speaker phone on front/only open
Small Picture calls on front/ open to see bigger and better.
Camera= Werid Place = easily touched.
Size = a little too thick.
Other than that perfect Grade A+ phone

Just my opinion


Apr 24, 2006 by brandozer

I have seen some reviews about people not liking this phone because it was a bar style phone. Well, if they don't like bar style phones, why did they go out and spend money..... on a bar style phone.

I have to say that I am an rep for a Verizon authorized retailer, and I don't think I will be switching phones any time soon. I love the features and the feel of this phone. When I was with AT&T, I carried a Nokia 6800, so I was very happy when I saw this on the up and coming list last fall.

Reception is fantastic
Video record is great
Speaker quality in phenomenal
Voice activated dialing seems to recognize better than the 8100 I tried
Feels like I am actually holding a phone
Keyboard makes texting a breeze, blows t9 out of the water IMHO
Games look great on the wide screen.

not yet v-cast music capable.

Is this phone perfect for everyone? no. I am fortunate enough that I work out on a regular basis, therefor I am capable of lifting the massive 5.19 oz. phone. I know that astonishing weight would give the average user tennis elbow trying to lift, but us fitness buffs have no problem (sarcasm, in case you couldn't tell).

The much over-hyped razr weighs 3.49 oz, that is a difference of 1.7 oz, do you know how little 1.7 oz is????

I carry mine in my pants pocket, always have always will. For the money, this is the best phone verizon carries, trust me, I sell service plans and phones all day.



Feb 13, 2006 by .Montana_Hick.

I go this phone for christmas and it is the coolest phone EVER!!! And also the absolute best from verizon to...even accoriding to some of their employees! It has every thing you want plus much more! I have only had one slight tiny itsy bitsy prob. that was easily fixed for verizon for free! (the pics and flixs wouldnt send) I live in Montana where sevice from any carrier isnt that wonderful but this phone always seems to get service even where my old (VX6100) wouldnt!I think its so cool every one thinks it a sidekick. But its waybetter! (not that i have used one though)

Buttons on front are a tad small
People wanting to always see it b/c its so darn cool lol
Tiny bit bulky but
(i wrote a review b4 as yellowdog but I didnt have it then so this should b more helpful)

Awesome Phone :D


Nov 5, 2005 by xBaKeDx24x7x

ok ive had this phone about 3 weeks now Im so happy with it it was worth every penny... the front screen is vibrant and the front keys are decently configured and easily distinguished but when u add ur own pix it shows a box around it in on the front screen :( when you open it the full screen is radiant absolutely astonishing for a cell phone if i must say... the full keyboard is nice makes for real quick txts and emails... the camera takes some pretty good pix depending on the light, the night mode only does so much... the battery life isnt bad for just talk time but if u mix talkin usin the mp3 player and all that stuff its only ok... sandisk makes a 1GB memory card for it (also an excellent buy :)) i got about 12 hours of music burned mp3 and the full movie lilo and stitch and 7 episodes of the simpsons burned in 3g2 format {instant message my aim sn MadBakedYo or this same name for questions or tips tricks you have about it or email me} and a bunch of pix and i still got 100 mb left on it :) the only problem is if you have too many characters in ur filenames for mp3s it will cause the phone to reset when you try to access your memory card (LG told me its either 44 or 47 max characters for mp3 filenames, i imagine the same applies for the flix also... the keys are all well lit up and easy to see and find and the auto keygaurd on the front diplay is sweet and it even works when you have it on mp3 mode and... the bulkyness is a lil hard to get used to but fpr all the features i think its perfect for me like i said email me or IM me via aim if you have any questions... thank you... enjoy...



Nov 7, 2005 by ronmac

I have had several phones over the years starting with the Nokia 5165 and I have always said the that the best phone I ever owned was the Motorola Timeport.

Since the Timeport I have owned the following phones: Moto v60, moto T720, Samsung a670, Moto v710, Moto e815, LG vx8100 and now the LG vx9800.

Of course there is no comparison to the Timeport but I have never been so pleased with a phone since the the Timeport.
The 9800 has a load of features that makes it a power house in its own right.

On the outside:
1. the sharp front display
2. well back-lit buttons on the front display
3. The attention paid to the side buttons. These buttons are usually plastic covered in silver paint but on this phone they are silver framed buttons with clear plastic coating so that you can see either the arrows or the camera underneath.
4. easy access to the mini SD slot for memory expansion

On the inside:
1. sharp, vibrant and large display with a cool silver frame
2. stereo speakers which also look very cool
3. nicely laid out and evenly spaced QWERTY keyboard
4. well back-lit buttons and navigation button.

Stuff you can't see:
1.The blue-tooth works really well with my HP IPAQ when using the Dial Up Networking and is pretty quick.
2. The speaker phone is loud and clear on both the sending and receiving end of the conversation.

There is also the web browsing that you can do on this phone. You can actually see web pages (depending on their format) and you actually can see the actual page! I literally just checked my email at gmail.com and although the layout is a little weird I was able to check all my email messages.

Things I don't like about this phone:
1. I don't like that the camera lens is exposed all the time but that is the same on all the other camera phones that are available now.
2. the weight and size are more than I am used to but I think it is worth the trade off for what you are getting.

I have only had the phone for 3 days but I in love.

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