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LG VX9800 Rocks Hard


Nov 9, 2005 by cypher36

I purchased this phone a month ago and I am amazed at how well this phone functions. I have read in the last month so many great reviews (and not so great) but I have to say I am extremely satisfied. When I purchased the LG VX9800, I was looking for a phone with additional features (I already have a Palm LifeDrive and use this for everything - work, school, personal, etc.), not a PC-like phone. For those of you who have made some negative comments while owning the phone for a short period of time... I believe the longer you have this phone the better your experience will be. Like I stated earlier, I have this phone for a month and I find new things I can do more often than not.

All in all, here are my comments:


1. Front and internal screen is colorful and truly amazing.

2. QWERTY Keyboard for my big hands is just perfect and the OS is cool and extremely user friendly.

3. Various features to personalize settings and look of VX9800.

4. Calls come in sharp and crisp.

5. Camera/Camcorder features are very good considering it is 1.3MP.

6. The look and feel of the phone is stylish and comfortable. The mix of charcoal and silver is way cool.


1. Verizon is totally messed up for asking LG to remove VX9800's capability to record music and use as ringtone simply because they want their customers to spend more money on their ringtones.

2. Needs carrying case - LG will hopefully create a carrying case for this phone.

3. Camera is too exposed and can get damaged pretty easily if not careful.

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The end of phone problems for my family!!!


Dec 31, 2005 by knowallchic143

I was the first one in my family to get the lg9800. The reception is awesome on it and I love all of the features about it so I decided to get my kids and my husband one for Christmas. It doesn't really have any cons. My family understands that it is used as a phone, and for my kids its great because they use hotmail for their e-mail server. All we have to pay per month is 15 bucks per line and they have unlimited access to their hotmail accounts. Its a great solution for people of all ages. The only con that I can think of for this phone is that you can't access the whole menu on the front display, you have to open the phone in order to access the whole menu. This phone has great reception, its easy to text message on, easy to use for people like my husband who is technologically challenged, the display is awesome, the VCAST service is not that expensive and gives you so much for the price, and last but not least, it has a very loud ringer and is loud for you to hear on!

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Best Phone I've Ever Had!


Dec 28, 2005 by FoneFreek

I've had just about every top of the line phone there is, and i've had about 37 phone in the past year alone. i buy alot of phones! but i've NEVER been so happy as i am with the VX-9800! I Love it!

The only thing i don't like is that its verizon! I like GSM & GPRS Technology, but i'll stick it out to have the AMAZING VX-9800....It's got everything you could think of, then multiply that by 10!!

Good solid phone that NEVER Freezes, had advanced voice dialing, and amazing screens!! It'll even read your text messages to you!! YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT!

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once you get used to it, it's amazing


May 19, 2006 by pslick66

it kicks the hell out of the other phones like the samsung sch a950 that i at one time coveted. samsung disabled the mp3 feature on the sch a950 after xmas 2005 for some inexplicable reason. the 950 had the 1.3 MP camera and an mp3 player. now it only plays WMA's which can only be purchased online. forget about loading your mp3 files off of your computer. when i learned of this, i bought the lg v8100 which supposedly played mp3 files. guess what? same scenario. although both of the aforementioned phones are more compact and ergonomic, neither of them have a qwerty keyboard and a 2" high resolution inner LCD. i returned the 8100 within two days. i suffered a heap of buyer's remorse at first when i brought the 9800 home. it's a little bulky. it has all of the same problems that you might expect with a candybar phone. you have to wait for the keys to lock before you put it in yer pocket, but that's all that i can find detrimemtal on this MF. you can buy a 1GB sd card and hold about 250 songs on it. i bought the 2.5mm to 3.5mm adaptor and now can plug it in to my car stereo. 2GB cards are coming soon. you have most of the web available to you for an extra 5 bucks and can check your e-mail whether you pay for the synch subscription or not. it can also double as a GPS unit with spoken directions. $2.99 per day or like $19.99 per month. much cheaper than the $499 units that i've shopped for. I really HATED this effing thing at first and was really pissed that i got stuck with it, but the more i use it, the more it becomes indespensible. i really like it.

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great phone


Apr 1, 2006 by WoJ33

This is a great phone. It always has signal and sounds great even with a very low signal. The only problem i see with this phone is the bulkiness. And for all of you out there who don't think you can get aim on this phone you can. Also you can get msn messanger n netscape messanger. You just need to download it off of get it now. It doesn't cost a thing except each im counts as a text on your plan. Overall this is a great phone and i recomend this for anyone with verizon or wanting to switch to verizon

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Mar 24, 2006 by FknTwizted

I have had this phone for 6 months and I can tell you it was worth every penny I paid for it (even though I paid $500) This phone does it all. People say that this is a "HEAVY" phone but I like my phone to have a little meat to it, makes it feel that it isn't cheap. Um not a big fan of the "Candy Bar" set up but, the Qwerty Keyboard and the Huge Surround Sound Speakers.

- Qwerty Keyboard (awesome for texting)
- 1.3 Mega pixel Camera & Video
- Battery Life - 8+ days standby 8+ hours talk
- Business Card Reader
- Polyphonic Ring tones
- BitPim program you can download to do free ring tones
- (2) huge surround sound speakers
- Big Inside screen
- Mini SD Port for expandable Memory
- Games, (Vcast looks like Playstation 1 games)
- Bluetooth 1.2v (freedom!!)
- Very Durable Phone & Flip
- Txt, Pix, & Flix messaging
- Mobile Web 2.0

- Candy Bar Design
- No Speaker on front have to open to use hands-free

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Huge, but big with features!


Mar 9, 2006 by mikefelici81

I got this phone for christmas this year from my parents. I was completely shocked when I went through the features of this phone, its loaded.
mini s card- slot to store your mp3's and other data on! This card is the size of a dime, and comes up to 2 gig capacity. I purchased the 1 gig card for 54 bucks from tiger direct.com. I can store upwards of 600 songs on this baby.
Full keyboard- I txt all the fricken time, moreso than calling anyone. Its a great little keyboard, positive feeling, and easy to use. I thought it would save me time typing txts but i just type bigger ones with proper punctuation now! hah!
Bluetooth- Go ahead and splurge and get the bluetooth headset for this phone, its worth it. I just clip my phone to the visor of my car (with the belt clip you can get) and turn on my headset and im set for the road. The headset allows you to use voice controls, and even vibrates when someone calls! very cool!
Surfing the web is so easy with this phone... screen is big and high resolution, everything looks good.

Camera- the camera is basically useless in the dark... especially for video, since there is now flash for video...
size- this is my main problem with this phone... its huge... If youre willing to trade size for features its a great phone, i just wish it was a bit thinner and lighter, but its got a camera and mp3 player built in, so its ok.

overall this phone rocks! Its the nicest phone ive had, and ive had many. If you want an all in one media friendly phone and you arent concerned with the size go get this!
If you want a phone with mp3 capability in a small package check out the razr and slivr, or wait a few months. Like always this phone will be obsolete long before your contract is up...

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Very pleased with this phone.


Dec 23, 2005 by ChicPea

I got the LG VX-9800 as a an early Christmas present for myself. To date, I am thoroughly pleased with the phone, and what it is capable of doing. I have had two LG phones in the past, and have also been happy with those as well. I'm glad that I decided to go with another LG. No disappointments here!

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LG VX-9800


Dec 19, 2005 by Luckie

I have had this phone for almost a week now and put it through many test.

I love this phone... The screens are clear and bright. The volume both the phone and speaker phone are clear with plenty of volume. Along with this the MP3 player sounds great-- you won't believe your ears.
It has the best camera in any phone I have seen or used. Clear--Sharp and easy to use. The video can only record 15sec -- to bad. Should have been able to record as long as the mini SD card has space.

TX messaging is easy because of the keyboard and the large flip up screen. Network access is fast and you can surf the Internet with it.

There are many other options with this pone that you can explore.

There is one thing I don't like about this phone, the font size on the screens is way to small and as of this writing I have not be able to change it. There is an options to change the font to large but I have not be able to see any affects.

If you are in the market for a new phone, this would be a great one.

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Very Satisfied User


Dec 15, 2005 by esturg4

I owned the LG VX6000 before buying the LG VX-9800 and I love this new phone! Every time I take it out of my pocket, it gets everyone's attention. Most people think it's a side kick when they first see it and it's very similar to one. The QUERTY keyboard is awesome - it makes e-mail and txt messaging a breeze. The large inside screen is very nice. You can put any pictures, songs, or videos onto the optional miniSD card. I downloaded ImTOO 3GP Video Converter on my computer to convent MPG videos into compressed videos viewable on the phone. Now I have entire movies on my phone! The voice command features are excellent to use when you're on your bluetooth headset. I just hit the multi-function button, say "Call Someone", say the name in my phone book, and it calls. No previous recording necessary. You can also say "Digit Dial" and say the number to dial or "Missed Calls" to hear the missed calls and call them back. The phone can even speak your new text messages to you. The speakerphone is louder than a lot of other phones I've heard. Reception and call quality is just as good as the vx6000. The only CON to this phone would be the occasional static when I use bluetooth (which could be a verizon/cdma issue) and there needs to be very good lighting for the camera to work well and there's no lens cover. I highly recommend this phone to anyone who loves cool gadgets like I do.

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