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LG VX-9800 - DOES IT ALL!!


Apr 29, 2006 by TDub64

Right to the point, this is a GREAT phone. There aren't enough characters here to describe all of the features this phone offers. Right to the point:

PROS (I'll mention a few...)

* Easy to use.
* Bluetooth capable.
* MP3 player.
* Internet capable.
* Plenty of memory.
* Flix (Video) can be used as wallpaper.
* Great reception.

There are only two CONS in my opinion:

* Size of the phone (Big deal!)
* Picture quality (Who cares?!)

I wasn't crazy about the size initially but considering everything this phone offers, it is considerably smaller than most PDA/Phone combos.

I know the RAZR and SLVR are the must have phones right now, mainly because of their size, however I would strongly suggest you take a look at this phone and what it offers before you make a purchase. You won't be disapppointed if you chose the VX-9800.

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LG VX9800, A Great Suprise!


Apr 27, 2006 by dmkaye68

I recently purchased the LG VX9800(The V) phone. I must say that I am very suprised at how much I like this phone! What surprised me the most is that this phone is actually sold by Verizon Wireless. The phone is very versatile and a whole lot of fun to use. In my opinion the pros are:

Sound quality
Battery Life
Screens are crystal clear
Internet is actually useful and easy to use
Build quality is great(no creaks or squeaks)
Bluetooth works great(I use a Cardo Scala 500 headset)
Compatable with BitPim via bluetooth or cable(I connect via Bluetooth)
and more....

The only cons I have found are:

Exposed front screen(I placed a PDA screen protector on the front and inside screens)
Size may be a problem to some
Thats all the cons I can think of!

My phone has version .02 of the firmware and it runs very fast with no glitches at all. Overall it is the best phone Verizon has to offer right now. It works very well as a phone and has enough extras to satisfy the gadget guys out there. I always have buyers remorse when buying phones. Not so with the VX9800!

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Best Phone I've Ever Had... Just needs a little more....


Feb 28, 2006 by draconix

I've been out of my Verizon contract for over a year, and my old phone (moto T730) totally crapped out, so I needed a phone. I shopped around for the last year, looked at the Treo 650 and 700w, Sidekick, Blackberry 7105t/7130e. But, when I picked this baby up at the Verizon Kiosk, it was love at first sight. I'd initally dismissed it when i first saw it, pretty much had chose the BB 7105t from t-mobile. But there was just something not quite right about it, for my needs. By comparison, the Blackberry would have been the most logical choice, til I actually used this phone. all I can say is that I hope Verizon comes out with an unlimited text messaging plan, or i'm in a world of hurt, lol

-2 really crisp screens
-Awesome overall design
-Web Browsing awesome
-Speakerphone the most useable one on the market
-one touch Vibrate/Normal modes
-user selectable speed dials
-Awesome call quality, even when it tells me there is no signal
-Fluid OS, when you understand how it works
-10 Shortcuts
-VCAST... mmmm video
-Blazing fast web browsing
-Auto Keyguard, w/ 3 diff time limits and off: a real life saver, and no need to worry about knocking into things, thou it can get in the way.
-Its an LG, JD Powers Winning Cell phone maker last year.
-A ton of personalization options.
-Thick, but not too thick
-Stereo Speakers

-Screens are sideways: Its kinda got a metalic sheen when viewing head on, I haveta hold the phone with the left side a little closer to me
-poor location of charger port: when plugged in, i haveta manuver around the connector
-Charge port cover standalone, already lost it.
-Only 50 saved incoming text messages.
-Very little std ringtones
-Camera great during the day, but lacks in indoor and night settings, even w/ nite mode on
-untrustworthy signal indicater: but it always seems to have excelent reception
-Mobile IM is Text message based, no unlimited texts from verizon, yet.
-No Java
-Battery kinda lacks a little
-Tools are buried
-VCAST, only Clips?

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All around great phone


Jan 30, 2006 by blake12921

I wanted to post this review because I have read through the current reviews and i would like to remind people that if you need a PDA for your business or personal use THEN BUY A PDA!!!!! The 9800 is a fun phone that combines many features not usually found together, along with a few new innovations. I have had the phone since its release and i have not looked back. The phone was even just replaced because it locked up in the start up screen, but things like that happen, and it was replaced for free under warranty. I am always bombarded with compliments and questions about its capabilities and people are shocked when i show them the full length music videos available on V Cast.

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Great for a Higschool student


Oct 26, 2006 by WiGiFiEd

This phone does everything, MP3, V-Cast Video and Music, Get it Now, Internet 2.0, miniSD for MP3's, speaker phone, & bluetooth.

: Its a great design and feels firm. Anyone who complains about it being a BAR PHONE should not have baught it because thats what it is and unless you are blind you can plainly see that.
: Its weight never has bothered me because incase you were wondering its just 6 ounces. It isn't annoying people who complain are trying to find something wrong with it.
: The camera is one of the best I have had on a phone the 1.3 quality is great and the dual LCD mode is great for myspace pictures.
: The MP3 works well both opend and closed. While open it is slightly louder but that is not always best because I do live with people and they may not want to hear it so closing will lower it slightly.
: The internet although slightly slow is still great. It can do the basics and once you get used to myspace on it it really is not bad at all.
: The ear piece quality is great on both ends. I live in Sac, CA and I normally have 2-4 bars in any building or surrounding.
: V-Cast Video, Music, & Games. The V-Cast videos are great if you are waiting at a place like a doctors or for you ride after school or when nothing is on during the TV. The music was good but it is all editted music which I list as a PRO because parents might like that. The Games are very clear on it. They run fairly quickly and are great for killing time in car ride and doctors offices.
: Battery life and button layout while opened and closed. The battery life is great, I sometimes leave it uncharged for 2 days at a time and it will still have 1-2 bars which will easily get me through the day until I get home. The button layout is a little close while closed but you get used to it in time. While open its very wide and easy to use no complaints.

: Bluetooth is very limited which I overlooked while buying (don't care really)

OVERALL: A+ phone

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May 25, 2006 by verizon1x

This phone has it all. I have used every feature and have not had one issue. The phone reception is great! The camera is so-so, but it's a phone. The navigation feature from Get It Know is amazing, a must have if you travel or for just around town. Very Accurate. I also use the Wireless Sync and this also works very well. I was coming from a Samsung i700 and I am able to do everything with the "V" that I could do on the i700. A definate buy!

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


May 24, 2006 by cmnoa

I would have given this phone a 5, but there are a few things I'd change if I had the power to do so. I've only had this phone for a couple weeks, but I'm pretty dead set on keeping it. I recently upgraded from the LG vx6000 which I had for two years. My old vx6000 had a rubber plug that covers the charging port/usb port on the bottom of the phone and I rarely used it due to it's desktop charger (which my LG V did not come with, bummer). I still managed to break the end of the rubber piece which I'm afraid will happen with my new LG V (especially since I'll be taking out the rubber piece more often do to the lack of a desktop charger). I wish they would just make a spring door that closes when the plug is not attached.

-No Antenna
-Text to Speech (it's so entertaining)
-Mini SD expansion slot
-Reception is good in my area
-Stereo Speakers
-Nice inner widescreen
-Easy to learn/get used to
-Bluetooth (most, if not all phones come standard with it by now)
-Camera (still and video camera has a nice quality to it). Flash for still pictures. Focus settings for portrait and upclose.
-Eye Catcher

-Might be on the large side for some people
-The screen (although it dims) stays on when charging the battery
-Lacks a desktop charger
-Still using the cheap rubber plug to cover charging port (same as my vx6000)
-Bluetooth (some may argue about Verizon's limits on Bluetooth)
-Ringtones (the stock ringtones aren't anything to brag about)
-Camera (depending on the settings, make sure subject stays completely still when taking a picture)
-Data Cable (just like my VX6000, they both don't come with data cables when you buy the phone)

I've made several calls, text numerous people, played with the text-to-speech for two days and just now my phone battery went down to one bar. This isn't a very detailed/accurate way to tell you how long my battery lasts, so you will just have to try it for yourself.

To be continued...

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overall excellent phone, but not perfect


Feb 18, 2006 by mtollefs2006

I've had the V for about 2 months now. It really is a great phone...a definite upgrade from the Samsung I had prior to it. While I think that the software that Verizon is putting on all of their phones is absolutely disgusting, the phone itself has many good features.

- great reception....i live in a very sketchy service area in SD and i honestly don't think I've ever not had service with it yet.
- qwerty keyboard truly does speed up texting for those of you who text
- loud and clear speakers
- vibrate is sturdy and powerful
- you are able to have separate backgrounds/banners for the inner and outer screens
- the battery life is the best I've ever seen - without a TON of use, it will last me four days

- at first I thought the features and options would outweigh the bulkiness of the phone, but I now realize that there are other phones out there that have just as many features that you can actually put in your pocket since i am a guy and don't carry a purse or anything.
- the speaker phone only works with the phone open
- the camera is really poor and usually takes blurry pictures. also, there isn't a lens cover.
- when closed, the phone is very limited. most of the features have to be accessed with the cover open including settings and GetItNow. not a big deal, but still kind of annoying.

so, to sum it up, a great phone but if you're like me and typically put your phone in your pocket, get another phone for sure. also, if you want a good camera, get another phone.

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Ultimate Media Phone


Feb 13, 2006 by teury27

I bought the "V" (VX9800) about 3 weeks ago. I am glad I waited before buying the phone - as the first versions batteries life was too short. I can wake up - and start my day with the phone on - and it doesn't need charged until about 12 -1 AM that night.

This phone is beuatiful! YOU MUST GET A BLUE TOOTH headset device. Holding the phone to your ear - is like holding a twinkie snack cake to your head. Too clunky. Ge the BT headset.

Unbelievable video (V-CAST) and incredible sound. Sending video - from different V-CAST phones is so freeking awesome!! Phone quality outstanding. Text ability is just perfect.

Needs more protection options. Someone needs to come out with a rubber-ized case that opens with the phone. Regular headset jacks don't work. Pushing electronic content from PC to phone is not easy at 1st. Once you learn to BEAT THE SYSTEM - you can put songs, video, and pics onto your memory card. Speaker phone cool.

Verizon Wireless - is a bit greedy NOT allowing you to use the songs from your PC to be ringtones. GREEDY BASTARDS want you to buy all of your songs ALL OVER AGAIN. This is stupid. It's our phone - and we should be able to use our $400.00 phone for whatever we want without the handcuffs.

Overall - The V is kickazz.

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Greatest Phone for Verizon


Nov 29, 2005 by Kit0401

I have had every company and alot of the top phones.Before this phone I had the 5600 with sprint,that phone was ok but this phone tops them all.

Pros-Mp3 player is great spearkers are wonderful.
I get reception just about everywhere.
The camera is wonderful.
Bluetooth works with great.and works great with my laptop.
Love the design.
Text messaging is so easy and is so much quicker.

Cons-None.Way to Go Verizon Best Phone out there,none better

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