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Mar 26, 2006 by emsbflo302

I work for Verizon wireless and have had every phone known to mankind. I had an LG VX 8100 and the 9800 beats it by a long shot. You don't have to convert your music with Windows Media Player 10, and you can use Windows 98 with the 9800 and you cannot with the 8100. They're actually mp3's not WMA with takes forever to convert them to WMA's, all you have to to download music to your phone is click and drag them into your mp3 folder and you're all set. This is the best phone I have ever owned clarity is great.

Con for the 9800 is it is a little bigger than the 8100, but I love it and would snuggest this one with the UT most respect..try it you have 15 days to trurn it...What have you got to lose...

Pro's for the 9800 is the full key board for texting,,,great sound and I know someone on here wrote the sound was bad, well man you have to set the equalizer to what you prefer.


Ed. note: removed personal contact info

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Hot! Hot! Hot!


Oct 12, 2005 by mcdellofstl

I have had every LG phone you can think of from the vx6000 to the vx8100 and this one is by far the best to offer. Verizon has really done it this time, between the EV-DO and the talking text messaging this phone does it all. I especially like the bluetooth function (its a bit quirky, but usable) when you can receive your text through the bluetooth ear piece with out looking at the phone that is super hot!

It is so many things this phone can do and the camera on it is the best. Try the Business card reader it works well. Hopefully LG will take over Sanyo as JD Power and Associates BEST PHONE.

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Good Phone, Few Quirks


Oct 7, 2005 by skyhound

I've had this phone for a few days now and have spent much time working with it. I'm coming from an 8000 which I really loved but wanted the keyboard for entering calendar events (I use my phone as my scheduler), texts, and e-mails.

Bluetooth. Didn't have that in 8000.

Small design. Also own a Nokia Communicator and there's no comparison in phone size, it's great

Crisp display inside. Best I've seen.

Mini SD card opportunities with MP3!

Voice Command is improved greatly over 8000. It's actually usable.

SPEAKS text messages. That's just cool!


No lense cover. When on the phone your finger just "fits" right into that hole and I keep smudging the recessed lense. A simple slide cover would be so much appreciated

GetitNow lacking. I can't find any wallpaper available when in Get it now. No apps are available. Not sure if this is temporary or not.

Reception: Doesn't seem quite as good as my 8000, which is a little bothersome right now. I need to give it a few more days of testing but it has me concerned.

Wireless Sync. Ok, fine to have wireless sync but apparently that's the only POP 3 e-mail I can get. I was using "Email Executive" on my 8000, a $4.99 /month pop e-mail checker which apparently I can't download on this phone. I believe it's because they want you to pay $19.99 instead.

Overall I like this phone a lot. For the keyboard it can't be beat. But there's something about my 8000 that's kept me from selling it, I just have to wait and see if I want to switch back or not.

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Jun 1, 2006 by nvjusme

Just bought this phone yesterday at a Verizon Store in Union City, CA. The price on the tag was $199-$50 mail in rebate, but when I mentioned that I worked at Best Buy and that we had this for $129.99 after rebate, he lowered the price to $100.00 -$50 mail in rebate so the phone was only $50.00!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a deal!!! There was also a promotion to where this phone was one of the ones that was buy 1 get 1 free. So I got the scpa950 for my wife for free (just paid $28 in tax).

In my opinion, phones have no value whatsoever. It's the plan and accessory that they make the money on. That is why he could've probably given me the phone for FREE if he really wanted to, but I was so happy with $50.00 for both phones that I just didn't say anything else. I believe they are commission based anyways.

As for the phone, I love it. I spend about 1 hour just sitting in bed watching various videos by Vcast on Entertainement and Sports and Weather. This phone is awesome and I haven't even really read the instruction booklet or even really played with it that much. This phone has the MiniSD card slot so you run to local Best Buy and buy a card for this phone so you can store videos and photos. I believe this may even make the internet surfing even faster with this SD card inside the phone.

So..after day 1...I am happy. The Sprint phone that I had before sucked and various user of this website also said it sucked.
I had the Sanya SCP5500, check out the rating and reviews for yourself.

My last piece of advice would be to try to make a deal at a Verizon store or mall kiosk. Don't pay regular price for this phone. Best Buy cannot mark the phone prices down so don't even try, it's a CA thing. Good luck, email me if you got any questions. See ya

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I like it!


May 5, 2006 by Ellen

I've had this phone for a few weeks now, and I can safely say that I like it a lot.

The main reason I got it is because of the camera. In insufficient light it is kind of a pain adjusting the brightness, etc., but when there is light, the camera works great! Having 3 young boys, I was constantly missing those "Kodak" moments because I didn't want to lug around my digital camera, but since I take my phone everywhere (and I bought a 1G SD card that'll hold a ton of pix) I can snap a pic whenever I want! The res is good, too. If there is a problem with color or brightness, my photo program on my computer can take care of it no problem. I've emailed family some of the pix and they can't believe they were taken with a phone. The 15 sec. video is also a neat feature, although it would be nice to have the option of taking a longer video. This phone is better than carrying a photo album - I've shown many people pictures and videos of my kids and they're impressed with the size of the screen on the inside.

Again, I don't need the high-tech stuff to make it through the day, but this is a fun phone. The keyboard makes it so much easier to input information. I never was a flip-phone kind of gal, so I don't mind the candy-bar, clamshell style. Plus, since I always carry a purse the supposed extra size and weight (that people complain about) is not a factor. I've already downloaded a game, and will probably be downloading more for my kids (and me). I use the alarm clock to wake up in the morning. I like the voice command and the voice announce. The vibrate is strong so even though it's in my purse I can still tell when someone is calling. the speaker phone is loud and clear, and reception is good (another main factor for me). I charge it every night, so I'm not sure about battery longevity, but I do play with it a lot during the day and it barely uses one bar.

Overall - a bells and whistles phone that's a lot of fun and works great for a busy Mommy.

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I've sold them all and played with them all


Apr 5, 2006 by crxtreme89

This has to be by far the best phone I have owned or ever had the opportunity to use in the 6 years I have been in this cell phone phone industry as a salesman. Rest assured LG that you are getting a real review from someone who has sold AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Nextel postpaid, and Boost Mobile Prepaid.


Awesome prefectly clear speakerphone. It's loud with the volume half way up. With the volume all the way, it still has awesome clarity! Music sounds great through the stereo speakers and so does streaming audio through VCAST video services.

LCD Screens:
Both the external and internal screen are clear and easy to see. (I do have a con about these, see below) The internal screen is beautiful. Pictures show very well, and there is attention to detail. No glitches, and no freeze ups (*cough* Motorola).

The keypad on the external part of the phone are easy to use and the numbers have enough space in between them so that you aren't pushing 2 numbers at once. They also light up rather nice and bright. The qwerty keyboard on the inside is very user friendly if you know how to type on a regular PC keyboard because the keys are laid out the same for the most part. Text and emails are a breeze! I write paragraphs in the time it takes others to type 2 or 3 words. *evil laugh* muahahahah

There aren't any glitches with the bluetooth. The phone pairs up wonderfully with bluetooth headsets and there have been no issues. (Too bad Verizon locks down their bluetooth phones)

A great choice for a VCAST phone. Streaming audio and video works wonderfully. No long wait times on download when in a VCAST area. Loads a 8 Minute Streaming (not saved)Video clip in less than 15 seconds.

Call clarity:
Both using the inside speakerphone and the outide regular phone, I get great calls all the time. I have had this phone for about 4 months now and have not dropped a single call (could va

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i can play full movies can u?


Nov 16, 2005 by SEBASTIAN7703

I just found this software by mistake on the net that allows me to encode video to the mini sd card and wallaaa, it worked i have a 512mb and i have 20 mp3 songs and 2 full movies.

** full madagascar movie**

** full saw II movie**

and a couple of music videos too.

this phone is tight. have no problems with resets when puting in or taking out the memory card like alot of people say but it hasnt happened to me. u should get this phone.

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Dec 9, 2005 by tom4118

Ive had this phone for about a month or so n Its offically the best phone ive ever owned. Love the design n the flip.

-The overall design is very sexy.Love the Flip.

-The phone is fully operatable closed or open. Very nice.

-Bluetooth works well on the phone. I use Jabra BT130(suprisingly a great EP).

-MP3 player,Ringtones and Videos are all F*#@in Unreal. Expandable memory is also great. Top Dog Multimedia phone. Sh#%s on razr,815, and 8100....

-Camera and Video very clear and crisp.


CONS-Ill post them when I figure them out. NONE YET!?!

(except no speakerphone w phone closed) lol

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Best phone I've had since the Startac


Oct 21, 2005 by gargoyle

I recently purchased the LG VX9800. I absolutely love this phone. It took me about 15 minutes to set up the wireless sync. Only con about this feature is that it will interrupt your call if you have it set up to sync on its own. I set it up to manually sync and its fine. I've been all over Tennessee and never dropped a call with it. Now I don't have to carry my computer with me all the time thanks to the wireless sync feature. I've been playing the 3d games and they are great too. The displays are so crips and clear that I can't even compare it to any other phone in our inventory. I'm sold on it.

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Apr 1, 2006 by muchfresh

• Full keyboard is excellent, much better then Palm's
• Great inside screen
• Durable feel
• Excellent camera (for a phone) does 15 sec vids too!
• Software and Interface are good eneogh
• MiniSD to store and transfer MP3, pics, ringtones, and vids.

• Lack of an integrated email client
• very small nav buttons on the front
• Too easy to hit the 'ignore' button when receiving a call
• Keyboard beeps when typing while on the phone
• Texting much more, will need to buy texting package

• Size, but it has a full keyboard
• Nice to have a speakerphone but its not great

I love this phone but wished the email options were better. Wireless Sync costs $20/month and only works by installing software on a PC email server or something like that. The phone can access your Yahoo, MSN and AOL email via WAP browser, but I don't use them, I have my own POP mail server. Email Executive has an Email client available for $5 / month. But it can't access the contacts database on the phone. It also wont display a new message symbol when you get a new message, you have to manually check for new emails.

I can't stress eneough how great it is to have a full keyboard

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