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Good phone


Jan 8, 2006 by rainbowbrite684

All right, I have now had this phone for about a week, and I am very pleased. My birthday was January 1, and my parents were letting me choose between this phone and the Motorola RAZR. I originally wanted the RAZR because I thought it looked cool, but I did some research and was not too pleased with the results. The camera was apparently sub par, it snapped in half easily, and according to some reviews would freeze a lot. Adding to the fact that I had just had a Motorola v220 (about the worst camera phone on the market), I decided to go with a Nokia. Both of my parents had Nokias, and were very happy with them, and they never broke (as far as I saw). Needless to say, I am very happy with this Nokia flip, and I will list to you some of the PROS and CONS:

-very classy design
-big, colorful inside screen
-colored LCD
-MP3 ringtones
-awesome reception
-loud ringer
-its sturdiness/durability

-soft ear piece
-the 1/2 delay between pressing buttons
-front LCD isn't as high quality as inside one

Also, this phone does not have Bluetooth. The European upgrade of this phone (the Nokia 6102i) does have it. It is not known when the upgraded phones are coming to the US, but if you need Bluetooth on this phone, wait. All in all, I really love this phone and will hopefully be using it for a while!

Nokia hasn't let me down yet


Sep 15, 2005 by dark54555

-It's a Nokia. (good menus, good build quality, good ergonomics and usability)
-The screens are very nice.
-PC Suite is FREE! IR works well.
-Sound quality is excellent on both speaker and mic.
-It's a good size for a flip phone.
-on the 6101, the keys are a good size and feel.
-SIM phonebook access is REALLY fast.
-It's a good, solid phone that remembers the phone function needs to come before other stuff.

-No Bluetooth, but not a must have for me.
-Nokia changed their power adapter, but they included a power adapter adapter so you can still use older Nokia power adapters with this phone. (The size of the plug that goes into the phone is much, much smaller.)

-Like the PSP, the black part gets fingerprints like you wouldn't believe.
-Nokia still isn't using a standard headset, and a Nokia one isn't included. You can get an adapter for about $10, but a standard jack would be easier.

Bottom Line: If you want a phone that's a phone first and a web device secondarily with some datebook and other functions, this is a perfect phone. If you're looking for a smartphone, go elsewhere.

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Love It!


Oct 15, 2005 by Jomo0333

Finally, i am satisfied with a phone. I am so picky when it comes to cell phones. I recently owned the Samsung e335 and was tremendously disapointed. (you can read my review) So i sold it. Then i saw that nokia finally came out with this phone, which i had been watching online for many months. So i bought it for only $124.99. At Target! great deal, no contract. It was a pre-paid phone and i just put my sim card in it. (sneaky huh) Anyways, down to the phone..Its beautiful, great reception, its NOKIA and its a flip phone. Pictures at great. And everything is wonderful. The radio and Infrared are great features considering the cheap price. The only have 2 negatives: I found myself having to dig through menues to do simple things, and also when the phone is on silent the shutter sound from the camera still makes noise. What is up with that? I dont know. No biggy, still love this phone! Definately recommended!!

WOW! Nokia has done it again! This time in a clamshell!


Oct 10, 2005 by Aavila05

I've been a long time Cingular customer, I've had so many phone. Any brand , you name it. Although I've always preferred Nokia's, my previous phone was the Blue 3100 World phone, about two months back went and got the Black Razr, biggest waste of 200 dollars ever, Went back two days later. Waited endlessly for the 6102 to come out from Cingular with my Sturdy 3100 on the side. Went to local (Miami, FL.) Cingular store and bought this phone for $200, I could have gotten it for $90 if I was available for an upgrade but I was not.

Anyways, getting to the point paid 200 and it's worth every penny. So much better than the Razr, Nokia is definitely moving ahead.


This phone is just as attractive and modern as the Razr, but with the Nokia name.

EXTRA long battery LIfe.

Best VGA Camera I've seen so far on any phone, pretty good for video's as well.

I would put the whole bluetooth thing in the Cons, but I'm not a fan of bluetooth, if you wanna walk around the mall or your office building looking like an operator, you'll be sad to hear, No bluetooth.

Equipped with EDGE, for high speed.

Simple and Fun to navigate menu.

Quick to camera use side button.


Much like everyone else, I agree, the volume can be a little higher.

Other than that this phone is a nice, modern and strong phone to have. I believe it's worth all it cost!

Excellent phone- reccommended


Jan 28, 2006 by futuresealsniper

Switched from an old tri-mode phone with Verizon to this phone on Cincinnati Bell.

-nice mini display on the outside
-FM radio gets great reception
-most important of all, great reception, almost identical to Verizon around here
-ease of use after you get to know it
-great customization of buttons, etc.
-nice blue keypad lights
-easy to switch between "silent" and normal
-profiles help you to pick settings easily without rearranging everything
-EXCELLENT battery life
-good connectivity options (cord or infrared)

-camera is decent
-video is decent for a phone you know
-games are decent (canal control and golf)

-being picky here but the black gets smudged easily on the outside
-main display will ONLY display bright light for 15 seconds before it goes into a power save mode- NOT fixable
-not enough memory for ringtones, games, etc.
-volume is still low after all the "fixes" you can do

That's about it. I think overall it was a great choice as I spent months planning my next cell phone purchase. I really couldn't be too much happier except with louder volume and more memory.

Nokia 6101 Getting it right...Again!


Sep 27, 2005 by ajs253

This is a great little phone. The screen, camera and phone are great. The camera is better than most of the 1.3 mega pixel cameras, and the phone is NOKIA great. It holds a signal and keeps on holding. Most places I used to have patchy coverage, now I seem to have coverage. I called my carrier to ask if they had a new cell site up in the area. They said they did not.
The speaker phone is great and loud. Also, the keys on the phone are large and easy to use. All in all this is a great phone.

I have been using it for three weeks and I do not have any complaints. I'll keep you posted.

My first flip phone....good choice.


Sep 25, 2005 by ciptoons

I just bought this phone this week and i've been waiting for it...my last phone was the nokia 3300 music phone...a great phone but it started losing "power"...it wouldn't vibrate on some calls and i was still under the at&t plan and we had to move to cingular....so i was looking at phones and i kinda wanted a flip... it is a basic phone and that's what i need...i have things that other phones offer like a high tech camera and something that holds music so a phone for me would just be that...a phone...
- sleek design
-very light weight, comparing to other flip phones the same size, it is lightweight
- both main and mini display screens are bright and clear
- awesome reception
-sound quality is a little soft even at loudest volume

i love my phone...so if you need a basic phone with a little goodies...6102 is the right phone for you.

Great Early Christmas Present


Dec 19, 2005 by mcbridelr

I got this phone on December 18th, 2005, and so far I love it! My last phone was a LG C1300, it was ok, if you want the basics. Now that I have a Nokia 6102 I realize and enjoy every single feature that is on this phone. I paid $220 for this phone, and it was worth every penny!

1. Cingular
2. Nokia
3. Flip Phone
4. Variety
5. Eye-Candy
6. Good Signal
7. Good Battery Life
8. FM Radio
1. Audio Recorder sounds gritty.
2. Need headphones to use radio.
3. About three seconds to use a feature.

Very good!


Oct 18, 2005 by Neznaika

Perfect flip! Awesome reception (compared to Motorola Razr & Motorola v180 I used to have), good and compact design (especially 6102), nice camera, battery life is wonderful, espechaly compared to Razr. It has a lot of features. I could not believe it had 3 (!) different instant messengers installed: AOL, YAHOO and ICQ! It has a nice photo-editing software that allows you to set contrast, resize your photos, put them in nice frames, insert text or cliparts, like cartoon sunglasses or Mickey Mouse Ears, red hearts, flowers, etc. Internet browser is pretty good too, and u can change letter size to very small or very big.
NOKIA 4 LIFE!!! [...]

Ed. note: removed profanity



Sep 25, 2005 by JIM41139

This is the best phone I have had. the Reception is the best I have had. Signal strength is great even in the house. The phone is loud and clear. And everything works great. And it really does good if you read the book. It's just a great phone. I hope it last for a long time I shure hate trying to learn new phones. It's my first Nokia with Cingluar must be a good match.

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