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I like it!


Jan 3, 2006 by KrazyJoe

I've had this phone for a few months now and so far, I like it. I've had no problems to date.

Clear call quality
Loud, clear speakerphone
Voice dialing/commands work well
Loud ringer
EXCELLENT reception
Good battery life
Radio is very nice

Stupid headset plug (never stays in)
Ringer seems to change volume on it's own sometimes.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with this phone. I live in an area where reception is hard to get (with all carriers due to interference from a local Air National Guard base), and I get good reception. With my V400 I would have to stand by the window and hope it worked. With this phone I can be anywhere in the house... even the basement.

Overall, great phone. Highly recommend it (and I work for Verizon. hehe)

So Friggin' Awesome


Nov 13, 2005 by rlawson22

OK I've used LGs, Motorolas, Nokias, and Samsungs. Nokias are by far the best reception phones I've ever used. I've owned this phone for a few days and have experienced nothing but pure enjoyment. So lemme shoot straight to the pros and cons (or lack thereof):

* Brand: Its a Nokia, a major plus.
* Reception: Great call clarity and signal strength.
* Displays: Both internal and external displays are legible with vibrant colors.
* Menus: easy navigational system & very user-friendly.
* Camera: Great for those "kodak" moments.
* FM Radio: very good, actually better than I expected on a phone.
* Voice Recorder: sweet add-on, who woulda thunk it, :-)
* Audio Message: kudos for this one, great to send audio message rather than texting.
* EDGE: very fast web surfing on Cingular's MEdia Net.
* LoudSpeaker: loud sounding speaker phone for hands-free communication.

And I'm sure I'm missing out on more pros, but if you need a mid-range phone, with great reception, with a speaker phone, VGA camera, audio messaging, FM radio reception, EDGE, and easy to navigate menus, then go out and cop this phone. The Nokia 6102 is so friggin' awesome.

Oh almost forgot the cons:

there aren't any........

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Great Phone - One thing though


Oct 18, 2005 by knvinvest2374

I've had this phone for about 2 weeks. It's a great flip phone from Nokia. I did read about the low noise level of the phone. It is true about the low noise level.

Here is how you can fix it. Go to:
1. Menu
2. Phone Settings
3. Call settings
4. Automatic Volume Control - switch to ON.

Somehow, this feature makes the volume louder than the regular. I guess it regulates internal and external noises and keeps the volume loud enough for you to hear.

Since I've switched this feature to "ON", I've not had any trouble with hearing the person on the other end.

Before I turned this feature on, my wife has a very soft voice and I could never hear her on the other line. Now, she is crystal clear and is loud on the other end.

As for the phone, great call reception, nice camera, so-so tones, nice design and sleek.

I also like the colors, battery life is good. Have not had dropped calls yet.

Speakerphone is very nice, call quality is fantastic.

Cons - Call volume, but that can be fixed. See above.

Black n Silver...So Sexy


Nov 14, 2005 by aaron2britt

This is one sexy phone. I've had this phone now for about 2 weeks. This Nokia has been selling like hotcakes all round town. Everywhere I went they were on backorder. Just so happened I was in Best Buy looking at Satellite Radios and saw they had one Nokia 6102 left, and I had to grab it. I am so glad I did.

Hot Pros:

1. Black n Silver casing, sexy colors.
2. Great reception even in dead spots.
3. Battery Life's outstanding.
4. Easy Menu as usual.
5. FM Radio is sweet and can be played through the LoudSpeaker.
6. LoudSpeaker is awesome and clear.
7. Camera's decent at best.
8. IR Port for transferring files from PC to phone.
9. EDGE for surfing around on Cingular's Media Net.
10. Customizable Profiles for different settings.
11. Audio messaging is great although I haven't used it yet.
12. Automatic Volume Control Setting, great for cutting out background noises.


Haven't found any yet and doubt I will.

Exellent for someone who has no hearing problems


Mar 3, 2006 by loquiyo

It's a great phone, beatifull, excellent reception. I live in Puerto Rico which is a tropical Island with lots of Mountains and Valleys at the same time and I can get the most of the signal without drops calls at all. Nokias are know to get the most of the signal in very low coverage areas. the only damn problem is the earpiece volume, it's so low that you need to smach the phone into your ear in order to hear sometime. so I don't suggest this phone for someome with hearing problems at all.
Pros= very Awsome Reception(you can speak and hear clearly with only one bar of signal,no need for four bars at all)
-pictures are really great, didn't expect it would take decent pictures.
-very light and awsome bright design.
-the phone's application is fast and don't get freeze.
-internet access is EDGE which awsomely fast
- Speakerphone is exellent, very loud and clear sound compared with the earpiece issue.
Cons- horrible earpiece, very low, you need to get it close to your ear if u plan to hear something.
-unfortunately it doesn't have bluetooth,(although it has infrared port which is very usefull and fast) and that's all, by all mean the phone is exellent, Nokia's trust.

~Nokia 6101~


Feb 2, 2006 by Gore1818

I recently bought the 6101. I had the Motorola v300. I love this phone.

Picture Camera
Video Camera
FM Radio

Memory (Needs more memory. This is the only con with the phone).

Overall I give the phone a 4.5. The one reason I gave it a 4.5 instead of 5.0 is the memory. So if you are looking for a phone buy the 6101. You will not be disappointed.

Better than I expected.


Jan 25, 2006 by ignominious

My trusty cellphone blew up when I tried to charge it in England. I was due an upgrade so I shopped around and came across this beautiful Nokia.

The packaging itself is very understated. There's slight accents that make it visually so appealing. Being an 18yr old female, aesthetics are important. I was excited about having a camera phone but didn't think much of it until I took my first photos tonight of text and some artwork of mine. They came out crisp and perfect, all of the colors beautifully mirrored. Couldn't ask for anything more. I've seen people complaining about the keys.. unless you're greasy and hardly bathe or you have extremely large hards, I don't see why they'd be any problem at all. Even my father uses this with ease.

The screen is big and bright. The smaller screen on the front isn't as high in quality, but.. I think that's to be expected with it being a much smaller display.

The reception was flawless. I live in a pretty remote area and I rarely am able to hold a conversation throughout my entire house without saying "WHAT?" a million times. Here?, not once. I was very pleasantly surprised when I recieved my first phonecall. Good job, Nokia.

I think there are only two things about this phone that are less than perfect. One being the voice recorder. It's not very clear. If there is any background noise it is picked up and magnified. I wanted to use this for ringtones I couldn't find online.. but it doesn't work well. The other happens to be the theme setup. I don't care for themes. They don't let you create your own, at least, not that I've been able to see. If there is, I'd love to know how.

All in all, this phone is wonderful and I think I made the best decision I could have. Not to mention, the price is very reasonable for such a quality product.

Very Good Phone


Oct 19, 2005 by brandbeaver

I've had this phone for over a week and it's everything a Nokia should be - a very solid, reliable user friendly phone. My previous phone was the Nokia 6610.

- Great reception (T-Mobile)
- Great battery life
- Intuitive and customizable menu system
- Compact size - could be thinner but it's still not too bulky
- Good camera (for a camera phone)
- Decent speakerphone
- External screen is color
- FM radio is very clear

- Stub external antenna - why do they need this? My 6610 worked great with an internal antenna
- Camera button on the side gets accidentally pressed a lot and *cannot* be locked

The phone design is a bit plain, and not as "sexy" as a RAZR, but in the end I value functionality, usability and reliability over form.

Very good flip! Volume fine/Reception GREAT!


Sep 30, 2005 by etteset

I just got this phone last night. I was a little worried about the questionable reviews specifically related to the volume. If you adjust the way you hold the phone and not 'block' the speaker by pressing it into your head, the volume seems very good to me. At first I thought it would be a problem, but then I realized that I had been having to press my last Samsung phone more into my ear just to be able to block outside noise and strain to hear with it. The Nokia 6102 is much better built/better quality and if you relax your grip and not force it against your head so tight, the volume is fine.

The other critical issue for me was the reception. I have tested it in areas that with my old phone had absolutely no reception and with this phone I have been able to get at least one or two bars. Other areas that might have only had 3 or 4 bars with this phone are a full 5 bar signal. In my car driving thru two areas that frequently lost signal or had garbled conversation, was crystal clear. These have been tests in my home/basement and also on the road. I am also told that the background road noise is nothing like the Samsung I have had, that I am much clearer sounding.

It seems as though the Nokia reputation for reception is holding true. I am very glad I waited for this phone. If reception is a problem for you and you aren't able to hold signal, especially in more rural areas, I would strongly suggest this phone.

Great Phone / Highly Reccomended


Oct 1, 2005 by celluser5374

I have been a Nokia user for many years, started with the 3300's in the late 90's, went to the 8200's when they came out and then to the 6800 with the QWERTY keyboard when it came out. In between these I have used a couple of other phones, including the Samsung flips and the Motorola mpx220 smartphone. And I must say that if you are looking for a good , solid, easy to use phone the 6101 is GREAT. I even talked the guy at T-mobile into throwing it in for free with my new contract (good luck).

PROS: As far ad the usuability of the phone, its Nokia classic 40 series menu system, which you will have mastered within 10 minutes.

The VGA camera and video camera are surprisingly good and you can change the video setting to let you record one long clip (up to 2 minutes long) instead of 15 second blips each time.

The included FM radio works well (must have special headset for it to work) and the buttons are large and easy to use.

Quality of the display is also a step up from past Nokia color phones and the fact that you no longer have to lock the keys on a Nokia is exceptional - Thanks for FINALLY releasing a reasonably priced flipper NOKIA!

CONS: Call volume is low. I have never had this problem on a Nokia but you are going to have the volume on 9-10 most of the time with this one. Speakerphone works exceptionally well and kind of makes up for it.

Also there is no Bluetooth, but unless you want to be one of those idiots walking down the mall, looking like a Star Trek captain all day, I think you will survive.

A great new beginning for Nokia flip phones I hope. I am glad I have it for my 1 year contract and hope there will be one to upgrade to at the end of the term. Technophobes will probably want to stay away as this one doesnt have those psuedo-PDA features and cool name. Those of you looking for a well-built and easy to use phone loaded with features - this is your phone.

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