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good solid phone


May 28, 2008 by millerface

I got this phone used from eBay and it has not disappointed. The external display with full color and customizable wallpaper (internal as well) is nice. Pictures are alright, phone also has video capture which I honestly never use. It has a sleek shell, so it looks fancier than it truly is. The only real fault with it is you have to hold it JUST RIGHT against your ear; if the phone moves the slightest bit you can't hear the other person. Battery life is about a week, but then again I don't talk or text much! Overall, I'd say a good phone for basic use.

I bark more than I bite


Mar 20, 2006 by queenybee8289

I've had this phone for...4 months now through Cingular (6102), and I haven't had any trouble with it. I had a nokia 3120 prior to this one, and loved it.

1. Nice design. Sleek.
2. Video. Quality was pretty good

It's nice. Getting a new phone though from T-Mobile. the little Samsung one.

1. Camera: No Zoom. that annoyed me a lot. Especially when I was at the Rolling Stones concert, and I couldn't get very good pics. All I got was this glowing...Thing in the middle of a crowd. Not good.

I've also found out that if you're taking night pictures (or concert pics) the best way to get OK ones is if you put it in economy mode or the lowest one, and then put on the night mode. It cuts down glare and makes them come out more.

2. Sound of video was not up to par. Start Me Up does not sound good all jumbled over this phone.

3. Time lapse in menus. After 4 months, it still annoys me.

If you buy this phone, and little things don't annoy you, and you're not looking to use the camera often, Then buy it. It's a very good deal for the money, and Nokia's never disappoint

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Fantasic 6102!


Jan 24, 2006 by Sammi

At first I felt a little guity for getting a new phone, i've had my samsung s307 for 2 years and love it! I finally upgraded to a camera phone (This one) and have lost all guilt :) This phone is fantastic.
The camera is excellent! the pictures turn out very clear, unless you start to crop too much or add frames and etc. (compared to other phones i've seen, it's been the best.)
The two screens are great! Love the fact that you can put a picture you took as the cover wallpaper on the mini screen as well as on the main screen.
Ringtones aren't so good, so i just recorded one of my cousins songs from his cd with the voice recorder and set THAT as my ring, Which is GREAT! Voice recorder is one of my favorite features.
I could go on and on...but i won't. I'll just leave a list:

Favorite PROS:
*CAMERA - Fantastic, holds quite a few pix
*VOICE RECORDER - most time i've seen is up to 5 minutes
*SHORTCUTS - love the fact you can add your own shortcuts and arrange the list for GO To button
*ADDRESS book - Holds a lot of numbers and pictures for caller ID.

*Only cons the i've found with this phone is that the backlight goes out in 15 seconds:(
You can only set it to stay on when it is plugged in to the charger.
* there is no hooky thing for a wrist strap, for me, that was the biggest con. i like to keep my phone in my pocket and when i'm talking i like to have the strap on, just in case i drop the phone. (I guess, overall it's no big deal.)
* Address book, yes it's on my pros list but one thing i don't like is that in order to set the cool caller features all the #s have to be saved in the phones memory. and if you want it to be stored in both the chip and the phone it will double the entrie.

Overall, I LOVE this phone and would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Good Phone so far


Jan 16, 2006 by stillwaterdan

For Nokia this is a good start in the flip phone genre. One week of use does not give a cell phone user much chance to make a detailed review.

Nokia Flip Phone
Camera is Better than most so far
Dependable Nokia Menu

No Bluetooth!
lack of ringers not like regular Nokia



Jan 9, 2006 by poopsey

I love the phone so far. Easy to understand.


-video&Camera its really great
-very loud speakerphone
-easy to navigate
-very classy


-the ringing tone is very limited to choose from
-it takes longer to turn on/off

I'll give you'll an update. Highly recommended.

I tested this phone at T-Mobile


Dec 28, 2005 by lefteyeiu2006

I really like this phone. I thought the sound quality was great and the ringers were nice and loud. Plus the graphics look great and the camera is not bad for a wireless phone. If you are considering this phone for your usage, I recommend doing so.

Great little phone!


Dec 23, 2005 by conrpop

I started off on Nokia's 6 years ago and now I am back because of this great little flip phone. This puts my last 3 Motorola flip phones to shame in usability and reliability. Sure, it's not as feature rich as the Motorola’s but this phone doesn't freeze or reboot in the middle of calls, lasts more then one day on a charge, and it has great call quality.

1. Battery life
2. External color display
3. Easy to use
4. Very reliable
5. Call quality is loud and clear (some people might have bad hearing on this site because I don’t even have it all the way up)
6. Screen savers a cool
7. Nice and light but not cheep feeling
8. Radio
9. Much much more
1. Bluetooth would be nice

I really enjoy this phone


Nov 13, 2005 by asm1186

I've only had it for 3 days and its probably one of the best tmobile phones i ever bought. I've used two motorolas and a samsung. After a few weeks with these phones i hated them. My motorola V300 had a run in.. well a run over with a car and i needed to use my boyfriends Nokia 6010 as a back up. I realized how much i liked Nokias but I'm a flip kind of a person. So i figured why not?

Camera is one of the best I've seen on a phone.
Size is excellent.
very user friendly.
Simply amazing battery life.
Ring Tone is loud and clear.
Both of the display screens are excellent
The signal (with tmobile in the suburban Philadelphia area) is amazing.
The radio is a fun feature and has great sound quality for being on a phone (i was actually rather surprised)

For anyone that's having trouble with the volume go to Menu --> Call ---> and set the Automatic Volume Control ON!! it works wonders for the ear piece volume.

I would def. recommend this phone to anyone!!!

It's a Great Starter Flip


Nov 9, 2005 by davidson_23

I am a Nokia Lifer. What I mean is that I only use Nokia phones, from my first Nokia, 232, to this one, the 6102, I love Nokia as they follow the premise KISS, keep it simple stupid. I have had a long list of Nokia phones and although recently I had to switch to a non-Nokia phone, I have since switched back. Okay, so about the 6102, as I've had it for almost two weeks here's my current assessment.

1. Sleek design
2. Not bulky
3. Suitable features for the price
4. Nice camera
5. Can switch between phone and sim memory and utilize both if desired
6. Overall, I good phone
7. It's a Nokia!

1. Only 10 voice tags for voice dialing
2. No bluetooth
3. Speaker phone is just okay
4. Closing the flip does not exit you out of the current menu
5. The phone charger connector is smaller than previous Nokia chargers so you can't use your old chargers.
6. Camera does not have a zoom when taking photos
7. Not a lot of features

All in all it's a really good phone and Nokia did a great job on its first flip. I'm happy with the phone and think that its worth the buy.

100% happy with my twins


Nov 6, 2005 by 2_6102s

On 10/29/2005 I upgraded with Cingular to their Nation 700 family plan which include purchasing two Nokia 6102s at $40.00 each over the internet. Two 6102Bs arrived in 7 days. Activation of both phones took a one hour phone call. Thoughts to share. . . (1) Don’t move your fingers on the phone while a call is in progress - that sends static to the other end. (2) The automatic volume control works great - While driving in my C-RV the volume is just right, then a little too soft when I step out of the vehicle. But it is easy to turn on the external speaker during a call to compensate for the times I want more volume. (3) I found the main display a bit hard to read sometimes so I turned off the wallpaper and screen saver. (4) The main display does go dark pretty fast - about 10 seconds on my phones - so I click on the volume button to re-light the screen. (5) To charge and discharge the batteries a few times, on the weekend, I called the second phone with the first phone, turned on both loud speakers, and left then on till discharged. It took 3.5 hours for the phones to discharge the first time. I am 100% satisfied with these two Nokia 6102Bs and Cingular. Physical location: East coast of Southern Florida, near Miami.

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