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not a good phone!


May 19, 2007 by samsung_girl

this phone i had to exchange like about four times before changing to Samsung phone best choice i ever made. every Motorola v360 that i got from the company had a different defect to it not so surprising coming from Motorola id rather stick to my samsung phones they have never steered me wrong! for those of you who got a quality version of this phone Congrats!!!!! the idea of it is good but the effectiveness not so much!!!!

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The best paper weight I ever bought!


Feb 8, 2007 by cabits

I have had two of these splendid phones and not because I wanted to but because the first one couldn't pick up the carrier signal from 100 ft away. The replacement wasn't much better. If you need a nice looking paper weight, calender, or clock this is the phone for you but if you need to make a call, to talk with someone, do yourself a favor and don't buy this. I have found Motorola's to have the worst reception of all the makes. All the other makes that are in use in my area work fine,... great reception except for Motorola's.

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The best Motorola I've ever owned!


Nov 8, 2006 by yanike

Straight to the point with this.

Call Quality, Speaker Phone, Camera, Screen Display and Resolution, functionality, and internet speed is great :)

Voice Notes suck because you can only send it to emails or other phones which is stupid!!!!!

Best Motorola I've owned in a while.

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Great Phone


Oct 31, 2006 by flimalu

I got the unlocked moto v360 and used it for tmobile, it was great while i had it. easy to use had everything i was looking for, alarm with snooze, ring id, mp3 player (pretty good), bluetooth, calender for managing events etc.

con- wish it had longer video record(about 30 sec only) and a better quality camera, reception not as good as so other phones, a bit to bulky also

otherwise a great phone id would recommend for average users but not buisness oriented users.

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Oct 30, 2006 by charismafairy

I've been through so many phones in 4yrs and this is the first phone I've kept for over a year! I absolutely love it! The calls are great i get amazing reception. the mp3 player is great. I get reception everywhere even in elevators! its amazing i think the camera can use improvement. My favorite thing is I'm in my early 20's so have a bunch of wild nights. One of those nights in a moving car i dropped my phone out the window and when i went back to get it i put it back together and it was working just fine. I've dropped it down the stairs, its been thrown everything its amazing how long its lasted. No problem even after all the beatings its gotten. The battery last so long its incredible. By far the best phone ever!

Clarity and reception
Battery Life
how easy it is to upload music
Blue tooth

Camera quality need improvement
needs a color front screen
The pic id is pointless because it only when u flip open the phone thats when u choose to answer or ignore so yea pointless!

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I've had better phones.


Oct 7, 2006 by chocolateman85006

I'm a fan of motorola phones because when they work they work, but when they don't, they don't. Let's face it: this one doesn't. I had problems in its first week. Definitely not worth the $200 i paid for it in February 06 (which may explain why it's now free online).

Mp3 worked good.
I like the amount of text messages that it could hold.
Came w/ a 64mb micro SD card (small memory, but I'm grateful for free things).

Less than a minute of video per video recorded.
Had to take the battery out cosntantly.
Not every picture came out so good.
Crappy headset. (i had to use different ones)

Motorola is a good company, but the V360 was a bad move in my opinion (thankfully, i'm not alone on that).

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This phone is one of the worst I've ever owned


Oct 5, 2006 by knn_dm

I though when I got this phone it was gonna be a great quality phone. Everyone at work was talking this phone up, saying how great it was. They lied. This phone is the worst phone I've ever had. I love T-Mobile and I love Motorola but what were they thinking when they manufactured this phone. The stupid thing shut off on me like 3-4 times a day and it would always tell me to insert the sim card. I exchanged it 3 times before T-Mobile finally sent me the nokia 6103. I don't care for this phone either but it works a lot better than the V360. There is a reason why its free online. It sucks. I urge people not to get it. It turns out to be nothing but a headache in the end.


Bright Screen
Easy Navigation
Good Speaker
OK camera(not bad for a VGA)
Ringtones and MP3 sounded good


Screen always shutting off on me
Always telling me to check SIM
Dropped calls all the time
Not very attractive
No color Sub LCD
Had to remove back of phone to remove SD card
Flimsy back of the phone


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Best. Phone. Ever.


Oct 1, 2006 by sarahmaru

Ok, that might be an exaggeration. But this is the perfect phone for me; I reluctantly sent it back because T-Mobile service sucks in my area.

MP3 Player
Decent camera (stills & video)
Great datebook
Excellent call quality (when I was able to make a call--I'm in North Louisiana)
Comes with a memory card and can be hooked up to the computer with a USB cord
Keeps track of the minutes you've spent on the phone; very handy if you're a chronic overager.

Phonebook is a little screwy; if you have 5 numbers for Harry, you'll have to make 5 separate "Harry" phonebook entries.
I'm not into games, but the ones on the phone aren't that great.
I'm used to having a delete button on the phone, which this one didn't have. It just takes a couple more clicks to get rid of a picture or message.

Overall, it's a great phone. I didn't have it for very long, but it was enough time to know it's awesome.

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Don't waste your time....


Sep 3, 2006 by rodney

I just got off the phone with T-mobile after having the SAME problem with my THIRD V360. 2-3 times per day tis phone will completely lock up. When I open the phone the display is either white or completely blank and no keys will work. The ONLY solution is to take the battery out of the phone and power it back on. T-Mobile states that this is a very common problem and they are discontinuing this model (it is FREE on their website with new activation). They did not want to send me a FOURTH V360 so talked me into the Nokia 6103 as a replacement. I bought a 6103 for my wife a few months back and did not like the menu navigation but need a phone that WORKS! I absolutely loved my Motorola V360 but got tired of not being able to place a call when I needed to and instead having to take 2 minutes to remove the battery (which is hard if you are a man and have short nails) and power the phone back on.


-Great colorful screen
-Excellent battery life
-Good reception

-Occasionally callers complained that they could only hear every other word.
-Phone constantly freezes

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First Impressions


Jul 27, 2006 by chanzilla

I own a Mac running OSX so this may be helpful to the mac community.

Cosmetically, cool phone. Looks like the others, but the blue/silver finish matches my Zire72 and my Sawtooth desktop.

Just had it for a day, but phone is much louder than my SE T610. Better pictures and finally video! May be crappy compared to other phones, but for a first-timer, it's a welcome feature. Mini-SD card/adapter is also compatible with the Zire and Sawtooth.

OSX notes: just plug it in to USB and the MiniSD card pops up on the desktop. Drag your iTunes songs to the audio folder and they start downloading. Slow, but I usually do it while charging anyway.

*OSX compatible
*Bluetooth is easier than SET610.
*MP3 feature doesn't beat iPod, but it's a phone, nice convenient feature for commutes (less to pull out and and carry)
*MiniSD makes sharing files easy.
*Battery life

*Interface sux.
-Can't take and save a pic or video in two clicks - scrolling is involved.
-Menu isn't intuitive. Too much clicking to do anything EXCEPT get to MP3s and make calls.
-Unless I'm not understanding it right, but 3-digit speed dialing? WTF?!
*Automatically uses SIM for phone book, breaking all my old contancts into individual numbers. So now Bob has three sep entries (h),(w),(f)
*Didn't come with stereo headsets

I'll write more in-depth later, but initially, I'm happy with it, but the navigation is going to be a pill to swallow.

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