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Very good phone


Mar 23, 2007 by esman

I've had this phone for a year. I plan to move on to a phone with more bells and whistles, but I've been very happy with it. If you're looking for an older phone on e-bay or something, I would recommend this.

Outstanding Phone!


Jul 23, 2006 by Etorres777

I've had this phone for a month already and boy was I impressed. In my opinion it doesn't look very appealing, and odd that it's not "flashy" like Motorola's other phones.

-I can go on and on about the fantastic long lasting battery. I've had RAZRs, ROKRs, everything, and NO other phone has had a better battery than this one. I text A LOT and I'd suck up the battery very quick with any other phone, but not with this one. It takes me a whole lot longer.

-Screen is very nice. Takes very nice pictures in the correct lighting. It is just a camera phone so I don't expect 6 megapixel pictures. Video is pretty good as well, don't expect a real video taken by a camcorder though.

-MP3 player is great. It is VERY loud and clear. No limit to how many songs like other Motorola phones with the iTunes application.

-Bluetooth goes very well with this phone, unlike when I had Verizon's LG VX8300 I'd hear a buzzing sound, doesn't do it with this one.

-Call quality and RF are great.

-Everything else is excellent.

-Menu lags like every other Motorola. I can tolerate it.

-Battery cover must be taken off to insert/remove MicroSD Memory Card.

Overall a great long lasting phone!

Not quite an Ipod... but close


Jul 11, 2006 by Potus415

If you're interested in listening to your mp3s on the go and don't want to buy an Ipod, then this is a great phone for you.
For those of you familiar with the V300/330, this phone is similar, except for a few minor (and useful) upgrades and the addition of a memory card slot/mp3 playback.
Before buying the phone, the one thing I couldn't find out was how much storage the phone had (and therefore how many songs I would be able to put on it). The phone has 5MB of internal storage and comes with a 256MB MicroSD card (or at least mine did). Currently, you can get MicroSD cards as big as 1GB, with bigger ones to come. A 1GB card will cost you about $70 from retailers, but you can get them for as cheap as $30 on eBay.
There are 2 minor problems with the phone. First of all, the phone will only play mp3s with bitrates of 192 kbps or less, and they cannot be variable bit rate. In order to get around this problem and to enable my memory card to store more songs, I first convert my mp3s to 112 kbps before transferring to my card. More importantly, the phone has a 2.5mm headphone jack (like most phones) and only comes with the standard one-ear hands-free headset. Almost all normal music headphones are 3.5mm. If you want to listen to your music in stereo quality, you'll have to buy an adapter for your 3.5mm headphones or buy 2.5mm ones, which are hard to find. Your best bet is to buy the ones that Motorola sells specifically for this phone. They go for about $25 thru their website, or $10 on eBay.
Finally, I've read a lot of reviews for this phone and other phones that complain about the reception. To me, this is more of a reflection of the carrier's service than the actual phone. I have had fine reception with my V360 through T-Mobile (in SE PA).

PROS: MP3 Player, Internal antenna, Battery Life, USB Charger and cable (ability to upload music, ringtones, pics, movies from computer to phone for free)

CONS: No stereo headphones included, VGA Camera, no VBR mp3 playback

Great Moto phone - World Class Phone


Nov 2, 2005 by moe777

Motorola has really stepped up and is going toe to toe with the best phones in the world.

Internal Display is awesome (although the display is a little smaller than the Razr)
MP3 player is easy to use
Decent camera
Video Recorder
Expandable memory slot (64M included)
Cool Design
USB port for charging and connecting with your PC

External display is Not color
no stereo headphones included
Needs a megapix camera...

Other than that is a great phone....

Excelent Phone.... Hard to Hack


Jan 29, 2006 by rverriotto

-Feature PACKED
-Trans-flash memory slot
-Support for 3GP video
-EDGE Data (very cheap and fast on T-mobile)
-responsive and quick menus
-Un-Crippled Bluetooth
-MP3 Player (Tricky, but kewl)
-acceptable camera
-Java 2 Support (lost of cool apps

-New so hard to hack into
-Average used may be stumped by some
-Requires extra software to be able to
sync with PC using USB cable
-Mono audio only out of the headphone jack
(but I have made an adaptor for this as a
work around and can get stereo now)
- none of my J2K or loader apps work on
this model. Dont plan on feature unlock
-Crippled email client with T-mobile
firmware (See below)

This is one of the best motorola phones to date but it is definately not flawless. One of my biggest gripes is that here in the US T-Mobile version has crippled email app --- it is locked out of the firmware. I have heard of people unlocking it by hit-and-miss J2K editors but all claim to crash afterwards.

Voice quality is a straight 10 here. Crystal clear. MP3 player app is cool but only supports MP3 (no Ogg, WMA, etc...) Supports 3GP and MP4 Low bit rate video. I have converted full length films now and watched on phone. Trans-flash slot makes this phone everything that the other popular MOTO phone isn't!

Need Motorola phone tools app to sync to PC. Readily available on the net. Beware that the multimedia studio in this software is lame and is worth ignoring altogether.

Overall, this is the perfect phone for someone who wants to "dare to be different" and not buy the same phone as everyone else at the moment. It is very powerful and you can do a whole lot with it fairly easily. If you are a technophile; this is the phone for you.

For the average user, this will still be a great phone but I really don't see the average user truly leveraging what this great device is really capable of. You may be happier with different phone.
Good luck!

Very Pimp Phone!


Jan 6, 2006 by JBaldrick

I work for a Tmobile indirect dealer (can't say which one). Out of all the phones we sell other than the Samsung t809, none can compare (including the RAZR). Honestly the best flip phone we carry. After toying around with it so much at work allday, I had to buy one for myself.

My Pros:
-Expandable Micro SD Memory
-GREAT reception and call quality
-CLEAR sound from speaker
-Ability to make mp3 ringtones
-'Push to talk' feature compatible
-Stylish and durable
-Bluetooth compatible
-EXCELLENT talk-time (better than t809)
-Shall I continue??? :)

My Cons:
-Camera/video is not the best quality
-No color outside display! (no pic caller ID)
-Not international [tri-band] (but I don't travel often)
-Doesn't come with dual headphones for mp3

All in all, a phone made for a pimp like me.

V360 on T-MobileTicks all the boxes


Dec 12, 2005 by rfgod

I got this 'phone in Nov 05, the T-Mobile rep recommended it after I gave him a wish list of all the features I wanted. Bluetooth, MP3, a camera, and something that looked cool and small enough that I would not feel dorky carrying around in KL or Dubai.
The MP3 player is nice, if you add transflash memory, transfer of files onto the meory over the USB cable is dead slow, hint: use a transflash to SD adapter (transflash cards come with them) to load the files.
The volume increment is too large however, the lowest MP3 volume is loud, and the only lower selection is mute. The only way to adjust this is headphone with a volume control(stereo 2.5-3.5mm adapter needed.)
The T-Mobile kit did include earbuds (Stereo) (w/ mic), a normal earbud handsfree, and a 64M transflash card (with adapter to SD), and a charger and USB cable (you can charge through USB as well). The MP3 player is built in, there is also a Java MP3 Player loaded on there, but it is slower than the built-in player. It can't really replace you MP3 player, but it is hand for those times when you need to have you cell 'phone w/ you during an MP3 assisted workout in the hotel gym.
The camera has only 640x480 res, which is probably enough for the sort of lens you're gonna put in a 'PHONE. You can store endless pictures at that res on a 512 transflash card. The video feature is cute, works well, you can imagine what it looks like. Don't plan on selling the video to CNN.
The menus and layout were flexible and intuitive, you can customize the soft keys to get pretty much anything you want in 1 or 2 clicks.
They really should give the Motorola "tools" software for free. I've seen it, and you do need it, but it looks like something that should be free. Paying for it makes the 'phone seem like a bad deal. Bundling it would make this a great 'phone. Charging for it makes it a mediocre 'phone, that can be a great phone if you pay for software (which looks like it was written by people who make 'phones, not software.)

Best Phone By Motorola


Jan 25, 2006 by luckydude

This is a great phone.
Very good mp3 player
video recorder and playback
plays videos in 3gp format- music videos and movies
micro sd memory card- tiny
great look-cery smooth
long lasting battery
easy navigation
bluetooth is excellent
comes with a stereo headphones and memory card with adapter if bought with a connection
good speakerphone
good shortcut keys

overall it is a great phone if u wanna buy it, do so.

Love it!


Jan 4, 2006 by NickC

I really love this phone!! They seem to have fixed nearly everything I didn't like about previous Moto's. I don't know why people are so obsessed about a color external display. I hate color external display cause you can't see the time without lighting up the screen. And what kind of picture are you going to be able to see on that tiny little screen anyway?! :)

- Great feel
- No squak when changing ring profiles (with the phone closed)
- Easy to read greyscale external display.
- Beautiful 18-bit color internal screen
- USB port is awesome! I use the same cable for my MP3 player, digital camera, and no the V360! As a bonus, it even charges when I plug it in to my computer's USB port!
- Can quickly put into silent mode by press-and-hold of the # key like Samsungs

- Can't see the ringer profile on the external display (because of Tmo branding??)

holy crap


Jul 19, 2006 by sweetrevenge0852

this phone is absolutely amazing. i've had a v600, v300, and a razr and this one beats them both. the mp3 player is a great feature. i went and bought the 1 gig card and have 242 songs on this phone. i haven't figured out how to use a song as a ringtone yet, but i feel confident i will if i just use the manual. its got great call quality and the reception is better than my v300 (bleh).the camera is very high quality. i do wish it had an external color screen, but there is really no need. the speaker is in an odd position at the bottom, but thast okay because it sounds fine. some reviewers say they need to get special software to transfer music files, but windows media player works great. i do wish it had a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack, but i intend to find an adapter. all in all, absolutely spectacular phone. A+

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