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The Perfect Text Phone!!!


Jul 18, 2006 by FordRules94

Ok Ive gone threw 6 tmobile phones other than this ok...first siemens ugly phone...second motorola v300...third motorola v600?...4th nokia 6010...5th sidekick 2 and the nokia 6103...6th sidekick 3...7th my motorola v360 i hated every phone before this one because they were horrible texters...and way too price worthy... just because this phone isn't the top of the line phone ive learned u dont need the greatest to like it! id have to say the things i dont like about this phone is its mp3 player on mine is busted it doesnt take in songs and i dont have any on it if anyone could help on that thats great but another thing is the horrible outer screen its black and white of all colors u think it would b exotic for the phone itself and the inner phone screen is kinda blurry but i still love it and also the camera straight up stinks!!! it is just as bad as the v300 gosh welll anyway the greatest thing Ive ever seen threw tmobile is the buttons!!! all i do every day is text and let me tell you it hurts your fingers if u dont have a good text phone...alll the phones Ive had even if the buttons were great they took forever asking u like 4 question to how u send the text and i hated it!!! normally on my other phones it would take like 3 min to send like i Miss you SO much cant wait to get home dadadada...but with the motorola v360 it takes like 15 seconds i type better on my v360 than i do my keyboard on my computer!!! if u have tmobile and despise your phone cuz the keys suck o my gosh get the v360 u will love it!!! i have had only one prob. with the phone the keypad is starting to wear and i have only sent like 42,000 text these past 5 months according to my bills so it shouldnt b that worn and if ur curious about received text Ive gotten like 38,000 received i am rounding off to the nearest hundred. this phone is loved!!!

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Good Phone, not an Mp3 player however


Dec 2, 2005 by tweekdout

Overall, this is a good phone. EDGE is a big hop up from sluggish internet performance with email clients or IRC programs like AOL & Messenger.

I was looking at this phone against the Sony W800 and Samsung D600. I chose this phone mostly because of the low price and feature specs. Where I was mistaken was what you get with the total package...

1. EDGE rocks - 1/2 the time in web access
2. Pnone is half as light as the 1st generation v600
3. Finish quality is nice
4. No stub Antenna!
5. Overall nice pics & movies

1. Motos don't ship with 'phone tools' software that allows you to move music files directly to the device via USB (it's extra $$$)
2. Included external memory is only 64meg (compare it to the W800's 512). More $$$$
3.Worst of all? The headphone jack is monaural - NO STEREO output! This was a bummer when I unboxed the device (again, Moto dosen't ship with headphones like the W800). Even more $$$$$$

FINAL? YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. It really is a solid all-around phone, the package is just incomplete if you're looking for an actual Mp3 player. (I'll be exchanging it for the W800 - this phone would actually equal the price of the W800 in the long run with all the accessories)

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Awsome Phone


Jan 14, 2006 by fomoco14

I looked at every phone out there and for the money this is by far the best. The MP3 function is very is easy to use awesome speakerphone and great reception.

Pros. Great Speakerphone, MP3 Playback easy to use, Menu easy to navigate and customizable.

Con. USB/Charge port on side of Phone makes it hard to hold when on charger.

I have no regreats about this phone.

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One of The Best Moto's Thus Far!


May 18, 2006 by fon3xpert915

Working in the wireless industry for a while I have had many fon's from many carriers. This fon is great, I received it as well as a bluetooth headset for free as a special offer with t-mobile. This is my review on this fon...

Loud ringtone
Intergrated MP3 player
Decent Camra and video cam.
Internal Intenna
External display
Nice design inside and out
5 MB fon memory & 64 MB mini SD Card Included

Mp3 is not compatible with bluetooth headset.
No Caller Picture ID.
No flash for camra.

Im rather happy with this fon consider'in it was free. But im more interested in pda style devices so i'll more than likely switch this one out after a couple of months. I love the fact you can switch items from your mini sd to your fons memory, I use this function to never have to buy ring tones, by editing mp3's on my pc then transfering them to my fon's sd card the to the fons memory to use as a ring tone. I never liked paying for ring tones and games and I usualy find a way around it.

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motorola v360 on t-mobile


Nov 2, 2005 by darc

I sold my v635( tired of flashing and flexing to try to get it to work right.I GOT THE V360 AND WAS REALLY SURPRISED. The build quality is excellent, the call quality is also excellent( great rfand earpiece volume set at 5 and is plenty loud. People say they can hear me loud and clear. The camera is ok. The menu is fast and easy to navigate. I like the new charging system. I also like the outside display you can read the time in any light because it is monochrome, the inside display is clear and crisp.

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Jul 12, 2006 by personallyiamman

Well let me start off by saying that if you have T-Mobile you didn't choose a good carrier. I think that T-Mobile has some of the worst service imaginable! My dad has Verizon and we will go around and see who has the better service and I almost never have service! And T-Mobile were really stupid and when I called to complain about their phone service they spoke to me like I was stupid or something, telling me to troubleshoot my phone. Well that never worked! I have called customer care over 50 times! And right now I'm on my 5th phone from T-Mobile which is ridiculous because I have only had then since November of last year! And out of those 5 this is my 3rd one of this kind. I'm definitely switching to Verizon after my experiences with T-Mobile, and I encourage everyone out there not to get this carrier! But besides the carrier let me tell you about the phone...
I had a lot of problems with this phone. It would freeze constantly and I would have to take the battery out and restart it all the time. And I had a lot of trouble sending messages. Ex: I would have all of my bars and my messages wouldn't send. And sometimes if they did send they wouldn't send for about 5 minutes! And the camera is absolutely horrible on this thing! I will take a picture and once I save it it will be a different picture than what I took (blurry, off balance, and very off color). And worst of all IT'S UGLY! It looks like a miniature Honda Element without the wheels. But it also did have some good things about it... It did have a long battery life. But the trick with that was that if you didn't have service then it would suck up the battery searching for service. And it did have good voice quality. Whenever I would talk on it... Crystal clear. But overall I do not recommend this phone because in reality you are paying a lot of money each month for no service and dropped calls! My mom was on the phone with customer care and lost them 3 times! And she was in a parking lot! That says it all!

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Performance overshadowed by features


Apr 23, 2006 by DasRandomOne

OK got this phone to replace my broken razr
i was sucked into buying this phone from its many features here are my pros and cons

Loud speaker
Loud clear ringtones
Mp3 player
Decent camera

FLat buttons(no little raises like razr)
NO regular 3.mm headphone jackfor mp3 player
My biggest problem wiht this phone is reception i cant get a good or any signal at all in most places.

Im gonna return this and just buy another razr

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All around great phone!!! Nice job Motorola...


Nov 2, 2005 by newjerseybrotha

I must say that this is one of the best phone motorola has in the US. I work for a major retail store here in the US, and after using this phone...I was very please! I would recommend this to any and all ages, enjoy the V360...

And by the way, I have used the Razr...and I am tired of it like most of the world. Get over it, and get a V360! Much better with more features to use!!!!

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Nov 2, 2005 by ksoundd

I enjoy thisphone! This phones fits what I do as a music producer, I can transmit wav. Files to my phone and listen to my songs on the go.

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Best phone from Moto I have seen yet


Nov 16, 2005 by Aggie

Looks like they have learned from their mistakes. I had the v600 and just switched to the v360. All my phone problems have gone away. The mp3 player is great and sounds great with the headphones.

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