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My Personal Favorite


Apr 17, 2006 by pistolpete

I have always been one to want the "latest and greatest" Razr, Pebl....been there, done that. For overall performance, style, ease of use, this is the best overall performer in terms of ease of use, call clarity, signal strentgth, battery endurance, and style. I think this is the one phone I will keep long that 6 months. I am very pleased.

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Dec 28, 2005 by Mark_S

Fantastic phone overall.
Pros: Display 262K 176X200, not too shabby
Ringtones very loud
Menu navigation very good.
Bluetooth, edge, video capture,
transflash card, camera, internal
antenna, duplex speaker phone,
brushed finish(not shiny easily
Cons: Earpiece receiver a bit muffled and
even on full volume, not good for
loud environments.
External display is monochrome.
Manual could be better.

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Excellent MotoPhone


Jan 25, 2006 by adshekar1

I upgraded to the v360 about a month back and i have to say this, it is a very very cool phone. The people who say this phone isnt good either have no taste or a are just plain stupid. i chose this phone over a razr, and i have absolutely no regrets. the mp3 player is cool and i cant believe there are morons out there who cant even work something as easy as that. if u have a good capacity memory card u can even watch movies in it. i got it as an upgrade and also got a usb cable, hands free, stereo double headphone-handsfree, 64 mb micro sd card with an sd card adapter.and the screen going black is the backlight going off. i say it again, no regrets. i got a girl over the phn ppl. seriously go for it.

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Almost A Great Phone


Feb 10, 2006 by TurboT5


Good RF.
Great Screen.
Great Keypad, good feel
Good Speakerphone - better than most.
Loud ringtones
Better than average build quality.
Just the right size, not to small not to big.
MP3 player works well.
Good battery life.
Can customize menus.
Menus are pretty quick, not laggy.
Sound good and clear to callers.
Looks good, at least I think so.


Screen could of been bigger.
Camera not as good as other VGA camera phones.
Poor video recorder, too choppy.
Earpiece needs to be louder, can't here in noisy places like restaurants.
Speed dial is a joke, 3 key presses? why even bother.
Overly complicated menus - that's moto for you, but you can customize quite a bit.
vibrate could be stronger.
somewhat muffled sound quality - could be T-Mob's network?
The way the hinge is designed scuffs the front clamshell when it is fully open.
Front LCD scratches too easy.
MP3 ringers sound tinny and shallow.

Overall, a solid phone, probably the best phone offered by T-Mobile, of course, that isn't saying much.

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Motorola V360


Jan 15, 2006 by sitariboo


Video recorder
MP3 Player
18 bit display ( internal )


No color ( outer display )
2.5 instead of standard 3.5 headphone jack


Before you buy this phone ask your self these questions. These are things I want to know to!

How long can you record video?
How much music can you hold?
How many pictures can you store?
Do they sell faceplates?
Can you play music on speaker instead of headphones?
Can you take photos in idle mode?

Do your research!!!

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good needs some work through


Oct 14, 2008 by cellgeek451

the phone is very good it needs some work on it.

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One of the best phones I've ever owned


Mar 26, 2008 by Woogie

I purchased a V360 through the T-Mobile employee purchase program over two years ago. Since it was the cheapest EDGE capable phone you could get at the time, there were a lot of people at my work who had them. I know of at least a dozen. Out of all of them, I only heard of one person having trouble with it, and that was some lines on the screen.

As far as my V360 goes, the only issue I've ever had with it aside from the normal nicks and scratches is that some of the lettering on the outside has rubbed off. I now have a phone that says Mobile instead of T-Mobile.

I haven't been especially careful with it, having accidentally dropped it once or twice on a hard surface from high enough so that the battery popped out. The hinges are still tight, and the screen is still bright and clear. The screen resolution still impresses me. The clarity of the calls is good, and I don't have any problems with dropped calls.

Bluetooth does tend to drain the battery quickly, so I purchased an extended battery from Motorola. Now I can go for over a week without recharging.

I've also had a lot of success using the phone as a modem with Motorola Phone Tools. I can use either USB or Bluetooth, but I tend to use USB since the phone can charge off the USB port.

The only things I don't like about it is that you can't use the headset jack is mono, and the MP3 player doesn't work over a Bluetooth headset.

These days when you're lucky if a phone lasts half of your 2 year contract, the V360 has been a very solid and dependable phone. I'll be hanging onto mine until T-Mobile goes to a 3G broadband network, and then it will probably be recycled within the family. I have no doubts that it will last that long, and I would not hesitate to recommend the V360 to anyone.

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I miss this phone so much!


Feb 3, 2008 by lindsaylove100

I recently lost this phone after owning it for a year and i have to say that it was an amazing phone. I got a new phone (Motorola V3c) and I am in desperate longing for my old phone. It was spectacular! Some of the things that this phone had that my new razr doesn't are:
- MP3 player (I couldn't live without it!)
- memory card slot
- you could turn off the shutter sound!!!!
- much longer battery life
- the pictures you took could be set as your wallpaper and fill the space, whereas the V3c has to tile the pictures in order for them to fill the entire screen

The one thing I like about my Razr is it's thinness as I always found that my V360 was rather bulky in my pocket.

Although it is not carried by retailers anymore, if you can find one of these phones, GRAB IT before it's gone!

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OK phone


Aug 12, 2007 by 70ss454_man

I dont see why people are so hyped about this phone. this has got to be the cheapest phone motorola has ever built. since new it creaked and was made with cheap plastic and had a horrible outer display. it constantly reset itself and the UI was very slow to respond. i did however like the way the keys lit up. it also had very nice features, but they dont do you much good when the phone its self is cheap and isnt reliable.

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I fell in love with this phone


Jun 22, 2007 by Cleartalk Trell

sure the phone isnt perfect, and I was very hesitant when buying it, but to be honest it's one of the best phones I've ever owned. To my knowledge I've never really had any problem with this phone that I didnt have with any other, actually if so it was very minimal.. I wanted to buy the razr v3 but got this instead and later purchased that razr, and let me tell this phone beats that thing hands down.

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