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Nokia 6682 w/ Rogers


Aug 28, 2007 by pc_loadletter

I do enjoy this phone. It can view word documents and play games and listen to mp3s. I will be upgrading to a bigger memory card though as the one included is small. It gets great signal and I am located in Brandon, MB. Easy to use but the buttons are small. I would recommend this phone to users who want a phone that is Mid range to advanced.



Aug 27, 2006 by sowhatsowhat10

i have been a big fan......okay WE ALL have been big fans of nokia for the longest. form the outside looking in the phone doesnt look like its feature filled but it does have a classy and profressional look. after 1 hour of owning this phone the only thing i was upset about was the fact i got mine in april, 2006 and not august, 2005 when it was 1st released. (but hey i got mine for free at a cingular training (i showed one of the trainers up).
above all of the goods this phone offers somehow nokia has stayed true to its roots: battery life, and rf. with that said here is what i think:
SIZE. not 2 big not 2 little. it has a nice feel when in the palm of my hand.

RECEPTION AND CLEARITY. this phone graps signal everywhere. example my aunts basement where no phone has every gotten signal. this phone was abel to hold a call with no audio problems.

EDGE DATA. this phone makes edge seem like a dream to use.

MP3 PLAYER. i have yet to really use this feature on this phone. but i did manage to fing one con: no equlizer or sound adjustments. (atleast that i've found) and i looked. but thats okay. because this next pro fixes that/

SYMBIAN SERIES 60. with this software i can add almost WHATEVER i want. example i have a call interrupt feature (purchased in a pack on ebay) this symbian software tricks folks into thinking i am in a busy place and cant talk at the time.

GPS capable. WOW! i havent gotten the bluetooth gps adapter yet buy wayfinder is hot. beyond those features this phone is able to pull up word documents, adobe pdf's, power point, and excel spread sheet.

CAMERA. 1.3 mega pixel that shuts all other camer phones down. and it has auto flash.

THEMES. this is standard among most symbian phones but hey its a pro.

KEYPAD. texting on this phone can cause irritation.

APPS. mostly all of the are demos and so short your forced to buy to see if you like.

the camera cover feels cheap.

OVERALL: this phone rocks get while you can!

Nokia Hit Home Run!!!!!!!!


Sep 19, 2005 by CELLjunky

I waited forever for this phone. I have been in just about every model Cingular offers and I will never switch again. No manufacturer has made the "perfect" phone, but Nokia has come the closest to any.


*Battery life is extremely long
*Loudspeaker is LOUD
*Very user friendly (typical for Nokia)
*Large screen
*High number of pixels in screen
*Can sync up to 5 bluetooth devices at 1 time
*Size (not too big, not too small)
*Excellent picture options (i.e. contrast, night mode, video)


*Small buttons, but still functional
*No wallpapers included
*Small selection of default ringtones
*Back cover does feel cheap, maybe metal back would enhance the feel?
*You need magnify glass to see pictures for caller ID
*Phone comes with trial version of Voice Dail....what's up with that?????????

I would highly recommend this phone to any user that wants it all that doesn't require PDA or flip.

Great Phone, Fun, dependible, and Sexy


Dec 27, 2005 by gabez

I can sit here and go on about what the phone can and can't do... I can tell you about the pros and cons but everyone has already done that for me. This phone has been nothing good to me. Even with the small issues that have come along with the phone (which for the most part is cingulars fault NOT nokia's) this phone is the best I've ever have had. It has out done the V3 Razr, it out does the sony e s710 and it has out done the nokia 6230. I get better speeds online with my phone as a modem over dail up when I'm connect to my dell via cable (which came in the box) and when I'm connected to my mac via bluetooth. I swear by this phone and I recommend it to anyone who wants a great phone but also wants some nice PDA characteristics. If you expect to much from anything it isn't going to be what you want. Be realistic about what your needs are and how cell phones work.


80% "Keeper" So Far


Oct 6, 2005 by BassX

I'm halfway through my free trial and not convinced yet, but generally speaking, I'm very pleased with this device, from the business-user perspective. I don't need a qwerty keyboard, so T9 is just fine for me.

The good:
#1 - works with picky BMW Bluetooth module. Won't transfer addresses, but makes/receives/transfers calls just fine.
#2 - RF/Battery Life seem very good so far, even with Bluetooth on all the time.
#3 - Light sensor for the display and keypad. Keypad lights up only at night, preserving battery life, plus it seems to stay lit longer.
#4 - PC Suite works great for me. Others have complained, but mine sees the phone and I can sync my 700 Outlook contacts and xfer files back and forth with no problem.
#5 - Form factor. Smaller and sleeker than it appears in pictures. No problem sliding it in a pants pocket.

The bad:
#1 - Some of Cingular's bundled software on the MMC card is corrupt. (i.e. VoiceSignal trial expires the 1st time it is opened)
#2 - Bugs to be fixed: Call logs are deleted on every power cycle. Can't add applications to the "Go To" menu. Can't add synchronized Outlook contacts to the SIM card. With every power cycle you are prompted to "Copy SIM contacts to contacts?".
#3 - Camera cover is flimsy and too easily opened. It should require a button press to release it or require more pressure. It can slide open in your pocket and run the battery down as the camera application will be open. Nokia should produce a new back cover and let existing owners swap it out.
#4 - Contacts lookup is much inferior to my MS Smartphone. Smartphones recognize a string of button presses and automatically bring up all contacts whose names or numbers match up with the string. Far fewer button presses required to navigate through 700 contacts.

All in all a great device. I can live with the contacts lookup design, assuming Nokia fixes its small bugs and VoiceSignal produces a good implementation of its software for this phone.

Nokia 6682


Aug 10, 2007 by kumaratp

using past 9-months, and its really bad. Didnt think that Nokia makes a bad phone too. I am using firmware v 4.65 from April 2006.
- phone freezes frequently, had to LITERALLY take out battery,and put back in. if hung, the battery gets drained fast.
- Very low volume on ear piece, always have to keep at level-10 to barely hear the otherside voice. If talking on phone during wind, you cant even hear the voice, literally turn the speaker phone and put it to ear [no kidding, & I am not deaf either].
- User Interface is not well organized compared to other phones like blackberry.
- weird way of adding reminders/metting notes.
-You cannot get to "Contact Details" from Dialed or received number menus [bad design]. goto phone book and search again.
- cannot easily change ring tones. tough because of bad UI organization.
- If you lock the keypad, and it will not get lighted-up during night after pressing a key. You have to press the side button, then read the unlock instructions, and do remaining stuff...
- Big screen, but dont use screen space wisely.
- No 2.5mm jack, have to use flaky ear phones with connector at bottom.

- Good reception of signal.
- Big screen
- Configurable buttons,
- Good software PC Suite , synchro with PC address book.

I reported all these problems to nokia, all they said, is take it to near by store for repair [if they can]. otherwise, the phone is like that by design. It was strange to hear from NokiaUSA.com support that "We follow volume guide lines as set by FCC"... which was funny to hear... as if Nokia is the only company that follows FCC guidelines.
Well, why is the thing called "Volume Control" that every phone has, after all, to adjust volume to personal preference... isn't it?????

Before this I was using Samsung SGHX295, and it really had good reception & good ear piece & speaker phone volume. It had bad phone book organization.

The best phone I have ever used!


Oct 19, 2006 by larue26

I have used the following phones, Nokia 6590i, Motorola SLVR L7, RAZR, V551, Sony Ericsson T630, W300, and played around a little with the W800i. I paid $18.00 for my Nokia 6682 online. It is proabably the best phone I have ever used.
Symbian 60 Smart phone (Sony W810i is a feature phone and has a small *** screen)
Great Screen
Upgradeable to 2GB
Music Player
Great Reception (better than any other phone)
Ear piece volume is terrific
Pictures look great
Great Camera (pictures look really good)
Can add a multitude of programs
It is almost like a mini-computer
Not too heavy
Comes with earphones, 64mb card
Can play songs on bluetooth headset
Syncs perfectly with my Apple Powerbook G4

Not enough internal memory

This is a top notch phone and I recommend that you get one before they are all gone.

Also bought the Nokia bh800 bluetooth headset! Works really great and has great reception.

Ed. note: edited for language

Love it! Cant live without it!


Jan 8, 2006 by Teenya

This device is remarkable. Nokia made a great choice when constructing this. I have been using the Nokia 6682 for about 3 weeks now and have little to gripe about.

Pros- screen quality, Symbian OS(a little hard to understand for new users but overall great), camera quality, memory, navigation, keys, size/weight, MP3 abilities, battery life, data speeds EDGE3. If you have ever owned a Nokia it is so easy to get used to.

Cons- took me a little trail and error to figure out that you had to be completely exited off of the internet to take pictures. You will otherwise have an error that says "memory low". This is a Symbian OS thing not a glitch. It is not a UMTS device which is a disappointment. Some of the applications take time and you will need the manual for some (i am not a manual user and prefer to figure it out on my own).

I would recommend this device to anyone who uses a lot of minutes, needs high quality pictures, needs to sync their contacts and calendar and loves Nokia's.
I am a retail sales manager at Cingular Wireless and this device meets my needs!

Best Nokia yet


Apr 6, 2006 by nokia6682

I have had this phone since October, and as far as the feature set, service, and overall user friendliness of the phone I give it a 5. It had a 1.3 megapixel camera, and thanks to night mode and the flash, pictures indoors and out are great. Bluetooth is another nice feature, however, I think Motorola headsets are much better then Nokia headsets. The best part about this phone is the active stand by setting. You can have 5 quick menu selections on your main menu for the things you use most often. I don't know why they discontinued the phone, but when Nokia releases the N80 that will be my next phone.

screen res
picture and video res.
mp3 player

battery life could be better being a Nokia
phone shape could be improved.
transferring some info from memory card to phone is not possible like games I downloaded.
Expansion slot is for RS-MMC. Nokia is the only mobile phone company to use that format. Everyone else is either Mini SD, or Micro SD.

Mixed review


Sep 27, 2005 by CL

In the past, I had always used the cheapest phone (e.g., Nokia 3120) and a separate PDA (Palm V). I decided to converge both the phone and PDA into one device.

So far, I am extremely disappointed with the phone Why?

(1) Nokia PCSuite does not support mapping different Outlook 2003 contact folders to different 6682 contact groups. PCSuite takes all the contacts in my Personal Folders/Contacts and dumps them into phone in one lump. For example, I can't map Personal Folders/Contacts/Work to a Work contact group and Personal Folders/Contacts/Personal to a Personal Contact Group. Both Work and Personal contacts are dumped into the default phone contact group.

(2) I haven't been able to get Nokia PCSuite to update Calender + Contacts + Notes in one sync operation. I have to sync Calender, change sync setting, sync Personal Folders/Contacts/Work, change sync settings, sync Personal Folders/Contacts/Personal, change sync settings, sync Notes.

I wasn't so upset about the free PCSuite software not working well because I could buy better 3rd party software. Wrong. While Symbian is an open OS, the Nokia API to the 6682 is not. Developers have to pay to be part of the Nokia PRO program to get access to the API. I've found only one developer that has done that (Oxygen Phone Manager, based in Russia). It appears to be good stuff, but it is very picky on which PCs it will run - lots of standard software seems to conflict with it. I am one of the lucky ones - it blue screens on my laptop. And it's difficult dealing with tech support on the other side of the world.

Anyhow, none of the other major developers (Intellisync, etc.) support the Nokia API for the 6682. I'd be ecstatic if someone told me I am wrong.

(3) You can't add most of the applications to the Go To menu. The option to do so just isn't available even though the Nokia manual says it should be.

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