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Sep 27, 2005 by theshooter1234

This phone in theory kicks butt. I dropped Sprint in the middle of my contract to get this phone as I was really hyped by it, as it has all the features us phone nerds want. But the current Cingular based firmware on this phone is crap. For the love of God it can't even perform the most of basic of cell phone functions (call log doesn't save, phone locks up like and freezes, and long delays between menus)! I thought I was unique with my problem, but tons of people are having the same issue. I have never ever written a review, but I feel the need to, so other people don't waste their time and money on a defective product.

DON'T BUY UNTIL THEY UPGRADE THE FIRMWARE. Save yourself the headache.

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Great Phone


Sep 20, 2005 by Johnny Boy

Nokia is by far one of the most technologically advanced phones I have ever had the pleasure to own. The reception and clarity surpasses any phone on the market today. It is a must buy for anyone who doesn't have a tower in there front yard.

Pros: Great reception, many programs to edit and enhance, way finder capable with GPS for those like me who get lost in a bag, photo quality camera, easy to use menu's.

Cons: The only con I found with this phone is that little flimsy camera lens cover. I would have liked to see them incorporate the Ericsson S710 button flip which seems sturdier than that little plastic plate.

Overall worth the buy

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Great phone, but some disapointments.


Oct 15, 2005 by Justin Cingular

After searching high and low to find this phone, I finally received it today, and for only $199.99 with a 2 year contract. When I opened the box, i was surprised to see a data cable, so that was a plus. But after turning the phone on, I saw some faults already. So I'll start with the cons.



Display isn't what it should be. I expected more out of 256K. My Nokia 6260 was about the same quality.

Buttons come programed for Media Net usage. I was alright with this because I have unlimited Media Net, but for someone that didn't have Media Net, one false button press and you're going to be charged. The menu was no help on changing these buttons. I finally figured it out after about an hour of play.

The charger doesn't seem to stay in. This isn't a huge problem, and it could possibly be just my phone. But it bothers me.

Side button is hard to press. What exactly is Voice Signal anyway? I guess I need to do some more reading

No detailed ring. When will Nokia learn that groups are nice, but we need to be able to select ringers for individuals!



I love s60 phones! The screens screens rock, the customization is awesome, and I absolutely love the text message layout!

Great design. Buttons are appropriate and the phone seems durable.

Awesome speaker. Ringers are crisp, clear and loud.

Menu key and edit keys are very well placed.

Log keeps track of voice, messages, and data!

Camera is crisp. Editing software works well.

Neat themes. Definite upgrade from other s60 phones.

Awesome pre-installed ringers!

Active standby allows you to see upcoming events. Makes phone seem more Windows based.


Overall, a great phone! Possibly not worth $299 for contract or even the full $399 out right. But if you can find it for cheaper, SNATCH IT! :-)

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Nov 8, 2005 by unknown1


1) this one of the best phone on the market, not rated by me but many magazines.
2) Lets make it clear, "ONLY" Cingular customers have problems with this phone.
This phone has a lot of potential but sadly is all to waste.
Cingular has never been known for having advanced phones nor has never dealt with such phones before. It wasn't until they merged with ATT (which i believe they were always ahead when it came to technology) they started getting involved with advanced phones.

-Has a great Camera great Pic quality (for a phone)
-Only flash that actually work on a phone:"YOU CAN TURN OFF THE LIGHTS IN YOUR ROOM AT NIGHT" and take a pic and you will be surprised of the results
-Great speaker phone,very loud and clear
-Great reception..(even in Arkansas, in the middle of the woods where i go to school)
-The menu is design so you can access any app. with just 1 click (Learn how to use your phone and you will agree with me)
-Has great App and 3rd party App
-excellent design, buttons are perfect..so that you can type fast without much movement of your thumb
(PLEASE stop complaining about the button layout because you are not familiar with such design)
-Editing software works well.
-MP3 player..you can load 12 songs in it or more if you have the space (who need an ipod or Rckr)You can adjust files so the songs can be compatible with this phone
-Very fast phone with EDGE..if you use OPERA you can surf the web with no problems
-The screen is bright and crystal clear
-PC suite

This phone is a lot of fun, all you have to do is learn how to use it.



I have Tmobile so i bought this phone Unlocked from nokia and it works PERFECTLY
My phone had a minor problem on the camera but compared it to my friends 6682 and his pic quality was excellent.
I contact Nokia and i was told they haven't encounter this problem yet and they will happy to send me a new one.
no need to give a negative review..

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Another great PHONE by Nokia


Sep 20, 2005 by kyle4km

Nokia 6681/6682 prooves one more time to all other brands ( incl: Sony, Samsung, and others) that in terms of a phone functions and durability NOKIA'S rating is still the highest!

Of course, there is no way that Nokia 6682's
1.3 mp CMOS camera can be a substitude for a professional digital camera , but neither any other brand has the professional digital camera ( Not Sony 700, Not Nokia n90, Not Samsung d500 and not even Sharp tm200, or new UMTS Sharp 903 with 3.2mp)

NOKIA 6682
-Excellent earpiece sound ( enough bass and doesn;t get distorted when loud)
-User friendly menu (all Nokias!)
-Decent battery life (2 days on standby)
-Excellent screen quality
-High resolution camera (good enough for photo caller id, or to store photo albums in your phone).

NOTE: 640/480 resolution which is still common on many American phones is not even worth of paying extra money for those phones anymore (640/480 camera only interferce with main phone functions!)

Keypad layout needs to be stretched ( like on all new European Sharp phones).


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Cingular 6682


Sep 13, 2005 by gplain

Received phone from Cingular last night. First impression is quite favorable. Phone "feels right", very ergonomically fitted for weight, size, length, etc.

1.Web browsing seemed timely

2.Looks great

3.Feels great

4.Good reception

5.MP3 headphones included seemed adequate (own 2 Ipods)

6.As mentioned before, love the whole Nokia key placement/layout.

7. Camera (1.3) seemed easy enough.

None to date: Someone had mentioned small keys, I'm 47 with progressive lenses and I managed without difficulty.

Overall a great product. I bought the Krusell Executive Leather Case for it. Fits extremely well. I can send home pic's of it if anyone interested

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great, but i still want more from it!


Oct 6, 2005 by gatekpr

waiting in anticipation for it to make it to houston, i finally found one at a store 20 miles south of me--and i bought the last one.

$432.00 later, i was in awe of how heavy it was compared to all other nokias i've owned.

*feels sturdy
*camera takes GREAT pictures
*it has a *real* flash that really works!
*COMES WITH memory card (unlike others)
*mp3s are setable as ringtones with no hacking
*speaker phone is so loud--the best improvement!
*edge network is fast
*signal was always great

*camera is operated by slider that is flimsy, i would put/pull it in/out of my pocket and would flip it down by accident
*keys are slightly smaller than most nokias of the 6600 series, took a bit to get used to
*1.3mp pictures are 500K each, you can fill up the memory card FAST if you don't lower the quality
*battery life was 1.5 days at best before charing again with moderate use. bluetooth would suck the battery dry in about 2 hours (just synchronizing and using headset)
*calendar doesn't synchronize notes, only appointment name, date, and time

i gave it a 4 because i feel they are asking too much for a phone that isn't a pda and physically is awkward. i liked it for the 3 days i had it, i just can't see using it regularly.

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Very nice


Sep 21, 2006 by caesar18

This is the first smartphone I've owned and I don't think I could've made a better decision. My first phone was a nokia then I went to Moto now I'm back at nokia.

Some of the PROS are:
light sensor- can see screen during the day outside
music player
MMC card slot
1.3 megapixel camera- very good zoom and flash
decent battery life
Bluetooth- can't live without it
Voice recorder- can use recordings as ringtones and message alert tones if you wish
comes with data cable
comes with 64 MB MMC card

Some CONS are:
can only use the earbuds that come with the phone.
I can't figure out how to put pictures on my phone from my computer (or if it's possible)

Overall it's a very good phone. I highly recommend it.

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Another great one by Nokia


Jun 29, 2006 by JB123

Great phone. Love every feature however i enjoy my N70 better. Its not in the US because of the FCC standards but i ordered it online and had it shipped. The 6682 is a bit bulky but its very durable and great reception. The speaker is great and i go two to three days with out charging the battery. I just wish the radio would work with my bluetooth.

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Great Phone/PDA


Jun 29, 2006 by jaskat

This phone is probably the best phone I have ever had and I have owned no less than 10 phones from sony,samsung,motorola,and the nokia 6682 is the best. Reception is excellent,PDA features are great. I previously had the razr and for the same price as the razr I got a phone and a PDA, with the razr all I got was a phone. The razr has no PIM features at all. An address book, that only stored names. $200 is just a little too much to spend simply for a phone just because it is thin. I would recommend the 6682 to anyone who wants phone and a organizer at a reasonable price. Nokia You Did It Again!!!

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