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Not Bad, Not Perfect


Jun 3, 2006 by jpkamil

The phone is better than average, but Nokia has left itself ample room for improvement.

Good: The camera is better than an average for a cell phone, and you can move the images off your phone to your computer wirelessly via the standard unlocked Bluetooth (this pet peeve is why I chose Cingular over Verizon)

Bad: the video is completely worthless.

Bad: The mp3 player cannot compete with an iPod, and the fact you can't attach normal headphones (only the Nokia headset) limits the lousy player even further.

Good: The phone does let you choose from your own mp3 tracks for your ringer.

Bad: Maybe Cingular is to blame, but when I lose signal it can take a while (minute or two) to recover, even once I'm back in an area that has coverage.

Neutral: The Symbian Os is not flawless or especially fast, but does perform adequately.

Good: The 6682's address book and calendar sync very nicely via Bluetooth with Mac Os X 10.4 (Tiger)/ iSync. Seamless and wonderful.

Good: overall design and form factor

Good: speakerphone

Good: vibrate

Good: easy to change profiles (silent, vibrate etc) via the power button.

Good: No annoying sounds when you press "smart buttons" (these lame sounds were why I got rid of my previous phone, a motorola)

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Nokia 6682 Incredible Machine!


May 13, 2006 by oiseaudenuit

This phone is an incredible machine it does all that you want I did incredible pics and I check my email with all the attachments just like on my computer, listen to songs and the programs I have installed on are just so perfect for me.

Best of all it is fast and the reception is so good everywhere I go my friends need to take my phone to call out in some places we go to because theirs phones doesn't works!

I had many other brands and came back to Nokia, I will now be a Nokia fan forever.

Of course in Life we all have a choice and for me it was the best!

If you know how to use it you will like it!

Don't forget to close the applications you are not using hold the menu button 2 seconds and see all that is running for nothing and nothing will freeze just like a pc!

My opinion is you always pay for what you get!

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A Great Phone


Apr 20, 2006 by mainmaninc

I have had this phone for about 2 weeks now and it is obvious why this phone gets such great reviews. GREAT battery life and a fast symbian system makes you feel like you have a laptop in your hand. Not to mention this phone gets great reception. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for anybody who is on the go and likes to have access to the net through Cingular.

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the best phone i ever had


Mar 24, 2006 by tribalb

you all put ur pros and cons. so what good is it for me to do. i have the 6680. not the cingular branded 6682 which by reading has more flaws then this import i have (6680).

but i will agree with some cons. it does freeze up sometimes...computers do too, when you run alot of crap. only restarted once on me...odd but hasnt happen again. at first i wanted the n70...but this was just the same except the camera MP and radio. but other than that...same phone for alot cheaper than the n70. what now....waiting on the n80!!!

the goods on this phone by far are phenomenal! so many apps and games to get for this phone. what other phone can you play near dvd quality videos at a fraction of the dvd quality size. motorola and sony need to step up.

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Feb 25, 2006 by jcheek

I have had about 50 phones, and I'd only rate MAYBE 5 of them a 5.0.

This is truly one of the best.

I went from a SLVR to this phone, and the difference in reception is astounding. My SLVR got a marginal signal in my office area, 1 bar if I was lucky and terrible sound. I put it in my pocket and it would lose all signal. The 6682 gets 4-7 bars in my pocket or out, doesn't matter which.


* Reception. It's the best feature of this phone. It is absolutely the best GSM phone I've ever had. It is even worlds better than my 6230b, which was great! I have had Motos, Samsung, Nokia and LG, and this thing is better than any of the others that I've had.

* Camera/zoom. The zoom on this thing is incredible. Not only does it zoom in far, but it's a smooth zoom, just like on a real dedicated digital camera. It behaves like an optical zoom, very nice.

* S60. S60 (formerly Series 60) is phenomenal, and there are TONS and TONS of apps and themes for it.

* Built-in Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Adobe PDF readers. How incredibly cool is that? It has the convenience of opening the Microsoft formats without having to use Microsoft Windows Mobile.

* Earpiece. Phenomal. That's all I've got to say. ZERO GSM buzz. ZERO tinnyness. ZERO muddyness. I'm very picky, and I would say that this is absolutely the best sounding phone I've ever had the pleasure of using.

* EDGE speed. This phone is widely known as the fastest EDGE device available, and it lives up to it's reputation. I've used EV-DO and this feels almost as fast.

* Great Bluetooth implementation and range.


* On S60, you have to make sure you close apps. I have a habit of hitting END instead of BACK or CLEAR, so apps stay open. When I go to take pictures or something, there isn't enough memory left because some apps are open. You can just hold MENU to see and close them.

* Camera cover is sort of cheesy feeling for as nice of a phone as it is

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Anyone else ...?


Sep 29, 2005 by Salinix

This phone is a successful successor of Nokia 6680. As 6680 is a WCDMA-support phone (UMTS), it's designed by more power-consuming considerations that would be more effective for only GSM-support phone like 6681;
Enhanced working with 850 mAH BL-5C battery, benefit of using low voltage DV-RS-MMC and a light sensor that modifies brightness of LCD and keypad

A really true-color camera I have ever seen; Like pro digicams, color mode and white balance can be configured
Its camera has best performance between 0.8m-40m due to great 4.5mm lens (further than N70 i.e. 3.7mm and about 4.8mm lens of Sony-Ericsson K750i)

Tiny keys seems hard to press correctly, but their chamfer-shaped designing make keys touch your finger!

I don't know what Nokia fancies of designing a bad-designed sliding cover
There is a rail-shaped tip behind the cover is about scratching border of the lens; Somehaow it happens during sliding cover while pushing the loose cover ....

- Lack of FM radio (infrared port not really important to me when bluetooth rides)
- A bit latency sometimes occur during reading themes and running small programs
- The output of video capture is unique ".3GP" format that is not supported by popular PC media player programs (general problem)
- While listening to MP3s through HDS-3 headset, mainly high levels of volume are acceptable but good audio quality
- Weak and loose cover of lens due to pressure

- Able to open ".pdf"
- Logs all of cellular services up to one month and saves more than 10 recent (missed/dialed/received) calls!
- Using a light sensor (keypad light automatically goes OFF on daylights)
- A great true color camera with flash light for darkness
- Long-life battery charge (than similars)
- Access to flash memory conveniently (Hot swap)
- Auto-camera mode after sliding the cover
- Only flash memory limits movie capturing
- Flat-designed 5-way button makes precise performance and feel ease
- Proprietary Edit button

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Great Phone


Sep 13, 2005 by mattdaddy

I recently purchased this phone, and Im happy to say it was worth all the delays and wait it put me through.

Why you'll love it:
Great design, good fit in pockets.
Great sound quality on speakerphone.
Great reception.
Excellant video and camera quality.
Awesome sync with Nokia suite software (really really handy).
Beautiful display and video playback.
Highly customizable.
Battery life is huge.

Why you may not:
A tad slow in accessing speed (ie in menu).
Earpiece volume is really not as bad as you may have heard, but could definalty use a volume boost.
Back cover for camera feels kinda cheap, im somewhat afraid it may break off eventually.

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Quality & stability


Jan 8, 2006 by S3vSt3R

This phone is not for people who like small phones. This phone is for people who demand good reception, quality of voice, bar form factor, multimedia and user customization. I am reviewing Firmware rev 4.62.0 / 28-10-05 / RM-58.

Reception – this phone makes Cingular look like a true international class GSM service
Voice quality (Brooklyn Park, MN)
No Static
Bluetooth (works much better with Motorola headset than my Motorola phone)
Customization – you can customize all navigation buttons
Camera - very good for a phone
Stability – it is just a very stable phone

Camera cover – seems weak and may become loose over time
Speed dial – I tried everything, but it looks like only eight entries are allowed (voice dial took over a typical speed dial here)
USB port does not charge the phone
Lack of 900Mhz, which may be an issue if you travel overseas to rural places

If you are up for a new contract and need a decent phone, I believe, this is the phone to go.

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Finally here!


Sep 20, 2005 by JesusWasABuddhist

This phone is a breath of fresh air for those of us who've been patiently (or impatiently) waiting for this blessed phone to grace our hands. I've been 'suffering' through the SE s710, the Audiovox 5600 and even a brief affair with the Moto ROKR waiting for a new s60 Nokia. Sure, the 6620 is a great phone, but it's downfalls weren't worth it all the time. So, with the Pro's and Con's:
It's a nokia...with series 60.

faster than previous s60's

high res screen (262K)

hot swappable mem. cards (ATTEN: for the people who say their cards don't work. You MUST use a DV-RS-MMC. A RS-MMC will NOT work. Currently, the biggest DVRSMMC is 512megs.)

1.3 mp camera works awesome!

comes with data cable for easy calender
syncing and file uploading

comes with pocket word, excel, powerpoint and Adobe Acrobat

the movie editor is tons of fun

VERY loud

The main menu interface is almost like Windows Smartphone 2003. Current calender entrys and 5 quick menu options are displayed at all times.


Bluetooth 1.2 - can connect to 5 devices at once. I used a BT keyboard. It f'n rocks.

RF is normal Nokia quality....which means it's the best.

MP3 and video player built in is good
They moved the menu button! I got used to it quick but I sometimes instinctually press the wrong buttons. It'll pass though.

When power cycling the phone, I love my call log, and sometimes the theme resets to the default. Kind of annoying, but it seems like a bug that will be worked out someday.

Camera cover seems like it may be a problem as it gets older. I don't know if thats the case, but it's concerning.
That's it. As you can see, the pro's far outweigh the cons...which are mainly just me nitpicking so I had something to write for 'con's'. Nothing is perfect, but this is as close as it gets for us 850mhz GSM users.

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Holes in the cheese


Oct 4, 2005 by sms

It's a shame that this good phone has such bad software.

Good reception, battery life, form
USB, BT, Exp. memory, MusicPlayer, camera?
Pc Suite:
Software is pretty but USELESS
PC can't move a file between phone folders
Cant see (phone)Contacts or edit them
PC Suite idoesn't give you a choice of syncing - used to work 10 years ago on Palm

Phone software (Serious flaws)
Outlook connects thru PC suite and you can select a contact and dial.
All contacts dumped into one pile .. hand edit and create groups .. what a mess
Biggest basic blunder
Set up "speed-dial" from contacts (that's the ONLY way) - works fine
Try speed-dialing and it barfs with "invalid phone number"
Problem is number format, Outlook/NokiaContact are fine with (124) 345-1212
Speed-dial wants them flat i.e. 1243451212
Come-on NOKIA .. this is pathetic, did you TEST ANYTHING for phone or only video editing

You can't store anything in SIM, appears "disabled", can't see anything for contacts from PC!!
Can't change outlook format (...) and can't edit #'s on Phone (from PC)
you can hand edit every number and then there is no point in using PC interface Arrrrrrh
So the phone can't even do speed-dial correctly

The phone can work without a SIM .. but I guess the software can't

When playing music if a call comes, you can't go back to where you were

Phone/MMC confusion on what is stored where? It should be transparent to user, but you have to know C:/E:SIC!!!

Edit key does nothing, it could pop up txtmsg/note pad, but no!
voice tags- you have to store each tag .. 4 years old technology for this money --- yuk yuk

This is my first Nokia with symbian .. so far two thumbs down and a finger up all worth $450.

Env- 6881/-MO, Win2K Downloaded PC-suite 6.6.18 (CD had 4.xxx TOTALLY useless)

Phone Hardware:
Keys too close, Lens cover feels cheap, wiggles on touch
HUGE USB/Stereo connector, dobut that dinky hook will last.
No clip/case


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