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Great workhorse phone


Sep 22, 2005 by nokia05nycc

I used to own Sony s700, Samsung d500 and now came across Nokia 6682. Comparing to Sony or Samsung phones, the 1.3 mp camera is slightly better than on Samsung, and about the same quality of Sony phone.

But here is the MAIN POINT:
When it comes to a phone quality, reception, and sound quality, that's where Nokia is the leader.

What I like about this phone is that it is very easy to use ( well organized menu),
looks very sexy, and on top of that has very good reception, ear peace sound quality, and battery life. What else can I wish from a phone?

P.S. for all you megapixel lovers:
It will take another at least 1.5 year til we will have Nokia camerra phones than can substitude a digital camera.

There is no way Nokia will have a professional digital camera unless it partners with brands like: Shneider, Leica or Carl zeiss( real carl seiss though, because I belive that N90 model uses some either cheap or fake Carl Zeiss lens) lens.

Just like Sony, Kodak and Panasonic digital cameras: They all cooperate with the brands who provide high quality lens!

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dang nokia is good!


Mar 13, 2006 by linemen58

i just got this phone from cingular and it is one of the best phones i have ever had. it was a little pricey but all the cool things it has on it, it was worth it!
i have had a black silver Motorola razor, nokia 6620, siemens s66, motoroal v400, motorola v551, a motorola sliver, and a sony ericsson s107a and they are no way comparabel to the nokia 6682; i love every think about this phone
1. the camera is great
2. i love the flash
3.signal is always strong
4. the battery life is very good for how large the screen is
5. love the large screen
6. a lot of cool features
7. i like the lens cover
8. when looking at pics they load very fast
10. all the memory is good for music, videos, and pics
11. not many people have it unlike the razor
12. the speaker is very loud on handset or loudspeaker its great
12. when you have music on the phone it sound unreal
you would not believe it is a phone
13. bluetooth is good
14. hey its a nokia and every one knows nokias are the best so nothing can go wrong
1. the lens cover is weak and seems like it is going to come off

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2 Words: Suh-Weet


Jan 20, 2006 by japhy

HAHA! After drooling & lusting over this phone for ages, it's mine! I was all set to get a 9300 because these weren't available, but it's here in my hand! I love it, and for many reasons.

CONs first:

- Symbian is a bit awkward. I figured it would be arranged similarly to other Nokias, but it's not really. It's not like learning UNIX, but it is different than OSX or Windows, so there's a learning curve if you've never used it before.

- No Nokia PC suite for Mac - ARGH, but I'm used to that by now. I'm ok using my PC for this, though I'd prefer a Mac.

- As mentioned, small keys, but I never txt, so I don't care too much.

- Comes (from Cingular) with lots of l4me Shareware.

- No camera key. Odd.

Now the PROs:

- Symbian has LOTS of good SW, and that includes lots of decent free/open source stuff. I found several games & a good call recording app for free. Plus, the office suite on the phone is great. I can't see someone trying to use this as a word processor, but being able to view MS Word, XL & PDFs can be very handy for the power user. Also, the OS/interface are nicely customizable.

- the Camera is Fantastic. I don't plan on capturing my daughter's first steps on it, but with how small/handy it is, I know I'll never be without at least a decent camera for any event. Video camera is eh, but the stills are great.

- Signal (with Cingular in Seattle) is amazing, better even than my old 3595 (which never ONCE dropped a call).

- It's the perfect size/weight. I have large hands & long fingers, and I like a phone to feel substantial. True, it's less likely to fit in some pockets, but I know I'll never drop it. It may be heavier than some other phones, but it's a feather compared to most PDAs.

- Music player is terrific. I didn't get an iPod, but now I don't really need/want one (1GB card is on the way).

To sum up: It's not for everyone (don't expect a PDA, it's more phone than computer), but for me, it's a good phone, great camera & music player. I love it.

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Excellent Phone


Oct 10, 2005 by rumpole

This is about as good a phone as I've had in a while.

It has great reception and the call sound quality is excellent. I actually have to keep the phone set to mid-level for the earpiece or else it gets too loud.
The speaker phone is one of the best I've used. It's clear, loud and easy to use.
The screen is bright.
The address book is easy to use and you can get to almost any name in the book with a couple of keystrokes.
Good Bluetooth
Good battery life. I have the phone set to retrieve mail every 30 minutes from 8:00AM to 8:00PM and even with spending at least an hour on the phone each day, I still only lose one "bar."

There are a couple of things that keep this from being a 5.0
Clunky navigation
Call log keeps disappearing and Nokia says the only way to resolve it is to send the phone back to them.
The email program is a little funky in how it formats incoming mail and it doesn't show time or date in the header

I like this phone a great deal. I use it instead of my Treo 650, which is a great PDA but a poor phone. I also use Papyrus as my PIM.

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got the 6682 -- AWESOME!!!!


Jul 28, 2005 by brian7531

ordered the phone within hours of being available online at the nokia site -- have been using the phone for 4 days:

1) reception -- clarity + first phone that has ever worked in my home

2) isync to mac -- seamless (set up within 5 minutes)

3) speed -- over the INTERNET as well as 'clicking' thru the apps

4) storage -- ordered a 512mb memory card!!!!

5) applications -- opera & voice signal are awesome + many to choose from. read & highly recommend http://www.russellbeattie.com/notebook/1008503.html

6) camera -- resolution, flash, night mode, uplinking to KODAK Mobile, image manager, printing

7) MP3 -- left iPod on plane 2 weeks ago, no need to purchase a new one

8) loudspeaker -- use at my office instead of conference room phone

9) Quickoffice -- really works

10) efficiency, clever, intuitive -- love how Nokia lays out the buttons as well as the flexibility of personalizing your phone

OVERALL... i have been reading everything i could find about this phone & it was so worth the wait!

FYI... i got rid of my Treo 650 + Razr

1) buttons are slightly small but feel great

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The Best of the Best


Jul 9, 2006 by leefa61

This Phone is amazing! it is packed with so many great features. I have had sprint for 2 years and could never settle with one phone because none of their phones offered me everything i was looking for including the Treo that froze all the time. So i switched to cingular and i am very happy now especially with this phone. The sound clarity is amazing and the functionality is great. The best thing of it all is it is full functional with my MacBook Pro, I can send text messages from my computer using a bluetooth link and my calender and address book are always synced up and updated with the phone, and i can use it as a modem anywhere. This phone is not for the average user because it takes a while to get used to getting around the phone. I have never given a 5 review for any phone that i have ever purchased but this phone deserves it.


*Great sound quality
*Great Bluetooth functions
*Great Bluetooth sound quality
*Great camera (very fast start up too)
*Fast Internet
*Best Browser of any other phone
*Ambient light sensor
*Full Mac compatibility
*Long Battery life
*Nice size screen
*Great reception
*Sends text when you need to ignore calls (its an option)
*MP3 ringtones
*Removable memory card
*Customizable sound profiles (standard on all nokia phones)


Speaker-phone is not very loud
Camera cover is a little flimsy

This the best phone i have ever used at any price. Nokia did a great job. I highly recommend this phone.

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Great phone with MP3


Mar 5, 2006 by 02fx4dude

I purchased the phone from LetTalk.com and have had it about 2 weeks.

1 - Bright clear display is great.

2 - customizable selection and navigation keys in standby. you can assign any application to any of the 7 keys.

3 - Good reception and sound clarity.

4 - Camera takes decent pictures for a phone.

5 - plays videos. Yes I've actually put south park episodes on the phone and watched them on my break at work.

7 - Symbian 60 OS. The joys of having a real OS, lots of application. Also the ability to switch between apps.

8 - The ability to synchronize my calendars in Outlook and the phone calendar.

9 - Bluetooth.


1 - Bluetooth slow implementation. If you are doing anything other than syncing or moving small files use the USB cable.

2 - No copy function in Calendar. On all my previous Nokias, I could copy a meeting and only change the time and date. Now I have to enter a new meeting and manually enter names, locations, times, dates, alarms, etc. Irritating! I sent Nokia some nasty-grams about this.

4 - Lack of 3.5mm headphone connector. Nokia could have easily sold this as an MP3 player with a phone and camera but the inconvenience of a non-standard connector limits your choice of stereo headsets. The included stereo headset has good sound but I despise earbuds. The only other option is adapters which can be more trouble than they're worth.

5 - No A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) which means you can't use standard stereo bluetooth headset with the 6682. The phone was probably well into the design phase when the A2DP standard was created. I've read some info this could be implemented in F/W upgrades. Worthy of another nasty-gram to Nokia.

Despite the Cons, I think the phone is awesome. There are 3rd party Calendar apps to ease my stress induced by the lack of a copy function. I also purchased an Itech S38 stereo bluetooth headset that works with the 6682, which also has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

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Jan 7, 2006 by sam912

Overall I think that this is an awesome phone and one that I highly recommend.

-Call quality
-Call Volume
-Screen: Great size and quality
-Organization Features
-Size: Some might find this phone too large, but for a smart phone, it is pretty compact.
-Camera lens covers
-High quality

-Camera lens cover feels cheap
-No side button for volume control
-Dedicated side button is for a demo feature

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Good phone but not worth $300


Jan 2, 2006 by mcc3

Okay, I just came to Cingular from Verizon only because I like Nokia's and I feel that they are best phone manufacturer's in the Wireless industry today. I got this phone thinking it was the phone that ends all phones! Well, it isn't. Let's just go over the pro's and Con's that this phone has.

- Great color screen(Vibrant and colorful)
- I was skeptical of Cingular's service compared to Verizon but so far this phone has been able to hold a strong signal everywhere and the call quality has been nothing but stellar.
- It's not a true PDA phone but its got a alot of features that most normal phones do not have.
- Bluetooth
- No more issues with the call log and the phone shutting off randomly. I guess the new firmware fixed it.
- takes pretty good pics for a 1.3 megapixel camera.
- loud mp3's especially when set as a ringtone.

- the keys are way too tiny and they are not proportioned well with the screen! i.e. the screen is way too big and the keys way tooo small!
- Speakerphone sucks
- Symbian OS, This thing is retarded
- phone sometimes displays the message that phone is full of memory when I have a 1 gb MMC card in it. Might be a bug!
- It's not small by any means, but its not huge. some people might think its too bulky.
- phone's menu tend to lag sometimes when

Well, I hope this review helps. Cingular just re-released this phone and it did fix the previous bugs. By no means is this a decent phone. I think it is a very good phone. I would have given it a 5 if not for the crappy speakerphone, the lag in the OS, the small keys and the fact that the phone sometimes says memory is full which is retarded.I think that it is overpriced, but most high end phones are overpriced these days. But overall I give it a 4.

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King of Wireless: Nokia


Oct 11, 2005 by bryna

I've had and/or used various model phones with varying success, but...each and every time Nokia has come thru for me with brilliance.
Pros: excellent 1.3 camera with a fast zoom
sharp color and resolution compared to 6620, flash optionis superb
Various applications and add-ons will keep you busy and surprised
good phone quality and reception
Image editor and adjustment is great

Cons: Have to exit out and disconnect web browser or line remains active for data (could be pro I guess)
big con is I have to wait to get more cash for newer model again

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