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Verizon Robs LG (and consumers) of a perfect 5


Jul 17, 2005 by VZWNoob

Let me preface this by saying I know Verizon is a business. I'm in my early 20s, not a high schooler, buying my first phone so I did not want to waste my money. After reading about all the carriers, Verizon's nickel and dime strategy actually drew me towards them. I'd rather be part of a company that gets as much money and may possibly put half of it in improving their services than one that gives everything free.

-Beautiful camera pictures in outside lighting.
-Durable feel.
-Beautiful external/internal screens that can be programmed to be independent of each other.
-Excellent Reception (have not dropped call yet. Located in Miami, Fl.)
-Ability to read text on outside screen without opening phone.
-Nice styling.
-Disco lighting!! (although I know some people consider this a con.... but live a little!)

-Camera produces grainy pictures with inside lighting
-A second delay between clicking a picture and it actually being taken.
-Volume problems out of box (fixed with two simple steps found in forum)
-Speakerphone serviceable, not outstanding. -Friends occasionally say they can't hear when phone is away from mouth.
-All the crippling done. in the case of the mp3 player, logic dictates since this is the flagship phone of Verizon's MOD, there will obviously be a way to play them with outside buttons in the future).
-Seemingly average battery life (understandable with the many features. I'll just wait for the extended battery)

To me, the 8100 is a 4.2/4.3 star phone right now. I bet in a couple of months when everything is settled and Customer Service addresses the most common complaints, this will be easily a 5 star phone. LG did a great job with this phone and while no one has figured the mp3 ringtones hack yet, I believe that is only a matter of time as I stated before.
I heartily recommend this if you're considering getting it.

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best phone on verizon!


Dec 17, 2006 by soldier_monkey

i have had this phone for over a year now. this phone is a work horse. i average over 2000 plus messages a month and average over 6000 minutes a month. ive seen and played with most if not all the verizon phones and this imo is still the best phone on the network. i think the design, shape, feel, and weight of the phone is great.

-two beautiful screens(8100 external screen is gorgeous compared to the 8300 external screen)
-being able to read txt messages on the external screen
-able to put pix or flix on either screen
-great button layout, numbers are spaced out nice and neat
-external music controls
-t9 is great
-being able to force phone to go into extended network when in bad reception areas
-verizon ui on lg is better than on other phones they carry
-very good phone and call quality
-speakers on both sides are nice
-the hinge is very sturdy

-camera is nice but there is a one or two second delay when taking pictures
-ui is slow at times
-its hard to find the right bluetooth earpiece for the phone(ive tried the moto 850, moto 700, and the plantronics 640 none which have worked without a lot of complaints)
-evdo is a little slower on this phone compared to other evdo phones

over the first year ive had this phone its been a great experience, hardly did i ever lose/drop a call. verizon hasnt topped this phone yet, and i think it will be a while before they do.

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Excellent - if slightly obese - phone


Dec 9, 2006 by RaeXC73

I have had the 8100 since November of 2005, so I have many months of experience.

-Excellent reception, even in places I couldn't get before
-Clear, crisp sound
-DURABLE! I've dropped it many times in a year and it still looks new
-Awesome battery life, especially standby (I'm talking like 4+ days, here)
-Etc, etc, etc

-Big (she's a heffer of a phone, esp compared to the sleek ones out now)
-Camera is bad inside, OK outside
-I've just recently had some trouble with calls going straight to voicemail/not getting texts

I haven't used Bluetooth or the music stuff - I just wanted a quality phone, and that's what I got...love my chunky LG.

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May 15, 2006 by mrmore91

i previouslly had the vx-7000, and that phone was great.
i bought this one because the 7000 was beat up and falling apart.
~All around the phone is good
-the reception could be a little better, the speakerphone isnt clear when the volume is on high, when playing a music or ringtones preview and the volume is high the speakers dont too great as well.
- the hindge is extremeley sturdy and nice feeling
-the camera looks good but the picture isnt instant once u press the ok button, u will have to press it and then wait for a while, and make sure u have a steady hand, or the picture will become fuzzy, and pixelly.
-the phone is very nice looking in and outside, but it sratches easly, the outer buttons sumtimes get pressed so to prevent this i keep the phone locked.
-the mp3 player pr should i say "wma" player works well, it sounds good and has good quality, i havent yet bought the memory chip for it but will soon.

IN CONCLUSION this phone is recomended to people who like a nice looking phone that has alot of cool and new features, but not for sum1 who is more concerned about dropping the fone and it breaking it like me, i will have to keep the phone though, on the other hand i am a very destructive person so it might just be me.

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Excellent Phone, wont let you down!


Apr 16, 2006 by roger57

After about 1.5 months with this phone, it has been the best one yet I have had. I have not found any cons yet or they are very minor and I can easily tolerate them.


Camera is excellent
Great reception
Battery life is long
you can see the text messages from the outside screen
Speaker is the best out of all my phones i have had
V Cast is outstanding and I love it

There are many more pros to this phone. This is one of the best phones verizon has made!

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the best phone i have ever had in my life.


Feb 4, 2006 by love_ to_ shopQueen1

basically this is the best phone in the world.

you can see your texts or messages from the outside screen

big keys for easy texting and dialing

easy menu to find things

MP3 player. you can use your songs as ring tones--just buy a 7$ data cable for your computer to upload songs to your phone

v-cast is beautiful.

camera is wonderful with video.

great size. nice design

when you get a text or call a rainbow light show comes up-->good for people who like that stuff

changeable banner

changeable clock size

good wallpapers-you can use pics you take for wallpaper too

you can use video for your wallpaper too!!

set pic for someones contact

loud ringers

loud spkerphone and speaker(at side of phone)

stub for antenna

excellent screens looks great in the sun

flash and flash light HAHAH

long battery


i could go on for hours if i had the time haha


this is the best phone i have ever had., i think anyone will love it. buy it. it's fabulous.

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Very good phone!


Jan 27, 2006 by madisonmom22

I have had this phone for just under 2 weeks and played around with many features. I upgraded from a LG VX7000 which was a great phone. But here are some of the best features that made the upgrade worth it:

-Bluetooth -- very clear and easy to use
-Camera -- 1.3mp is really fun, especially when you have active little kids you want to take pix and take with you (upgrade to v07 if your phone didn't come with it to get rid of the annoying camera delay) FYI-- the zoom fuction does not work in the highest resolutionm but does work for shooting FLIX.
-Speakers -- clear, loud if you want it that way-- fun for music or good for listening to a conference call
-Function keys in front -- intended mostly for mp3 use, but great for managing calls, reading and scrolling text and lists of calls

I have the VCAST subscription free for a month so I need to use it some more to see if it's worth keeping thereafter. The videos are really fun -- especially getting my Daily Show fix the next day when I don't feel like staying up late!

I am disappointed that VZW makes you pay $15/month for VCAST music, PLUS .99/song if downloaded to computer or 1.99/song if downloaded directly to phone. Wish they adopted the iTunes philosophy of free service/software and making their money on the hardware and tunes. I may wait this out on the music to see what happens down the road. The phone will still play your burned mp3s if you know the workaround and can live without the function keys on the front of the phone.

All in all, a really cool and easy to use phone and I highly recommend it!

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Simply the Best!!


Jan 12, 2006 by scott_madison1

You can't go wrong with this phone! It's hands down the best phone I've ever had. It is simply amazing how loud and clear its speakers are, I've never heard a phone that was as loud and distortion free.

very loud speaker
mp3 player
1.3 mp camera
data cable compatible (bitpim)
great clarity talking and listening.
good signal strenght
good battery life
multiple alarms.
good sturdy design
read texts on outside of screen

slow camera (to be fixed with version 6 update)

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Great Phone


Oct 20, 2005 by Pepesw

Sturdy, very user friendly menu. I figured out 90% of the phone just from playing around with it and not from the included manual. The pics are a great quality outside, and good inside with bright lighting. The video is smooth. Ring tones loud and clear. It is a bit bulkier than my last phone, a Samsung. But that phone also did not have picture or video. There are two things that I don't like on the phone and both are important features that I use constantly so that is a problem. The voice recognition is very bad. My last phone had only 20 slots that were programmed with my voice for voice-dialing. But, they were flawless. This phone will dial anyone in your phone book, but it makes tons of mistakes, and is very long and cumbersome to get to the final call connection. A verizon rep. told me that it has even more trouble recognizing male voices that are deeper in pitch. Also, when the voice system repeats back the caller you are trying to reach, it sounds nothing at all like the name. The second complaint is the blue tooth. I have tried Moto HS 820, Jabra and Moto HS850 wireless blue tooth headsets. And with every one I have complaints from the person that I am talking to that they keep hearing their own voice echoing back to them. And that they are too distracted to talk on it. On my end, they sound fine. The echoing is on their end only. Verizon admitted to knowing about this problem, but could not do anything about it at this time.

Sturdy and Strong construction
Clear, easy to read display
Quality pics in bright conditions
Extremely user friendly menu
Good battery life, considering the multi functions
Great Video abilities

Very bad voice recognition system
Blue tooth headset echoes back for other party
picture capture is slow after pressing "snap" button
Speaker phone usable, but not great quality

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LG 8100 Vs. 9800


Oct 2, 2005 by Frank V

I posted over on the LG 9800 thread, that I was exchanging my 8100 for it. This is an update. Today, after holding the phone some more and testing some of its features, I've decided to keep my 8100.

The 8100 is a great phone, I was just planning to opt for something "new and improved" but I think the 9800 falls short. The speakers are located on the inside of the candy-bar clam shell, not good if you're trying to speak on it.

Contrary to what others have said, the screens are identical (held both of them in my hands, side by side) and fine screens they are, large, bright, contrasty and vivid. If you an old-timer like me, and want large fonts, then don't get the 9800, the fonts are smaller. The outside numbers are also smaller on the 9800, though the QWERTY keyboard is a nice touch.

All in all, with the louder speakers, less awkward shape, larger keys and larger fonts, I've opted to keep the 8100, it's a great phone.

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