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Very Very Nice Phone!


Oct 24, 2005 by peanut4

I came over from the e815. I like the lg8100 very much. Very sturdy, lots of features that work well. Pictures come out very nice. I like the alert of incoming calls or you have a message from. I think this is the most advanced phone out there and I am gonna enjoy it. So far reception has been strong. Highly recommended. California

Amazing phone.


Oct 20, 2005 by StellarX

This phone is like the perfect woman. She's beautiful, does whatever I want, and never ceases to amaze me with her new talents. However, like many beautiful women, she is faced with a few insecurities that really aren't that bad, but still bother you a bit. So to make you and her happy you have to go through a little bit of trouble. (Buy a MiniSD card for MP3 files, do a little bit of hacking to get your bluetooth and BitPim working) But in the end you'll still love her alot more than that Motorola skank and you know it :(

i love it


Oct 14, 2005 by blueandyellow

ive only had my phone for a few days, but i already love it. i had the lg vx-6100 which i absolutely loved, but it was getting beat up so i bought the lg vx-5200 which i really liked but when i would personalize ringtones it would still ring sometimes on vibrate and silent. so i bought the 8100. the camera is a little slow to take pictures sometimes, but you just gotta be patient. other than that this phone is fantastic. i think my favorite part is that you can put a video clip as your wallpaper. this is a really great phone.



Oct 13, 2005 by mike3847

Very impressed with this phone. Love the MP3 feature. Have 180 songs on my 1 gb mini sd card and still have room. Sounds great with the Jabra headset. All you need to really customize this phone is a mini sd card (strongly recommend 1 gb for between $60-$80, because you will use it), a card reader for your computer (recommend the Sandisk 12-in-1 at Walmart for $27), and the data cable which can be purchased from Verizon for $40 in the office kit for the LG VX6100. They will try to tell you it won't work for the 8100, but it will. They don't want to admit that there are other ways for people to get ringtones without paying for them. The software that comes with the kit is junk, so you need to download BITPIM. It will let you transfer MP3s as ringtones to your phone very easily. Plus it transfers your phone back and forth too, so it's easier to enter numbers on the computer, and then swap it to your phone. The card reader is strictly for transferring MP3 songs and pictures to your phone. I personally like to have better quality pics for my wallpapers, so I transfer them from my real camera. Look much better. The camera on the phone is good though. First camera phone I have had, but it's great for quicky shots when you don't have your real camera. I like the video feature, too. I use voice memos a lot, and this one can do 200 of them at 1 minute each. Great! If you have any questions about it, email me directly at mc19991999@hotmail.com and I'd be glad to answer them for you.

Backing the reputation


Oct 13, 2005 by xemo_jag

To start off, Ive never been a big LG fan. I've always been a big moto type of guy. I work for verizon and usually hear the opinions of most my customers about the phones. I've always been told that LG is a great brand and haven't ever been all that impressed having owned one LG before, but try to keep an unbiased opinion. I've owned the v710 and e815. Both of which are great phones but thought that both were lacking somewhat. I got the lg-vx8100 after comparing all the features and talking to some of my customers. I have been very impressed and more than satisfied with the quality of the phone. I would definitely recommend it to anyone

-External and internal screens are awesome (and both can be customized differently)
-Battery life is great (charge every other day instead of everyday with moto)
-Cameara quality surpasses all others
-Bluetooth quality
-For an all digital phone reception is great even in areas where tri-mode has shown to be better
-speakerphone (stereo speakers age great)
-MP3 player
-MINI SD is great...very convienent for storage and access
-great to be able to read text and pix messages from outside display
------could go on about the pro's-----

-Not being able to change volume settings from outside (not a big deal)
-Voice commands are little awkward compared to motorola
-As for customization, hate the new user interface on all the new VZW phones, not a big fan of red
Overall nothing that i would say to be
a real con agaisnt going with this phone

Excellent phone. Best I've had.


Sep 26, 2005 by stevek46

This phone is EXCELLENT! I have owned the LG VX 6000, 8000 and Motorola V710. And this phone (VX 8100) is the best and has the most features i will use. I have the Motorola HS820 ear piece to use with it, and it works great. I also bought a 256MB memory card to hold some music files and to store videos and pics when my phones memory runs out. It has 26MB internal memory, so it should be a while.
Here are some of the Pros and Cons.

-Excellent Blue tooth clarity and "voice pickup". I use the Motorola HS820.
-Small size. This actually feels like a cell phone unlike the Vx8000 i used to have, which felt like a regular old house phone.
-Can use the memory card to play whole MP3s. Phone has a very good MP3 player, which can be used with the flip open or closed.
-Good speaker phone. But I don't use it anymore since I have the Bluetooth headset.
-I can use the data cable to create my own MP3 ringtones.(A feature that I absolutely love)
-Stub antennae. I thought I would like the extendable antennae on the 8000, but I hate it. Felt like I was going to break it.
-Can use flix as wallpaper for both front and main screens.
-Very good camera.
-Buttons on the front are very convenient for the MP3 player and for reading text messages w/o opening the phone.
-The software update fixed the volume bug. The rep at Verizon told me there is gonna be another update coming out in mid October to "further enhance Blue tooth capabilities". That's all he said.
-The ability to completely customize your calendar appointments. With the 8000, I couldn't get the phone to vibrate when a reminder came up, just the ringer would sound. With the 8100, I have the option of turning the vibrate on or off. VERY NICE.

-The only thing that does bug me, but not a complaint is the Bluetooth headset when I first start it, it sometimes doesn't recognize my voice. I have to initalize it from the voice key on the phone.

I'm tough to please with phones, but THIS PHONE IS EXCELLENT.

Almost Perfect Phone


Sep 20, 2005 by bkw79

I've had this phone since the middle of July when it first came out, and I've also had the Version 4 software, and compared it to the Moto razr v3 for Cingular, and the Moto E815 for Verizon.

Pros: Excellent screens, in and out.
Able to customize screens, i,e remove eri banner, change clock size, add or remove your own banner. Pix caller ID and Video Caller ID on the outside and inside screen. The menu, while some say its bland, is very user-friendly, the most user-friendly of any phone that I have ever seen. Infact, the menu, is a "common sense" type menu. The phone had excellent speakers, good "vibrate" mode. Phone has a flashlight that can be enabled from the camera as well as a nice speakerphone. Good 1.3megapixel cam, nice memory space on board, and the ability to have up to 1 gigabyte of added/removable memory. Since the version 4 update...the mp3 player is excellent, it would be nice to have a playlist, but its the best on the market by far in my opinion. Comes with equalizer and all. I also love the fact that you can transer your own pics, music vids, movies, full songs, and just about anything you want, right to your mini sd card from your computer. The phone itself has excellent build quality, and is a perfect size.

Cons: The earpiece volume sometimes fluctuates a little, although not as bad after the version 4 update. I have heard this will be addressed in the next software version for the phone. It would be nice to have full "OBEX" for the bluetooth. Bluetooth, however, is one of the last things that I and about 90% of cell phone users would care about. At least it works with bluetooth headsets, which is what the majority of bluetooth users want it for anyway. This phone would easily be a perfect 5...but I give it a 4.9 because the earpiece volume does fluctuate sometimes. But, I am sure it will be corrected shortly, and when it does.........this phone, while already the best in my opinion, will be in a class of it's own!

Love it!


Sep 3, 2005 by monicajoys

I have had the phone for about 3 weeks and I absolutely love it. I Owned the 6000 then I ended up getting the moto v265 (BIG MISTAKE) Problem after problem forced me to get another phone...so I upgraded to the 8100 and I couldn't be more pleased.

- Front and inside screens very clear
- Definately sturdy, I think it would take me throwing it against the wall for it to break (I am especially impressed with the hinge...definately one of the sturdiest available
- Menus are easy to navigate
- Ability to view text messages from front screen
- Extremely loud ring (It isn't often that I sleep through it...which could be bad too i guess...lol)
- Takes great pics
- Blue tooth
- MP3 PLAYER!!!!! (can you tell I'm excited?)

- Delay on the camera, It really isn't that big of a deal with me though

That is really about all the CONS I can think of...

Overall this is a great phone...I would recommend it to anyone (as a matter of fact I did to my parents)

Get it. Get it Now! ;)


Aug 4, 2005 by Static

Yet another superb phone from LG. This phone is so well-built. I cannot stress or convey just how solid the 8100 is. I really can't say anything that's not already been said, so I'll simply put in my pros and cons to support the 8100 even further.


2. Speaker/sound quality is amazing.
3. Menu navigation is very user-friendly.
4. Camera quality is top-notch as well.
5. Crisp, vibrant screens.


1. Nothing. Seriously.

This phone is so well-made and excellent-looking. It's smooth design and size makes it extremely comfortable to hold. Definitely the best phone I've ever put against my face. Get it. Get it Now!

Awesome piece of equipment!


Feb 6, 2006 by alex.s.moore

I have had an 8100 for a week, and I love it. The next "solid" awesome LG model.

great reception (just as strong as my Moto E815)
Solid build, perfect size
Great ergonomics
loud ringers
Great vibrate
big, bright screen
great camera quality
great speakerphone (after all, it's an LG)
great battery life for a standard battery

Some times locks up when trying to use bluetooth and camera at the same time (but this was a rare and isolated incident)
Thats about it!

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