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Best Phone I've Ever Had!


Jan 9, 2006 by XLR8

YOU CAN turn off the front light show!

Settings and Tools
Status Light - turn it off there.


Bluetooth works fantastic with my Prius
Mini SD
MP3 (able to play through my car aux input)
Front screen
Good size (for me)
Beautiful display
Games (classic for me) are great
Button layout nice
Easy to use
Good quality sound (I'm not having the trouble that some folks are with this)


Voice dial is tedious (call someone - please say a name) you don't record your own voice for the name, it's computer interpreted I believe and it's awkward.

So far, that's it...just one con for me.

I've had it for about 4 days or so.

Best bang for the buck IMHO.




Jan 9, 2006 by VerizonLG

I have tested sevrel phones for Verizon Wireless . I tested the LG VX8100, the Motorola E815, and the Samsung A950. The VX8100 is by far better than all of them. The LG VX8100 offers great reception, very solid sound quality, EV-DO technology, 1.3 mega Pixel Digital Camera and camcorder, MP3 Player,and comming soon, Music on Demand. There are a lot more features, but i dont have that kind of time to list them. I strongly reccomend you to buy the VX8100. It is better than any of the V-Cast phones i have tested. It is a great build off of the 8000 which is a build off of the 7000 and so on.

Pros: Great camera, MP3 player, Music on Deamnd, Speakerphone, solid sound quality, sterio sound, and so on.

CONS: OEM battery only lasts a day or two. I reccomend buying extended life battery.

lg does it again


Aug 2, 2005 by cbg1981

i have owned the phone for two weeks now and i have to say its an awesome phone, its all i expected and more.

nice camera (1.3 for a phone is good)
great speakerphone
vibrate is unbelieveable
great sound
beautiful in and out displays
reception is better(compared to 7000) for me
battery life
sd slot
i could go on but i think i'll stop here

mp3 player not what i expected(90% figured out)

8100 knocks out razor in first round


Apr 9, 2006 by letitridebaby

I have had a very hard time deciding which Verizon phone was best for me after leaving Nextel and the 8100 wins. The first day I joined I purchased a razor thinking it was a great phone, 3 days later and 3 phones later I gave up on it. The service rep suggested I try the E815 as it was there most reliable phone. When he took it out of the box to program it for me it was D.O.A. This made me think long and hard if I should purchase this phone but he told me that had never happened before so I bought it. That night I plugged it in to the charger and woke up the next morning and it never charged. OK so now I am mad but civil and go to verizon (my second home now) and they tell me to buy the samsung 970 which I did because I figured hey it is the most expensive phone so it must be good. When am I going to learn that lesson. This phone was slower then a race between sumo wrestlers. Finally I went back and talked to a phone tech. he looked at me and said why did you buy that what you need is the lg 8100. I told him that I have listened to two peoples suggestions and all it has given me is phone headaches. He then told me that he had one and most of the other techs do also so I bought one. It is the greatest phone ever. I have not been this impressed with a phone since I got my first startac. PRO'S- This phone has amazing bright displays with very rich color, great reception, very fast menu's, easy to upload your own mp3's, you can even disable the turn on/ turn off sounds and the verizon banner plus more personal touches can be made. The only con I have is that it doesn't have an internal antenna, but that might be why it has such great reception. Trust me, try this phone you will love it. It is also a steal at 69.99 after rebate right now. nothing else at that price point can touch it. To make it even better it is buy one get one free this week. I have never written a product review before, but I had to do it for this phone-



Oct 6, 2005 by tom4118

Ive owned the LG6000, LG7000, Sam a670, Mot v710, Mot E815 and the LG 8100 is handsdown the best phone Ive owned so far(even though the E815 gives it some good competition).

1. Good looking phone. The phone is also sturdy and feels good in hand. Very Solid phone.

2. Speaker Phone is great. Crisp and Clear. The stereo Speakers are much better and LOUDER than E815's speaker. Ringtones and Mp3s sound superb on the stereo speakers.

3. Both screens have the best quality and clearity than any other phone Ive ever owned! Much better than E815. Front screen features are great. View Text, Missed Calls, and also control bluetooth all on the front screen with the flip closed.

4. Bluetooth is also a very useful feature. Ive used both the Jabra bt130 and 250. Both work well. Suprisingly, I prefer the 130.

5. I love the camera and Video options, can use both with closed flip. Widescreen option is the S*@t. I love watching clips and music videos widescreen. Some guys n gals on this forum watch whole shows and even movies on this phone!?!?! Wow, what a great feature.


1. If u are looking to personilize ur phone with ringers,videos,clips,mp3s, and movies, it will initially cost you. U have to buy DATA CABLE, SD CARD, CARD READER, AND DOWNLOAD BITPIM. Its worth it at the end though.

2. Verizon service is GREAT on the 8100 but is SUPERB on the E815.

3. The earpiece on the phone is low compared to other phones. The Update dosent take care of this Problem.

Phenomenal Psychedelic Powerhouse!


Sep 14, 2005 by demkid

I finally feel like I can now write an educated and thorough review of the VX-8100, after owning it for 2 months and obtaining the first upgrade. Before the 8100 I was an AT&T/Cingular customer and had versions of the Motorola V60 for a few years. Once I switched to Verizon (for local coverage reasons) I decided to go big and get the newest available phone. It just so happened that the 8100 was released the day my Cingular contract expired. I had also done some research and was looking forward to getting a substantially upgraded phone. Overall, I am very pleased with my first LG.

PROS (in no particular order):

1. Build quality and look: Very sturdy clamshell design, good size, not too bulky. Good-looking blue front cover.

2. External and internal screens: Vibrant, crisp, easy to navigate.

3. Great speakerphone: Clear, good volume, only occasional issues with the other party hearing an echo.

4. Text messages and missed calls can be read without opening the phone.

5. Bluetooth: First experience with this technology has been terrific! So convenient.

6. Camera/Video: Although I haven't really fooled around much with video (and my area doesn't have VCAST quite yet), the camera is very good...takes clear pictures in normal light conditions. (Clear enough to get out of a parking ticket, even!)

7. MP3 Player! (I told you these were in no particular order.) So far I have been thrilled with the player...I have loaded over 100 songs and the 3D Surround Sound is amazing coming out of the speakers. Haven't put any videos on the card yet, but I'm sure I'll be amazed there as well.

8. Reception: No major issues.


1. Had to exchange the first phone I had because the outside screen wouldn't light up at the correct times...haven't experienced this with the new phone.

2. Inability to use mp3s/sounds as ringtones...forced to pay Verizon for them!

3. Have to open the phone to change ring settings...ok, fine, I'm strecthing it.

Lovin it, lovin it, lovin it


Aug 2, 2005 by Jewlz117

First off.. why are so many people saying that they cannot have the vibrate AND ringtone work at the same time? I do it on my vx8100?? If you have your main option as.. lets say 'high volume' and then just go to 'call sounds' under 'call settings' and turn the 'call vibrate' on.. then it will RING and VIBRATE at the same time. I don't understand the problem? Anyway.. I think this phone is absolutely amazing. The camera is wonderful.. my bluetooth works great.. voice recognition is good.. the disco lights are entertaining =) .. the option to get texts on the front of the phone is crazy.. the battery is pretty good.. the speaker phone is loud.. the phone itself is sturdy as hell.. reception is great.. i mean.. the phone does what it needs to PLUS a whole lot more. the only reasons i did not give it a 5 out of 5 is because i am really upset about having sounds in that 'sound' folder and not being able to use them as ringtones. if ANYBODY figures out how to hack this.. PLEASE email me at egychika7@hotmail.com =) that would be just danddyyy. and of course.. the other bad glitch with this phone is that we are still waiting for the mp3 to do its thing.. whoooo knows. the phone though is seriously Lg's best yet. it took me a week to decide on whether i should get this phone or the moto e815 but i am definitely glad i picked this one. also.. for those thinking the battery does not last as much? if you do not use EVDO.. then simply shut that option off - i found it to be saving a LOT of my battery life. to shut this option off.. simply do the following:
hit "OK" to take you to the main menu and then type in "OOOOOOO" for the service code. then select option 3: network select and hit 'mode preference' .. then choose '1X Only'. This will take off the EVDO icon that appears on the top of the screen and will only keep the 1X icon showing. Since the phone wont be searching for EVDO service.. it saves a lot of the battery. very nice if you ask meee!

Great phone, no complaints so far!


Jul 27, 2005 by wicked

I have owned Lg phones since the 510. I must say this is the best one yet.

-display main and front
-memory card slot
-AWESOME menu's
-camera is great
-ringers ARE LOUD

-speaker phone
-earpiece sound, could be a bit higher, i blame this on the hole designs on phone and where you place it on your ear...play around with it
-mp3 not fully funtional (yet)
-only comes in blue

-big speakers (but sound great)
-cant put it on vibrate without opening phone
-front buttons not totally functional (yet)

After The Update


Aug 24, 2005 by WeaponX434

This is the greatest phone I have ever owned. I have worked for Verizon for the last 2 years and this is the best phone they have carried.


1. Size - For the features it has they kept the size down and the shape comfortable

2. Features - Bluetooth, MP3 player, EV-DO, mini SD slot, stereo speakers, color display on the outside, ton of memory, 1.3 mega pixel camera with flash aka flashlight, and my personal favorite - the ability to read your text messages and cancel calls from the outside.

3. Reception - Better than my 6100 and my 4400

4. Battery Life - Even with the features

5. Speakerphone is very loud


1. Camera still has a little delay

2. My girlfriend yells at me because I play with it too much.

The phone is a tank and I mean that in the best way. Well designed with a solid hinge. This is the best phone Verizon has ever carried but I am excited to see what they come out with in the next year.

Wonderful phone....


Jul 17, 2005 by DCMarvel

I work in the tech field in Alabama where we work on alot of phone tech. I am extremely happy with this phone. It is not perfect but pretty close. Hopefully the wasted front buttons will be put to use soon. I do see a need for a firmware update in the near future to work out a few little problems.

1.3 mpixel camera
stereo speaks
future mp3 player already worked in (front buttons)
good reception
great build quality
nice looks
great front screen
loud rinders
vibrate and ring mode is strong
easy to navigate menus

mp3 player hidden (for now)
camera is not the best quality due to small lense
the light show on the cover might turn some people off

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