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cool phone!


Oct 9, 2008 by oreogirl313

overall a good phone! here are my pros:
good internal screen
easy to text
good signal
external screen
music player
good battery life
easy to carry in your pocket

the camera has a loooooong delay
video capture is only 15 mins.

Great Phone!!


Jun 24, 2006 by lilmf03

This phone is really great. i have had this phone for about 2 months and i haven't encountered any problems at all. there are many pluses about this phone and not many cons.

Pros: Great Duel Color Screens
Awesome speakers
very good mp3 player
Data cable capable- if u get that your set with ringtones, music, pictures all for free
Very good 1.3 Mega pixel camera-- Pix and Flix
Nice Mini sd slot
nice keyboard
easy menu to navigate through
sound quality is great

Cons: cant use speaker phone while phone is closed
the battery life could be a little longer

And for everyone, i know a couple tricks about this phone, 1 of them is that there is a secret media player in the phone

to get to that you have to hit the menu button, hit seven times, go down to get it now settings, got all the way down to get it now, and voila, you will see a media player there



Jun 10, 2006 by jhass

I have had the 8100 for about 6+ months, an upgrade from the 8000. The phone is a decent size smaller compared to the 8000 (I didnt mind the 8000's size). The phone has ok talk time I would rate it with a full charge of 3.5 hours talk time and enough standby time. It has bluetooth, 1.3mp camera which is very nice (except when taking photos/video the image is shown on the outside display which is good but if your trying to be secretive its not good) mp3 player with expandable mini sd card slot, speakerphone is maybe an 8 out of 10. Both the displays are decent size and are bright enough. Unfortunately you cannot make mp3's ringtones unlike the w600 and the SGH-d807 from cingular (I have cingular as well with the SGH-D807).

Great Phone!!!


Jun 7, 2006 by liquifiedgr00ve

A couple of months ago I had a Kyocera KX2, and It was definitely time for an upgrade. So when it come time to decide what phone I wanted for my demo line I was a bit torn between the 8100 and the Razr. Boy am I glad I didn't get the Razr.
I don't really do alot with my phone. I check my email occasionally, text alot, and of course I talk on it. I love that this phone has taken the place of my mp3 player. It doesn't really matter to me if it's mp3 or WMA format as long as I can hear it. And the sound on this phone is great. It sounds good through the speakers, but I listen to my songs mostly through headphones anyway. I couldn't imagine a more perfect phone for me.

Text on the outside
Predictive text (T-9)
Crisp display
Expandable Memory
Great speaker (speaker phone)
MP3 controls on the outside
Status lights (you can actually turn the camera flash on and use it as a flashlight...helped me find my keys on more than one occasion)

Stub antenna (not so much a problem if you don't live in a rural community)
can't access menu from the outside
not VZnavigator enabled

VX8100= complete satisfaction


Apr 6, 2006 by cellularswapper

I've had my 8100 for about 3 weeks but, i've been interacting with them for a year or so, my friend has one too!!!
I've been part of the LG family for quite a while because I love the way they are built, there quality, and it's simple yet, classy style!
I started with my LG vx7000 a cool phone but wanted a change so i went to the RAZR boy, what a mistake, the razr made you happy to be an lg customer, so i ended up buying the vx8100 (for retail price, shows you how much i wanted to get a way from that Razr)!!!

pros: -Those cool colored lights, which i know some people dont like but they can be turned off anyway
-how secure it feels in my hand and how heavy it is to stay there
-the dual speakers,wonderful feature, kinda like a miny surround sound
- reading txt messages when phone is closed
- the ability to take that aggravating banner off the main screen
-menu is very easy for quick navigation
-the camera and video are spectacular, the color selection: solari is my favorite. that flash is nice and bright
- ability to change wallpaper on front and main screen
-the big display screen
-strong hinge flip; no squeaking
-expandable memory, only if i can find out how to download ringtones
-raised number keys on keypad, something that the razr lacked. because i txt very often and can txt without looking at the keys most of the time, with the razr it was just a flat surface
-strong vibrate
-ring and vibrate option
CONS:- The stub antenna
-you can record sounds but u cant use them as ringtones, opposed to my vx7000
-cant use speaker when phone is closed

All in all this is the best phone yet and i've been through quite a few.
If your looking for a phone that's easy to use and has some of the best software, and some of the coolest features, and txt and pix friendly phone, this is the device for you!!

better phone than most


Mar 25, 2006 by kvandy

Well, I have had the razr 3vc and the lg8100 for the last month and I think that it is the 'little things' that the lg offers makes it a much better phone. I think they are both really good phones I never had any dropped calls with either but over all I think the lg has more to offer. The only things that I miss on the razr is the reception was just a little better, bluetooth defiantly worked better, the tex was larger (due to the larger screen) and of course the slim size.

-very good reception (never dropped a call)
-speaker phone is very loud and pretty clear
-great quality/color to both main and outside screens
-LOVE the outside screen, pictures show thru perfect and that you can view tex messages without opening the phone
-LOVE that when I am talking to a person their pic id shows for the entire call for both incoming and outgoing.
-phone feels solid, can hold it between your ear and head very comfortable
-mp3 player will be a plus once I figure out how to download songs
-ability to remove the verizon banner at the top of both the front and main screens
-Camera quality's very good (MUCH better than the razr)
-ability to teach the phone new words thru t9 which is very easy and familiar to use
-menu is very easy to maneuver around and find what ever it is what you need
-very good battery life, have left the phone on for days without a charge
-great vibrate mode
-offers a flash for pics and flix
-great internal memory and nice being able to add extra with a memory card
-easy one touch dialing for all numbers (not just the first 9 like with alot of other phones)
-I like the corney disco lights on the front

-ringtones are not great, especially short allert sounds for different type of messages
-tex size is pretty small (for the over 40 eyes!) wish you could make it bigger
-no ability to adjust/edit a picture once you take it
-phones a little bulky, but manageable
-wish I could use the speaker phone with the phone closed

It's a Keeper!


Jan 5, 2006 by babyc07

I owned this phone for a short while and sold it to try out another one of similar value. Safe to say, I am back with the LG 8100 because I love this phone. I have always been an LG fan and this phone has kept me a loyal one at that.

- Awesome display both in and out.
- Camera quality is fantastic, good for messaging or to send to an email.
- Bluetooth sinks very well with earpieces.
- New menu system. Took some getting used to, but is pretty user friendly.
- MP3 Player, need I say more?
- Good shape and size, I can't handle those teenie tiny phones, this one is just right.
- Dual speakers are great for MP3 and for VCast.

- Flashing "Disco" lights on the outside are permanent, you can't change them.
- Camera has a funny delay on taking the picture (2-3 seconds it seems)

Overall, I would very much recommend this phone to anyone considering the purchase. (I have even owned it twice, so this counts as a double recommendation)

A Good Call :)


Dec 29, 2005 by Larry Marx

I have to give my VX8100 the highest marks across the board. It appears that LG has worked out all the bugs people were talking about and from all the reviews I’ve read !. The sound quality is superb, real good audio very impressive. The onboard camera and video feature are just amazing, I’ve been having so much fun with my family and friends playing with this phone! I also love the bigger buttons for dialing and the bigger screen for viewing videos and pictures ! Too many bells and whistles to mention here. A real great Cell phone !

Con: The only problem I ran into was, a wirelesszone Store on Rt. 33 in Hamilton NJ was trying to talk me out of buying this Phone a couple of times. The phone he wanted to sell me (I won’t mention the name ) had one of the lowest (Phone Scoop) rating among all the cell phone that’s out on the market today ! I was real disappointed with this store, I gave them 5 years of my business but not no more !
I ended up getting my VX8100 on Verizon’s Website for free with a 2 year plan ! That store not only lost a sale ($149.00) but also lost a customer!

Very impressed


Oct 29, 2005 by dsignori

I have had the 8100 for 10 days or so now, and it is great so far. I love the feel/build of the phone (I had the 6000 a while ago). I came form the Moto 710 and I have to say that LG is my favorite manufacture by far.

The reception has been great so far (contrary to what I had read before purchasing), the screens are vivid and bright, the phone is responsive (except for the slight camera delay, which I don't care about), and I have not had any "volume fluctuation" problem that seems to be prevalent with this model. I have no need to close the phone with the speaker phone on , which is apparently important to some (I can't possibly figure out why) and I use bluetooth much of the time anyway. I love the MP3 player using the front buttons, and if you use the phone as an alarm, the front buttons can be used to "snooze" and end the alarm.

As always, your milage may vary, but I am extremely impressed and would recommend to all.



Oct 24, 2005 by sprint_import

If you have read the older reviews on this phone, it didnt rate to well. Since then LG and VERIZON have worked out virtually all of the bugs to make this phone near perfect. I came from a MOTOROLA V710, which I used for around 6 months. When I finally received my credit towards a new phone I was expecting to walk-in and Upgrade to the MOTOROLA E815, Soon enough I found myself talking to the verizon rep and he told me I should really give it a try. So I did.

-GREAT CAMERA! (especially compared to E815 AND V710)
-OUTSIDE SCREEN (read text messages without opening phone, have flix as your wallpaper)(Much, much better than e815 and 710)
-SPEAKER! (very loud)
-SCREEN (beutiful, crystal display)
-BLUETOOTH (connects almost instantly, without any problems, crystal clear)

Camera delay is a bit long (1-2 seconds)

I have really come to like this phone alot, In my opinion, save the 50$ and get the 8100, you wont be dissapointed!

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