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Super Great Phone


Oct 24, 2005 by teddy2789

I love this phone, it has so much to offer, the internet is great, and the programs are nice and easy to get from the screen without searching all over the place. Despite what is being said with Active Sync you can download Pictures and Ring Tones right onto your phone without fancy programs, also with Sim Manager you can transfer your old Sim Card info right onto the phone, and transfer it back onto you new Sim Card without having to go to a Dealer to do it for you

Overall one of the best phone from Nextel in a long time.


Bluetooth Capable with SDIO Card
Active Sync
Internet Explorer
Sim Manager
MSN Messenger
Windows Media
Status Light
Weight Decent/Not Heavy
Great Reception compared to other Nextel’s
Quick-Release Hinge (I love that)
Microsoft Smartphone OS


Battery Life
Bulky Unit

I love my i930


Jul 12, 2007 by lvtiggr20

The only reason i rate this phone a 4.5 is because Sprint/Nextel can't seem to get it together enough that the text/MMS works properly without having to call them several times a month to have them "reset" the messaging server. I have had this phone since before it came out and I love it I have no other complaints, true the battery doesn't last the whole day especially if you are texting or using the PTT but thats about it even tho its doesn't have blue-tooth it's still a great phone. I just can't seem to get past the delayed text messages especially since I send so many. I get great reception on it ever since the merger service has gotten better however there are a few hiccups in it and that is sprints bad not the phone. I have my calendar & all my contacts synced and at one time I used it for corporate e-mail but no longer which also worked great. I even have been able to create my own ring tones and system sounds which work great. there is a program out there you can get for the phone with photo and ring tone assignments if you want that.

Great phone, only a couple of little quirks.


Jan 2, 2006 by kstrike155

I also have a Motorola MPx 220 from Cingular. Many of these pros and cons are comparisons to this phone.

I am located in the Danbury, CT area using Nextel obviously.

Windows Mobile 2003
Great, bright screen. Probably the clearest I have seen.
Very loud and clear speaker.
The earpiece is VERY clear and natural.
Great RF! I usually get one or two bars better than my girlfriend's i760.
The phone's color scheme is very sharp. Does not look cheap at all.
Status light!
Push-button flip!
Large outside display.
Decent camera... much better than the MPx 220.
Full size SD card slot!
Infared port.
Buttons spaced far apart for those of us with larger fingers.
You can do a LOT of stuff without even opening the phone:
- Call someone
- Alert someone
- 2-way someone
- Browse through recent calls
- Answer a call
- End a call
- Adjust ringer volume
- Put on vibrate
Can be unlocked for use with GSM carriers (i.e. Cingular and T-Mobile, both of which worked great for me).

If you play with your phone alot or make a lot of calls, keep an extra battery or charger around, as it will last about 1/2 a day.
No bluetooth!!!
Somewhat large, but not larger than the older i95/i90 phones. I don't feel this phone on my hip.
Outside display does not have very many colors, and the resolution is lower making things look pixelated and the colors weird. Not that big of a deal though.

Need to "hack" the following manually:
- WiDen access - can access Nextel's high speed internet on this phone with speeds up to 80k. Just need to find a way to do it (pretty easy).
- The phone is locked from the factory so that you can only install Sprint/Nextel certified applications. This can also be unlocked.

At some point, hopefully bluetooth will be able to be added using a bluetooth SDIO card, but for now we are waiting for drivers that will work with the i930. All in all a GREAT phone that does a LOT. By far the best Nextel phone to date. Get it if you can!

The I930, more than I expected


Oct 19, 2005 by E_DUB33

It only lacks bluetooth tech, other than that its the best phone out right now. I am doing everything but washing dishes with the phone. It doesn't have the picture caller ID but if you go on the spring.com/handango site it has many upgrades for Smartphones, one of which is a picture caller ID download. If u really want Bluetooth just get a BT SD card and there you have it. Everything is so customizable for the I930. Due note for the picture caller ID program aforementioned, it will not show a picture on the external screen, only internal so think about that before you grab this program

the right info


Oct 9, 2005 by chris81788

some info on the other reviews is incorrect.

the phone does NOT have blue-tooth.

ring tones have never been easier. all you have to do is drag the files from windows right on to your phone. the phone will even save complete MP3's which can be used as ringtones also! there are even stereo headphones available for this phone (moto part# NNTN5774)

you can also copy most video files from your computer to your phone and play them back.

web browsing is better than any other nextel phone (except for the BB)

you can set pictures as wall paper, but pictures can NOT be assigned to contacts.

overall one of the best phones out from Nextel in a while.

watch out though...shes got some hips on her (a little thick)

This Phone is alot better then pepole say it is


Oct 14, 2005 by RKnight2fast4u

I have had this phone for a little over a week now. I am still trying to learn a few things with it but I purchased a 1 GB SD card from Circuit City today for $69.99 and I have very easily transfered a whole lot of songs onto it and now I am able to use it just like an iPOD. I have been waiting for this phone for a very long long time just like many of you have as well. I was also wondering if any of you knew how or if its possible to save a bluetooth file to an sd card to use the phone with bluetooth, or even if you are able to save an emulator like Nintendo NES for example and play the games on the phone. Thanks in advance and don't talk down this phone because it is alot better then alot of people have said.

i930 for the pro not the phone toy


Oct 8, 2005 by pangui

this is definetly for the profesionals and definetly not for the people who just like to have the cool phones contrary to popular misguidence this phone is bluetooth capable (jv250) but no you can not load your own ring tones and if you can i have not figured it out and you can not add a pic to a caller like the 860 i suggest the people how like the cool phones stick with the 860 but if you are a profesionall that need to keep up with emails and the internet this phone is for you

Great Full Featured & Expandable Phone From Nextel


Oct 9, 2005 by cfd954

First of all this is a really great phone for the nextel network from all that they have out right now. Yes the phone is much thicker than it's predecessors but it makes up for this just alone with the improved RF signal. The phone also has alot of upsides as well it has an mp3 player so you can listen to music, it also has a SD card slot that you can store your music, ringtones and wallpapers on.


Bluetooth Capable (Through the SD Card Slot)
Status Light
Great RF
Decent Battery Life
Windows 2003 Mobile (Yes it may be older but it has more programs available for it)
Able to roam onto GSM when traveling abroad


65K Screen (I think they could have at least put a 262k in)
Bulky Size (This is made up for in reception though)

Overall despite what many have said I have found this phone to be one of the best nextel's that i have had yet. In the past I have had the i90, i95, i285, i730, i760, i830, i836, i860.

Pretty Good


Dec 28, 2006 by Ragz23

The phone has good sounds when you play Mp3 and ringtones. The ringtones and videos are easy to put on if you know what you are doing. The only bad thing is it doesnt come with the memory card, but some of them are cheap. Overall the i930 is a pretty decent phone.

Great Phone...Totally Under Rated!


Oct 8, 2005 by Anisoul827

I just had an opportunity to play around with it for about 4 hours and I am pleased! (Mine should be here Monday!)

- Smartphone Windows operating system is a definte plus to have.
- Customization is extremely good and easy. Adding ringtones and wallpapers is SO EASY!
- Speakerphone is exceptionally loud
- Reception is really, really GOOD!
- Screen and 256K Colors is Awesome

- Size...It is a bit bulky
- You have to buy your own SD card with, Nextel didn't provide one!

Other than that, I really don't have any complaints.

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