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Truth or Fiction Or Apples and Oranges


Dec 9, 2005 by Oiche_shamhna

I wanted to get this phone and noticed in the reviews some seemed to have bought the phone for the wrong reasons so I was curious to see if the phone was as bad as some had claimed and I am happy to say it is not. So let's get into the phone. First off I own a I830 it is in a body glove case, so when I first got the phone it did look big but after holding it up against the I830 in it's case they are about the same size with the clip on the 930. So is it huge? No. A little thick but by no means as bad as I thought it was going to be. I wanted this phone Because I am carring a phone for work as well as a PDA and my nextel and so I was getting a little encumbered. I decided to slim it down and I had a previous smart phone and liked it okay(sierra voq). So I decided to retry a smart phone and that is the key word a smart phone not mp3 player, camera , stereo system, projector, TV and all that other crap. I wanted a phone that would allow me to dump the PDA and store it in the phone but have the ability to manage that data better than a phone normally does. So does this phone do this? Absolutely, It does it very well and with some nice features. I like that when I make or take a call it allows me to bring up my calendar to check dates and make appointments. I recommend buying the add on keyboard to make large entries a little easier and if your a chatter then you will want the keyboard. It does have a camera and it works okay. Remember it's first Job is a phone then PDA then the other stuff. It also allows MP3's to be played and movies as well if that is a must have. It allows you to use the mp3's as ring tones and has a very customized interface. I have had no trouble with reception and the battery life they are = to my 830. To be a better phone it needs to be De-certed by nextel and add bluetooth. wireless keyboard and headsets are good options for business professionals. If you are looking for a Phone/PDA this is it. mp3's and such get an IPOD.

Not Bad


Nov 7, 2005 by shantrane

Best phone made by nextel so far. This phone has Windows on it so its geared toward the professionals. No bluetooth, not even an SDIO bluetooth card will work, do not believe what others say. Slightly bigger that other phones. But has the ability to hold a 4g SD card, which is the exact size of the ipod nano.

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Save your money.


Oct 23, 2005 by bigwrigg

Overall this phone is lacking one major thing, BLUE TOOTH.
I carried one long enough to upgrade to a blackberry 7100i. If you are able to use all the features to its potential, then yes its a great phone for you, and after reading other reviews i am hoping the one I tested was just bad out of the box. The reception was horrible compared to all my other Nextel units. Battery life was bad, and the audio quality for the loud speaker was bad at best. I noticed a lot of muffling of the unit. It is great for apps, pics and windows media files. Moving stuff is pretty easy, how ever I am not sure why they didnt put a mini USB port on the unit, like with newer units for other carriers.

- Removable memory card.
- Drag and Drop for pics and ringtones is great.
- Spring Loaded Hinge Assembley is smoothe to open.

- Screen needs to be a better resolution
- Processor seems slow, some programs hang for a few seconds.
- Contacts are copied from sim card and stored on phone memory (so if you save someone make sure you save them twice, phone memory and sim card)
- Poor loudspeaker, very muffled.
- Reception problems. even for a Nextel this one seemed pretty bad, but in my area nextel has good coverage. Dallas/FTW market.
- Bulky unit. But i like the colors.
- Status Light in the hinge assembly. cant really see it there very well.

After reading other revies, i am just hoping the unit i had may have been a dud. The unit did seem to work pretty well on the net side, some website i checked out loaded a lot faster then on my other Nextels, the BB 7100i not included, that unit rocks.
See my review on that.



Oct 19, 2005 by greenmachine


Not as bad as many may think....


Oct 18, 2005 by EvSki07

Phone (i930) is cool

Outer shell is flashy
Internal is cool, only, display values is limited. You cannot blend different color scheme's with certain backrounds.

This phone has cool functions but you cannot customize your phone the ways you can with the 730 or even the 860.
The direction buttons cannot be turned into shortcuts.
The Battery life is short as lepracons. You might have to carry around your rechargers.
Yeah, the phones heavy and thick but it is worth the weight. You can still do alot with the phone/computer.
I can't stand the fact that the time is not hooked up to Sprint/Nextel's satalite.
You have to set the time and date yourself.
Basically, to utilize your phone to it's max., you must own a computer and do alot of reading.



Oct 8, 2005 by chevyg

I LOVE EVERY ASPECT of this phone. Great job moto. I paid $258.38 for it, couldn't beat it.

My i930


Feb 20, 2006 by quaterback_2

Check this. This phone is not what everybody including the sales representatives put it out to be. I am a business person and a phone lover. The phone looks great, does plenty of things that most phones can not do, but on the other hand there are too many problems. At least with my phone. As far as a business person it does enables you to use it like an PDA but as far as sending text and emails it takes forever for them to receive your text. I was texting a person 20 miles away and he arrived a my destination the same time he received my text. The INTERNET takes forever to load and i couldn't even look at my personal email on my phone because it didn't even pull up the log in box. Now as far as a phone lover. I tried downloading videos. It would not let me do it. An error kept popping up. I ask the sales rep. and they told me to just download mpeg4 and it still don't work. Really how many files come in mpeg4. Thats stupid to just put that software on the phone where you can only download such files. The memory is horrible. I deleted stuff off my phone just for memory and that barely worked. The battery life is horrible. I can't even be on the for ten minutes. If i do, on the next call it will go dead as soon as you answer it. I'm just not embraced by this phone. i thought it was just mine but now that i have read other people reviews maybe its not. But i have had errors on my phone and had to reset it at least three times already. But i do still have it but can't wait until the new one comes out.

The Truth


Dec 10, 2005 by tisoyboy2

The i930 is a great phone. Buetooth! Com'on people, everyone I talk to with bluetooth only cares about wireless headsets. I've had the 870 & "upgraded" the 930. the 870 is strictly a play toy for personal use. The 930 has superior net browsing. Can view and send office documents. Since the 870 can not do that it makes wireless connectivity to office equiptment obsolete. The head shots on the 870 pictures come out elongated. the 870 freezes atleast 3 times a week. Nextel says they will be offering updates in the future to work out the bugs. I look at the 870 as just another pretty phone. But if you want performance then definately go with the 930. Memory is inexpensive. There are alot of smartphone appz on the net. The only downside would be connecting via data cables. Other than that, I havent had any performance problems with the phone. And the comment made about the MMS, call the 1930 department. Not Nextel customer service or Sprint tech reps. They will inform you that the SMARTphone automatically dipicts an MMS from an SMS. I send and receive atleast 1400 sms messages a month from my 930 and they confirmed that I have no charges for MMS messaging. For more info, call the i930 department. 866-677-4614



Oct 17, 2005 by cybtex

Over all the phone was good. However, I have returned the phone. I have the I860 and I930 is a little bulky. I need the blue tooth technology and I am going to wait for the I870. Spoke to Nextel friday when I returned the I930 and the rep indicated it would be out as early as this week. He also, said they are back ordered by about 10,000 units for the i930. So, if you don't mind the phone being about 1/2" thicker than the i860 then get on the waiting list. They have already pulled the phone off the website to purchase. Good Luck.

i930 review


Oct 14, 2005 by carocell

i've read all the reviews and the phone is very customizable from ringtones, wallpapers, mp3's, and ability to save .jpg and .gif format pics as wallpapers. the phone is by far the most advanced by nextel, and everything i've done with mine has exceeded my expectations. As far as the bluetooth, you can purchase bluetooth sd cards for the phone and it will work the same, and truthfully it's cheapier that way than buying it installed on the phone. So for the folks that complain about that, do a little more research before posting comments. i'll be glad to assist anyone with customizing their phone. i've been able to load 5 complete songs on phone just on the memory of the phone, and its nice to be able to access the true web from this phone, so don't trash it completely before using the entire capability.

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