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had it for over a year (hate IT )


Oct 3, 2008 by hatethei930forreal

pro's : Ringtones and window's media player. that's the only good thing about this phone at all. I've had mine for about a year and a half , And have had nothing but trouble . It messes up way too much . (For Example) - The other day i had my final straw with this phone , It's only 2 months old too because the last one i had tore up and thank god for insurance i got a new one .(Hadn'T EvER DROPPED THIS ONE AT ALL EVER) But anyway's like i was saying , The screen kept going out , the phone would not turn off or on , dosn't hold a charge at all , But when i finally decided it was The End WIth THis phone for me was the other day , it got stuck on vibrate for about a minute or two , I ended up having to take the battery out of it because it wouldn't turn off , well then i couldn't get it too call out or call in ... Today Im Happy TO Say That I Am DONE with The i930 and Switching With The i880 .

They still make things like this? Wow...


Dec 13, 2007 by chia

First impressions on this device were anything but good. Wow, this thing is bulky. Whoa, this thing is heavy! And yikes, does it take a long time to start up. The i930 lacks any kind of design elegance or attractiveness. Its screens, while serviceable enough, are of very poor quality for a smart phone. Camera quality is very poor- there are phones over 3 years old that produce better pictures. The UI is an older version of Windows Mobile, and it is a clunky monster with menus that have over 20 items in them in many cases. For example, if you want to run a Java app, you have to go to the start menu, scroll 2 pages over, scroll down to the applications folder, scroll down to the app, and then finally launch (and by the way, it's pretty slow at loading apps too). Fortunately, it is at least smart enough to add recently used apps to the main menu bar. The handset seems to also occasionally freeze, a la Windows 95, for no apparent reason. The i930 doesn't even have many of the advantages that other Nextel devices have, such as a ruggedized exterior. It looks to me like this was a device that took Motorola so long to put together, it was obsolete by the time it hit market.

Pros: Pretty decent menu performance.
Good memory; expandable.
It's a smartphone on Nextel. If you really must have one, this is about it...

Cons: Expensive, ugly, heavy, bulky.
Missing many common smart phone features, and even some standard ones like Bluetooth.
Many features it does have (camera, screen, browser) have inferior performance.
Battery life is weak; surprised the battery is so small considering how huge this thing is.
UI is clunky, arguably even worse than typical Motorola UIs.

The i930 would have been current perhaps 2 years ago. Right now it is totally outclassed in every way by real smart phones. If you look at something like the Blackjack or pretty much any Blackberry (heck, even Motorola smartphones released for other carriers) you can't help but wonder how the i930 ever reached market.

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Aug 4, 2007 by timstim

it just blows me away that in this day and age, a phone like this would not have bluetooth.
bluetooth technology should be in all of there high end phones. not as a add on accessory.i guess they are going to wait until bluetooth is a outdated technology,i mean it almost is already. the nerds over in the R/D department of Motorola need to wake up and incorporate the features people want.
i know bluetooth is very popular these days, most other high end phones have it.just about every review here that i read has mentioned the no bluetooth.why a phone that has as many nice features as this one does,but no bluetooth seems absurd to me.if it wasn't for that fact, i would say it was one of the best phones out there.

mmmmmmmmm OK now i feel better that i had a chance to rant a bit ;)

Not What I Imagined...


Nov 22, 2005 by cdg1977

I have been a long time Nextel user and was impatiently awaiting the i930... while it has some good feature concepts the final package has proven to be a let down.
I have had the phone for two days and am sending it back to try the I870. Here's my breakdown.

=Effective web browser with a suite of built in favorites. Almost as good as BlackBerry but with no expensive monthly charge ($10 unlimited web)
=Text messaging, gotta have the MMS! Can attach photo's directly into the creation page
=Sturdy Design: While a little on the heavy side, it gives the phone a durability we have come to expect from Nextel.
=Large screen: lots of real estate w/ less scrolling.
=LED Status Light: nice for nights in the car when the stereo is loud!
=Integrated Office Apps: Word, Excel the whole crew is here.
=SIM Manager: Makes it easy to phone swap.
=File portability- REALLY easy to move music, pics, sounds, even video to phone with the included cradle and MS ActiveSync.
=Decent RF, a little better than my I860

=Display: 16bit is disheartening, 2 bits isn't that much! Where is my 262k colors?
=Win2003m: This interface is tough to navigate, almost as archaic as the standard Nextel interface. Just expected it to me more functional. A 3 page Start menu?
=Camera: Needs megapixels!flash isn't bad though.
-And last but not least, I would not be a techie geek if i didn't say "no Blue-tooth"

Didn't get a chance to check out the SD slot but that can only be a PRO!

Overall, why cant there be a phone with the PRO's of the I870 & BB7100i?

Overpriced clunker


Nov 30, 2005 by Craigster73

I was extremely excited when I got my I930. The excitement led to disappointment after two days of usage. To start,this is by far the worst Nextel phone I've ever owned. The RF was totally awful. Where my old I90c would have a full signal, I'd be lucky to have two bars(signal strength) with this one. The sound quality when using direct connect was horrible. The camera quality is terrible and the thing must weigh 2 pounds. The battery life is a whole another story. Go ahead and make a 20 minute call. The next thing you know you , 2 hours later your getting a low battery signal. Listen, if you have $300 to burn and don't care about quality, buy the I930. I traded it in for the I870. Hopefully, that will be better.

I can't really recommend this one


Oct 10, 2005 by vesther

While the phone was grievously delayed, the wait might have been worth it if it were not for the following key areas:
*Lack of Built-In Bluetooth Compliance
*Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition software
*Obsolete Design
*Rather austere battery
The appearance and size of the phone is rather an amalgamation of the i860 and the i95cl. The battery power is extremely weak so if you can afford to charge this phone very often, then the weak battery would not matter. This phone should be made for professionals only due to the Microsoft Windows Mobile software, since Windows Mobile is used by many businesses. Furthermore, the Worldwide GSM may not appeal to everyone. This phone is for the worldwide traveller only and not for the high-technology enthusiast. I can't score this too high because of the lack of Bluetooth and a rather outdated WM version.

good phone but not great


Jun 3, 2007 by stihl1

this phone has no blue tooth the processor is pretty slow but i like the phone it is definitely the best phone nextel has to date

Power-Hungry Brick.


Mar 25, 2007 by Silenceinfullcolor

Having owned the i930 for about 4 months, i've come to notice the following:

Pros: Windows mobile smartphone
TI Processor (180mhz?) Overclockable.
Underclock to save battery.
Quick-flip hinge
Nice styling

CONS: Weighs a LOT.
Battery life is HORRIBLE.
No Bluetooth. (You can modify an adapter to make it work, is a pain however.)
Windows Mobile 2003 (But what do you expect when this phone was made?)
Hangs occasionally.
Bad reception. I had better reception with an i530.

Overall, being the only smartphone in the Nextel line, at this point it's not worth it.

Hold out for a better one.

where should I start


Jan 11, 2006 by dbone

I probably was one of the first people to have this i930 phone. first off the screen freezes up all the time i have to take out my sim card and put it back in just for the screen to free up It takes forever for the internet to load up and find a web site 3.When i text message my females they dont receive the messages until 10 hours later. 4.I cant read the messages that people send to me the phone has trouble downloading the messages 5.but i love the video camera and the audio picture messages. 6. the battery dies instantly when you get on the internet overall its and alright phone when it functions properly. I only dropped it twice lol I just dont understand hopefully I got one of the defective ones im going to buy one more and give it another try before i give up on it.....



Jan 2, 2006 by cbswhtsx

This phone does it all. It's a little bulky, but it's worth it. I would prefer the i870, but I already have an ipod and don't need an mp3 player with my phone. I strongly recommend the phone for business people or if you're a person who likes to have many features on your phone.

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