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Style and function


Apr 5, 2006 by Labonte

Pros:Huge, brilliant screen, Great camera, Good phone functionality, Intuitive OS, Excellent external speaker,Bluetooth+IR+expandab le memory+EDGE = cutting edge connectivity, Super sleek styling

Cons:Tactilely weak keypad, OS on the laggy side, Expansion memory is limited to 128 MB cards, A wee bit thick, but just think of what's packed in there!
Full user opinion
If you don't need a PDA then this is the phone to get! Although it does have PDA functionality it isn't nearly as robust as your Blackberries, Palm phones or Windows CE phones.

Having said that, this phone does everything else you could want and does it with style.

the best phone ever


Apr 3, 2006 by south3jersey

this phone came out in the summer of '05 and at that time it was the best phone on the market. i know this for a fact because before i bought this phone i tried to find the best one that i could possibly get by using many different web sites. it's been about 9-10 months later and it's still the best phone money could buy. plus the form factor is reason enough to buy it.(besides all of the technological features) and by the way on many sites it says that this phone is dicontinued but if you go to the store you will be able to by it in person, so dont be fooled. i still cant beleive how great of a phone this is. it's a must buy for anyone looking for a great cell phone.

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Best so far


Mar 24, 2006 by BSB56

This is by far the best phone I've had so far, meaning that I rated it higher than the Razor V3 I also have. The camera on the s710 is fabulous! It takes great shots and real time videos. The sound is great on this phone. The size doesn't bother me as I don't like the tiny phones anyway.
The bluetooth is great too, except I can't get it to work properly with the Slvr phone at work. It would connect but couldn't transfer any data.

I don't like how slow it is at times when navigating through the menu buttons and when my phone is open, it sometimes sounds as if there is a short in it somewhere when I'm entering a phone number to call.
The battery life could be much better as I seem to have to charge every other day. It says it has a long stand by time but I've yet to see a phone last as long as they claim it will.(i.e., my Razr has to be charged daily, whether I use it much or not).
As far as reception goes, there's not much improvement over my other phone as to getting out but if I have only one small bar, when it connects, it hooks in ans stays and even gets stronger with more bars.
Other than these things, I'll hang on to this one and maybe sell my Razr instead since this one seems so much better.

The best phone i have ever had


Jan 23, 2006 by Thompj4

ok so unlike most people who wait a few days before posting a review, i have had mine for over a year now, and up until a few days ago it was the best phone i have ever had.

+the megapixel camera is pretty great at what it does and i have even printed out a few pictures taken on it
+ loud ringtones. sometimes too loud, like scare you if its quiet in the room loud.
+you can customize everything pretty much
+memory card expandability even if its too 128, i dont know what i would do with more memory that that since i have a mp3 player
+ bluetooth
+ charges very quickly and mine goes at least 2 1/2 days before needing a charge with heavy use
+large clear screen. the best i have ever seen on a cell phone.
+excellent reception everywhere i go. im hardly ever in a spot where there is no service. i can still hold perfect conversation with one bar.
+ conveinent key lock on the side of the phone. best one i have seen.
+still able to operate the phone with the phone closed.

- i wish the outside rocker buttons would increase and decrease volume or profiles, or heck, do anything other than show status.
- freezes sometimes for no reason
- dont wear any kind of tight jeans or even loose jeans because it sticks way out. however, that isnt really a negative, just an annoyance because i dont want to hold the phone everywhere i go.

the good definatly outweighs the bad. however, my phone has gone back to rest at some wherehouse because the screen broke. and i hear that i wont be able to get the s710 though cingular anymore so i guess its on to the w600i.

I'm in love...


Nov 8, 2005 by andalusia

This review is for people who aren't experts on cell phones like me :) it'll be simplistic:

- i love the design
- very sturdy; I don't see the swivel action being a problem in the long run
- camera takes great photos
- the videocamera is very handy
- signal is great (I am in Northern Cali w/ Cingular)
- the big screen is bright and beautiful
- phonebook is very customizable
- i love the speakerphone; good volume
- easy to navigate
- loud ringer
- i can't stop playing with it!

- the only bad thing about it is that it can be a little slow when navigating with menu functions and that sort of thing but it's something i can definitely overlook!

overall, the phone has a lot of little quirks about it that i like; shows that the designers paid good attention to detail when making phone easier for its users.



Nov 5, 2005 by bosies82

Sony Ericsson by far in my opinion makes some of the best phones on the market. I do work for a wireless provider and have used other brands and work with brands that I would consider inferior due to poor construction, or set up menus... (i.e.: Motorola which I have never run across so many phones from one company that come w/ defects.) These phones are user friendly and even the bluetooth feature is simple and easy to use and always reliable. Camera is an amazing 1.3 Mega pixels camera... best quality I have yet to see on a cell phone thus far. Low lighting is granted something that the camera phone industry still has yet to work on, which should not hinder anyone's opinion of a camera phone. I only mention this because some find the low light quality a problem, but all in all a very high quality phone. Great signal with this phone or any Sony (Greater Orlando FL region w/Cingular) As a Cingular customer I have only used Sony Ericsson phones starting w/ the T226, then the Z500a, this is the best of the lot by far though all have been amazing. Anyone who buys this phone I am sure will be thrilled with it. Any user would not be displeased w/ it's performance.

*Excellent menus (very user friendly!)
*MP3 tones, picture ID for personalization
*Amazing camera
*Comes w/ everything the phone needs including a memory card, USB cable, headphones...
*Sturdy construction (swivel action is great)
*EDGE is fast
*Display is crisp and clear
*Has flash for camera
*MP3 player
*Phone does not need to be opened to use it.
*Key lock on the side of the phone is simple and easy to use.
*Speaker for tones is fantastic.

*Only one type of headset can be used for MP3 player function
*Volume on the video function is very low, but as video is really like a toy that is not a big issue.

Better than I expected!!


Nov 2, 2005 by September7th1981

I replaced my Motorola V551 with the S710a. I had some initial reservations, because of the swivel design, but after I received the phone and used it for a while, those reservations went away and now I love it.

+ Beautiful display
+ Battery life--the BEST
+ Excellent camera (as far as phones go)
+ Excellent range of ear-piece and ringtone volume
+ Very clear calls
+ Keypad lock on side
+ Swivel design
+ Excellent build quality and materials
+ Included memory stick & reader!
+ Bluetooth, infrared
+ Full Bluetooth functionality with iSync in Mac OS X
+ Calendar, tasks, calculator

- Inconsistent RF (typically good though)
- Cannot choose type of event in calendar (i.e. Appointment, Meeting, etc.)

I would say this phone is ideal for people who use their phones for both business and play. The calendar can be synced with a PC or Mac, so one never misses an appointment. The S710a plays MP3s and MP3 ringtones, so you can have fun when you're not working!

Very Good Phone but not for Business


Nov 2, 2005 by Mr. B

Well I have had the phone for a few weeks and seems to be a very good phone. Solid and feels good with basic use functions.


Everything except a few things listed below.


Battery (goes quickly when using more than phone)
Bluetooth (turning on and off is a pain). Motorola was better on this as my wireless just connected as soon as opened. Now I have to turn on the Bluetooth. It eats up battery if I leave it on all the time.
Voice Dial: very misleading as it only works with headset.
Video: Not very good and almost impossible to see things when enlarged on the computer.

Aside from that everything else is very nice on the phone and am pleased with it. The only thing I really didn't want to lose in my phone was the voice dialing and if I had know a bit more that it didn't contain this feature I may have gone a different direction. But this is only based on using it as a business phone. For personnel use I highly recommend it.


This is the best phone i have EVER had


Oct 25, 2005 by Plestedo

I use to own a i had it for 3-4 years, i saw it on t.v and i thought it was awesome, so my parents bought it for me for christmas, it was a tough phone to, i would smash it on pavement so hard and it would still work, drop it in water, but anyways, ya it eventually crapped out on me and i decided i wanted to go all out and get a really good phone so i bought the Sony Ericsson 710a it is the best phone ever, people always say to me that i am in love with my phone and talk about it all the time, always tell people there phone is nothing compared to mine (which is true) but all in all this phone kicks some serious ASS! Buy it! it's worth it

Excellent phone


Oct 14, 2005 by caithlene


-Camera is wonderful, works great, have excellent features
-Sound is perfect! Great music player!
-Great design
-Sound is very loud
-Memory card is easily taken in and out
-Offers great voice commands, can belt out prerecorded callers' name when they call you.

-Cannot use memory stick pro duo, so the max size that can be used is 128m.
-No Radio
-No good games

Love the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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