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wow!!!!!!! there isn't a phone better!!!!!!!!!


Jan 4, 2006 by sowhatsowhat10

i have been through tons of phones. nokia's, moto's, more nokia's, etc, etc... and after all of them give or take a few features or key aspects the Sony Ericsson s710a is at the top of them all. although it has no qwerty... its still hot, althought its memory size is limited to 128mb.... its still hot, although it maybe a little large....IT'S STILL HOT!!!!!!!


its a sony ericsson the reception is the best.

the screen quality is qvga its like the hdtv of cell phones.lol

swivel form factor. nuff said

internal antenna.

easy menu to navigate.

pda like functions. you can download a full html browser (opera mini is the best). also has email client's you can set up. almost every email service provder there is.

mp3 player.

1.3 mega pixel camera with flash and shutter over the lens.

speaker phone is loud.

very customizable to anyones needs or likings.

special media net service that allows user's of this phone to listen to ringtones on media-net BEFORE purchasing.


some have told me my phone it big but it's about the size of a v600 or v551.

heavy i'll attest to that. you can definitely launch this and hurt someone.lol

os can get laggy but only once in a while.

i wish the camera had a better digital zoom.

not a con but the swivel is easy to forget which side you opened it to.

128mb is not enough but it is external so you can have more than 1 card.

headset jack is a little annoying.


this is if not the best one of the best cellular phones in the industry. aside from it being a little heavy/big you get alot of features. with that said even though it has been replaced by the w600i (which doesn't compare and sucks) i'd still recommend this phone.

Cingular Sales Rep Opinion


Nov 15, 2005 by CingularRetail

Okay so here's my list:

DESIGN (unique, eye catcher)
MP4 CAPABILITES (With a 128 MB I put 4 full movies and 3 Chappelle Show episodes)
RINGTONE VOLUME (WOW! It actually has a warning!!!!)
CAMERA (looks better than any 2.0 megapixel out there imho)
SCREEN (Absolutely gorgeous)
FLASH (doubles as one kick butt flashlight)
RF PERFORMANCE (Good reception)
ALARM CLOCK (You can use MP3's, and its works even when battery is dead, I love it)
STANDARD RINGTONES (good stock choices, Hey Your Phone is Ringin... ohhh yeah)

MIC (If you got chubby cheeks like me, it covers it up and talking can be annoying when laying down, plus noise filter is not as good as motorolas, not suggesting getting a moto though)
SLUGGISH OS (not bad though)
NO VIDEO CONTROLS (fast forward, rewind, pause)
HEADSET PLUGIN (Sony proprietary not universal but comes with free stereo headset and bluetooth is universal)

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This phone has it all!


Feb 25, 2005 by ultravioletrayz

If you don't need a PDA then this is the phone to get! Although it does have PDA functionality it isn't nearly as robust as your Blackberries, Palm phones or Windows CE phones.

Having said that, this phone does everything else you could want and does it with style. Have had it for a week now and EVERYONE that sees it is impressed, even women who don't normally give a flip about new tech.

I've been waiting for several months now to find that one phone that puts everything together and makes it click (no pun intended). It's a great phone, an awesome camera and a decent mp3 player to boot.

To summ it up . . .

+ Huge, brilliant screen
+ Great camera, good as any entry level digital (flash could double as a flashlight)
+ Good phone functionality with intuitive OS
+ Excellent external speaker makes mp3s and ringers sound great - take that I-pod!
+ Cool features like mp3s, music dj, recorder and camera mean never having to pay for ringers, wallpapers, etc again!
+ Bluetooth+IR+expandable memory+EDGE = cutting edge connectivity
+ Super sleek styling and form factor

- Tactilely weak keypad
- OS on the laggy side
- Using many functions devours battery life
- Weird proprietary Sony headphone jack
- Included stereo ear buds too big (I think) for most ears
- A wee bit thick, but just think of what's packed in there
- Can't use other features while listening to mp3s

The S710a Exceeds Expectations


Apr 18, 2005 by roguegeek

With the S710a, I can definitely see the swivel becoming unreliable a year from now after extensive use. After using it these last 2 weeks, it's really not that big of a phone. It's a little heavier than it needs to be considering most of it is high-grade plastic. Overall, I'm not very happy with the form. It's bigger, heavier, and moving more than it needs to be.

The screen is absolutely beautiful. The sound is good. The speakerphone could be a bit louder. The signal is great. I have Cingular in the Los Angeles area and the S710a picks up a noticeably stronger signal than my old T616.

The user interface is clean, intuitive, and easy to navigate. There is a bit of lag moving from item to item within the UI. Contact input and lookup is a cinch. Even with all of the extras on the S710a, Sony Ericsson didn't lose focus and made basic phone functions work great.

Extra features include a 1.3MP still camera. Outdoor images look great. Low light shots are a bit grainy. There is also a video option on the phone. It's decent. Nothing great, but it's nice to know it's there if ya need it.

The S710a supports EDGE technology. Browsing and downloads are fast.

Through Bluetooth, I can perfectly sync the S710a with my Mac (through iSync) and PC (through Sony's software). It's an amazing and beautiful thing when it works and it couldn't be any simpler with my Mac.

You would think there's absolutely no battery life what so ever. Well it's definitely not as good as my T616 was, but you can easily get a couple of days out of the S710a before you need to hook it back up for a charge.

The good greatly outweighs the bad on the S710a. The swivel style, oversized, and overweight form factor is easily overlooked once you look at that beautiful screen, hear the clear sound, play with the excellent imaging features, browse with EDGE support, and sync flawlessly with your computer. The Sony Ericsson S710a exceeds my needs and expectation and I can see a long, fruitful relationship with it.

One Word : Amazing


Nov 22, 2005 by PhonePerson324

Mp3s Play Great
Camera Is Out Of This World
Expandable Memory
Cool, Swiveling Action
Extra Features:
-3-D Games
-Alarm, Stopwatch, Calendar, Etc.
Great Firm Grip Buttons
People can hear me clearly even with 1 bar
Overall Cool Design Inside And Out

Just a tiny bit bulky
Batter is short when using media features
Slow at times (Hoping it wont freeze soon)
The Back Is Very Hard To Take Off

Wow I just don't know where to Start! This phone is amazing I just got it Friday (The 18th) And I cannot put it down.

The camera is excellent for one mega-pixel! I went to a party the day after I got it and I just wanted to see what people said without mentioning me getting a new phone. Everyone was like, "Hey thats an awesome digital camera!" No one noticed until i swiveled open the keypad! They were amazed! Even When you zoom in the show looks really horrible but after u take the picture it configures itself and makes it all that much clearer, like your up close! The flash works amazingly well (especially at night, of course), and The video quality is acceptable but I don't use it all that much.

I MP3 Player plays incredibly well! I was amazed I thought hey these features might become handy but the sound is just so loud and vibrant and amazing Its just hard to believe!

The graphics and picture come in extra but they are pretty nice. Calendar, Stopwatch, Alarm and such also come in handy!

Everything on this phone is amazing! The only thing I have come in trouble with is that the back of the phone in which u take off to put the battery and SIM card in is EXTREMELY hard to open. Also, even if the phone is on silent, you cannot take off the emergency alarm sound. Just to let everyone know, listening to music and taking pictures really drains out the battery. I didn't think it would be that bad but it does go quickly. Other than that, I would highly recommend it to anyone!

S710a is Perfect


Oct 17, 2005 by SForsyth01

Reluctantly, I got this phone as a replacement for my Nokia 6230 that was malfunctioning. I did not want it at all, but I am very glad that I got it. I can't believe how good this phone really is.

MP3 Player
1.3 mp Camera - functions like a normal Sony digital camera - AWESOME!!!!
Signal - I have NEVER had a GSM phone that holds a signal as good as this one.
Swivel design is different and fun. Not hard to get used to or use at all.
Battery life - Very good - Better than any other phone I have had, other than my RAZR.
Screen - Huge and crystal clear - simply beautiful
Key Lock - Slide key on the side of the phone is very innovative and much easier than the competitors.
With the SE software, this phone really can function as a PDA. I love it

No FM Radio - No big deal
Proprietary headset jack
A little on the large side - but consider everything that is in this phone - not a big deal.

In conclusion, I have never even considered a Sony Ericsson phone because it was lacking the Send and End keys. Now that I have this phone, I will consider very little else.

Overall Preformance is Impressive


Dec 17, 2005 by BruceDude

This phone has some of the best features a phone could have. It has nearly everything.

*Great Camera and Options for it
*Excellent Sound quality (It makes sense because it's a Sony); better than any other phone I've used.
*Can play MP3's
*Bluetooth and IrDA are helpful transferring methods
*Can transfer photos from MMC to computer easy with the USB cord and MMC adapter
*Excellent speakerphone quality
*Back-light can be turned off. Doing so will nearly double your standby time (5-6 days is practical; when the back-light is on it will probably not last for more than 3 days of medium to frequent use)
*Impressive colors. Ability to have a screen saver is nifty.

*It's the fattest phone I've seen for a long time (some people are impressed by how it swivels and looks but it may just leave you feeling awkward if you're used to a smaller phone)
*GUI is slow (when you navigate the menus it feels laggy)
*32 meg card fills up fast; you must upgrade to one that holds more memory if you want to use it as a substitute for an ipod(mp3 player).

If this phone came with a less bulky design it would be impressive, and if it came with a design like the RAZR it would be too good to be true.
If they improved the CONs I listed it would be a dream phone.



Feb 25, 2005 by celnut

This phone has something for everyone. I have had it for 4 days now & every day I find more reasons to like it. I did not give it a 5 since I have yet to find any cell phone to be perfect.


Great display
Camera is excellent for a cell camera
Video is nice to have/o.k. quality
Speakerphone has great sound
Volume on earpiece & speakerphone are great
Reception is excellent
Phone can be closed when using it


Size is large but you get use to it since it is not a heavy phone
Swivel is more annoying than useful
Keypad is large but very flat
Browser- can't type in an address but can go to specific addresses by adding a bookmark or using a search engine (google)

This phone is a must have if you like to take pictures and appreciate excellent reception and a great display.

Love this Phone!!!


Feb 21, 2005 by Goku0222

If you aren't looking for a PDA Phone then this is the Best Phone to get!!!!!

Pros: Excellent Camera
Awesome Speaker(works great for mp3's)
3D Games run good
Great Swivel Design
Love the Media Player
This list could go on Forever!!!

Cons: Could allow a larger Memory Stick
(128 stick is just not big enough)
Battery life could be alittle better
Menus alittle slow
Price alittle high but what can you
expect from such a Kicka** Phone!!!

Overall this is Phone is the best ever to me anyway!!!

Exellent Phone!


Oct 30, 2005 by chinoboi503

I just got my Sony Ericsson S710a 3 days ago and I cannot even put the phone down. This is the best phone I ever had. Everything feels just right. Here is just exactly how good this phone is but with just a small flaw.


[+] Solid Design (Unique Swiveling Action)
[+] 262K Display (Huge and Colorful)
[+] 1.3 MP Camera (Great Quality Pictures)
[+] Flash (Double as a Flashlight)
[+] Speakerphone (Loud and Clear)
[+] MP3 Player (Exellent Quality Playback)
[+] EDGE (Pretty Fast)
[+] Bluetooth (Transfer Friendly)
[+] Expandable Memory (Alot More Storage)
[+] Battery Life (3 or 4 Days)
[+] Reception (Exellent)

[-] NO FM Radio
[-] Slow OS (Sometimes)

As you can see the Pros definetly outweighs the Cons and the Cons are very minor and are not big of a deal. All in all this is a EXELLENT phone.

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