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Aug 17, 2006, 3:26 PM

Phone Problems

My phone has been giving me a little trouble of late. Occaisionally the little icon of a crossed-out phone will appear and pretty much nothing having to do with phone calls will work. It freezes a lot and such as well. Is this a firmware problem? What is the latest firmware version? Thanks.
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Dec 15, 2006, 2:17 PM

support for mobiletech bluetooth watch, sony s710

i am having trouble maintaining a connection between the MobileWear Bluetoothβ„’ Caller ID Watch - Steel Strap and the sony ericson s710

does anyone know of a forum where they can help me deal with this problem?

the thing deactivates less than one foot away from device...

if you dont know what im talking about, go here
http://abacuswatches.com/ »

does anyone know of a forum? where people are dealing with this?
when i try to google the watch, all i find is news articles that its getting released, and not of support websites

Oct 2, 2004, 2:30 PM


so does anyone know the exact release date of this phone?? thanks 😁
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Aug 21, 2006, 10:14 PM

Problems with handset powering up on it's own

I have been experiencing a very strange problem. When I power the handset off, within minutes, sometimes seconds, it powers itself back on. I replaced the handset, but continued to have the problem. Sony Ericcson sent me a new battery. Still having problems. Anyone else having this issue? Any ideas what it could be? The only thing left to change is the SIM card, and I doubt that would cause this issue.

Dumb question but is there a chance it's a virus? 🀭 🀣
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Aug 4, 2006, 10:42 AM

Problems with Bluetooth


When I disconnect my Bluetooth headset, there is no volume in earphone.
Only way to get it back is to completly reboot and return to default settings.
After that I loose all my contacts from address book.

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Jun 5, 2006, 5:37 PM


hey my phone started acting wierd recently...my main "select" , "more", and "back" circle buttons just stopped workin, if i leave the phone off for a while and turn it on it will work for a sec...but also at anytime i can hold the select button thats not workin down for a few secs and the phone will still turn off..whats going on?
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Jul 21, 2006, 1:25 AM

T-mobile with SE s710a

😒 hi i just purchased this unlocked s710a and i absolutely love the phone. i have a tmobile Sim card and the 5.99 unlimited wap browsing but it won't let me connect to the "Media net". it starts off by showing "connecting" then "loading" and the little globe shows on the top and then all of a sudden it shows "connection failure. contact service provider." i also tried to send the settings to the phone via the website but still samething. ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED!! thanks 😒
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Jul 3, 2006, 4:06 PM

Looking to Upgrade S710a

Ok, so I have a S710a that I am in love with. But unfortunately, I dont like holding onto one phone for to long. ( Used to work for Cingular so I am acustomed to a new phone every 2-4 weeks ) This phone has been great, hell there is absolutley nothing wrong with it. Yet I want to upgrade to something new. Was never a big SE fan until this phone, so I am kind of out of the loop to if it was just the S710interface that was a winner, or if SE finally got there heads out of there asses after the whole T300 series phones. So if any of you can lend a hand, let me know........What is an appropriate update to this phone. πŸ˜‰

May 1, 2006, 11:27 PM

Trading SLVR L7 straight up for an S710a

If anyone has an S710a in GOOD condition with box and all accessories, I will trade them straight up for a mint condition (practically new) SLVR L7. E-mail me or respond here if you are interested. ashton.pierre@gmail.com
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Apr 24, 2006, 8:54 PM

BT modem for ibook

Anyone have the settings to use this phone as a modem for my laptop ? I know its late in the game, but i just got my laptop back.

Thanks in advance.
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Feb 16, 2006, 10:08 PM

Where can I get new themes?

Besides zedge.no
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May 4, 2006, 3:08 PM

Mobi Tv on S710a

Do's it work good? Do's it lag, is it worth buying for this phone. Its sad cause it only supports standard frame rate yet the phone should be capable of high
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Feb 9, 2006, 1:56 PM

Any Ever replaced Housing on this bad boy ?????

Was lookin for some help. My S710 suffered some asthetic damage been looking at replacing the housing.

Anyone know a reliable source to purchase replacement housings??

Anyone actually done it themselves?

Sony wants to charge a flat $200 fee to service the phone. F***ing ridiulous!

found a SE Tech that quoted me $35 to replace - but since phone is discontinued he is having trouble locating housings>
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Jun 13, 2006, 12:50 PM

Linux Software?

Does anyone know of any connection software that will run under linux without emulation for the s710a? I cant seem to find any so far ☹️

May 19, 2006, 6:34 PM


I was wondering what everybody thought. I know I love my s710a. I honestly think it's the best phone out there. I just wish that it had a bigger memory card and that's about it. I have seen the W850 and I wanted to know what everybody thought. It comes with 1GB memory card and you can upgrade to 4GB. Plus a two meg camera. Can you really beat it. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Sep 5, 2005, 3:18 PM

Extended Battery

Does anyone know where i can buy the extended battery for this phone?
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May 8, 2006, 12:17 AM

Blue tooth

how is the blue tooth on this phone and what headset would u recommend?
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May 2, 2006, 6:22 PM

Taking apart A S710a

Has anyone tried taking about the case of the s710a? I wanna take the black parts all off, and pant it. I'm just not to sure how to, any help would be really appreciated. I'd like to take off both the front and back, I found the back screws under the battery, and it seems like I can take it off if I unscrew them, but the front seems almost connected to the screen, so just wanna know if it's possible to take the front off too.


Apr 20, 2006, 7:57 PM

How can i play videos in full screen?

Ive searched, and still no answers.

Anyone know how to get the s710a to play videos in full screen? whats the best method for doing so?

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Dec 22, 2005, 3:22 PM

W900 vs. S710a...

😲 I did it, compared to somewhat close phones. When i say somewhat, i personally consider the W600i/W550i incomparable to the s710a due to the lack of aesthetic value, screen size, and NO external memory i.e memory stick. W600i, waste of my time, better than most phones out there, but oh well. Anyhoo, anyone else thinkin' that the w900 is prolly the pinnacle of cell phones? Come on, internal memory of 512mb, external memory of up to 2gb., hot in white, just too much to talk about. Anyone who hasn't looked it up check it out. Anyone who has i'm interested in others opinions. Lemme know πŸ˜‰ ~ Mahalo
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