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Nov 17, 2004 by Danthalas

Everything about this phone is great. except one thing, the screen. Its small, not very sharp , very pixelated. otherwise it wouldve got a perfect score.

1. Slick design
2. Strudy feel
3. Speakerphone is VERY GOOD
4. Voice command
5. buttons are responsive
6. Recpetion/clarity is top notch
7. phone is nice and small
8. Ringtones sounds great.

1. Screen is small and dull
2. Camera simply sucks ( Its a phone not a camera folks)
3. Cant show date on either internal or external display
Tech support told me that it can be fixed with the next software update.

Solid but modest


Nov 14, 2004 by charliebucket

I have been using the Motorola T720 for the last 2 years. The V265 is essentially identical. The two main differences between the two are the VGA camera on the V265 (it is *horrible* and literally worthless indoors) and the new color scheme.

The first V265 I got had a broken earpiece (I could make calls but couldn't hear anything) the second one seems to be working well. However, I plan on exchanging it for an LG 7000.

-new exterior screen has light text and dark background, the screen is the same size but the clock text is much larger.

-buttons on the exterior allow you to change the ringer function and (this is great) the phone doesn't make a sound when you check to see whether it is set to Loud or Vibrate

-the interior buttons have a much, much better feel than the T720 buttons. The V265 also has a few more buttons which make navigation much easier.

-V265 has a speakerphone, although I haven't used it yet.

-the software seems to be much, much faster than the T720 which makes the horrible Get It Now process somewhat less horrible.

-color display is *smaller* than the T720

-don't buy this phone if you plan on ever using the camera function, really, I mean it

Overall, I think the V265 is very good at being a phone but little else. That's not such a bad thing these days.

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Bargain - Does what it's suppose to


Nov 16, 2004 by DeWalt

To be honest, I'm a MOT fan so you can take that into consideration when reading my review. I've had the phone for a little over a week and used most of the features.

-Price. Low and getting lower
-Style. They obviously saved some money on the the design of this phone, but managed to make it stand out...I've had several random people ask me about it.
-Performance. I could ask for better audio or speaker phone. I don't even use max volume.
-Menus. I'm used to the Motorola menus, so I guess I am glad that it's the same.
-Accessories. The Bluetooth adapter works well on this phone, and it actually still fits on the holster with it in.
-Size. It's small and fits in my pocket.
-RF. Tri-band. Best reception and fewest dropped calls I've ever had.
-Verizon. Great service in my area.
-Keypad. Can't see having any problems with this keypad, it's robust
-External keys. Work well and don't ever get hit on accident.
-Robust. I'm clumsy and dropped the phone a few times already. The silver paint got scratched a little, but the outside clear cover (over the black area) didn't scratch at all...they must have some kind of coating on it.
-Covers. I like the fact that after I destroy the plastic on this phone, I can just replace them to make it look new.
-Feel. Very easy to flip open with one hand and I like the idea of having the microphone over my mouth (where it should be).
-External display: The Best. I don't need color, I just need to see the time all the time!
-Battery life. 9 out of 10.

-Display and Camera. You get what you pay for! Marginal at best.
-Get It Now. Not a Motorola problem, but I wish Verizon would allow you to copy files to your phone without having to pay for them.
-Late. Wish I had this phone 9 months ago...

Great Phone


Dec 3, 2004 by juniorphreak

I switched to Verizon from AT&T Wireless and the dealer I went to offered this phone for free. When I was with AT&T, I had the Motorola T720 which I loved. I found that I preferred Motorolas to anything else out there, so I thought I'd give the v265 a try. So far, I've had it for two weeks and I love it.

- The size (the same as the T720)
- The construction (it's a solid phone)
- Speakerphone (when I use it, the person I'm talking to can't even tell I'm using it)
- Voice-dialing (very useful when I'm driving and I can't look at the screen to dial or find a number)
- Ringer Sound (Nice and loud. This was something that the T720 seriously lacked)
- Sound Quality (Clear as a bell. But of course, this is the first CDMA phone I've had. GSM has horrible sound quality, even when the signal was at its best)

- Camera (but this isn't why I bought the phone and even if the camera was good, I'd never use it anyway)
- Battery (It seems to get hotter quicker than in the T720. If I talk on it for 30 minutes or more, the keypad gets hot)

Basically, if you want a simple phone, then the v265 is a great choice and I'm very happy I stayed with Motorola. In two years, I'll likely upgrade to another Motorola.

much much better than the LGVX6100


Nov 22, 2004 by klapper2001

test this phone against the LG vx6100 in a house or place that has a so-so reception. it will beat the LG anytime. don't test this where reception is very good bec. both will perform well. i know bec. i tried 2 VX6100 and returned both bec of the number of dropped calls in my house. the v265, haven't had dropped calls yet. Battery was also better.

- Camera sucks
- screen small and not as bright as others that has TFT.
- no bluetooth - sickening!
- as a toy, it's pretty boring phone

- speakerphone audio is pretty clear.
- reception is awesome
- as a useful phone, can't ask anything more..

bottom line: if you want a good phone that you can make calls on everytime, this is a good phone. if you like toys with somewhat high tech features(compared to the v265) but dropped calls like crazy, get an LG.

V265 First Impressions


Nov 13, 2004 by Sneaks

Very slick phone. Previous phone was a V60i.

So far, the only major down side is the screen itself. It's virtually useless outdoors - washes out completely in the sun or glare. It has a small "sweet spot" viewing angle which is about 65 degrees off straight on. Not ever having a color phone to compare it with, it may yet be a deal breaker since I have 13 days left to return it.

Signal strength appears greater than what I got with my previous V60i. V60i chargers work but batteries are just enough different to not work.

Voice dialing feature is a little clumsier than the V60, mainly because more bells and whistles add to the complexity. What was one step on the V60 is 3 steps on the V265

Falls Apart In Less Than a Year... Bad Screen and Camera Too


Oct 1, 2005 by BetterThanJake

* Good reception
* Tri-mode
* Speakerphone
* Decent looks-wise

* Tiny, low-quality screen
* Poor camera
* NOT DURABLE- my best friend's went kaput at the 10 month mark (she stopped being able to hear incoming calls), and she was lucky, the V265 was still under warranty (barely). She stood in line at the Verizon store with 2 other people who had the same exact problem... dead or dying V265s.
* Voice quality not that great- no one will think you're on a landline

Overall, I don't think Motorola has really gotten the message that they need to stop making junky handsets that go *boom* after a year or so.

This phone has a "charger" defect


Apr 1, 2006 by wahllosigkeit

Since I purchsed this phone a year ago I have had it replaced two times. This means that, on average, the phone has worked for about 4 months before breaking. Every time it has been replaced, this issue has been the same: it will not charge.

In order to get the phone to charge, you have to repeatedly plug the charger in and unplug it, re-position the charging cord, remove the battery, put the battery back in, plug the charger cord in again. This manufacturing defect has consumed hours and hours of my life.

I will never use Verizon as a provider again and I will never choose a Motorola again. If they had tested this phone properly, they would have easily discovered that the charging mechanism is very prone to breaking or malfucntioning.

I had the charger replaced also and this did not solve the issue. The phone's charging mechanism and charger were not engineered properly. My phone constantly makes an anooying beeping sound because the battery is low and no matter how I plug the charger in, it will not charge the phone.

It's below average



I'm a cricket customer and got this PHN 3 months ago. Upgraded from a V262. Both have same battery problems; however signal on this device bad most of the times. I'm lucky I only use it to talk on nights and I really do not need it that bad.
Pros: Decent speaker sound
Cons: Battery life
Camera quelity is crappy
Signal is Poor
Charger is too fragile and it brakes easily.

Don't judge a book by its cover


Dec 1, 2005 by ad RI an

This is a very nice, light, and inexpensive phone. However, it isn't so "nice" on the inside.

Its very light.
Easy to read menus.

The camera sucks. No flash, and it looks like your picture was taken in a darkroom even when its so bright and sunny out.

The sound is extremely bad! It sounds like your talking in a bathroom, with the microphone held like two feet from your mouth

The battery goes out after a year. I still have another year to go. Thank god for phone insurance. U'll need it with this one.

The ringtones suck. If you download ringtones, the memory allows barely any tones to be put on there.

***So, if your thinking about getting this phone, look inside it first. Don't judge it by its "lavish" outide. And if you happen to fall in love with this phone, consider phone insurance.

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