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Not a good Idea


Nov 15, 2004 by dmater01

Was a big fan of Moto, but that all changed.


-poorly constructed, too fragile
-tiny screen is hard to see
-side buttons are almost inoperable
-looks and feels like a cheap kid's toy
-makes creaky noises

Poorly Built Trash. Get the LG 6100 Instead!


Dec 4, 2004 by kenstee

Was excited about this phone. Then compared this phone and the LG 6100 at a VZW store. The 6100 blew it out of the water on both RF and build quality. And this is in a VZW store where signal quality is always excellent.

The build quality of this v265 is a disgrace. Looks and feels like a cheap kid's toy. Terrible quality and small inside screen. Impossible to see in sunlight. What were the drsigners thinking? Speaking of which it can't even display the date on the inside or outside screen.

Maybe someday Moto will return to their roots with a phone the quality of the StarTac. Until they do run the other way from Moto.

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Nov 26, 2004 by cbigdogs

Good phone just that! Don't expect a good quality camera out of any cell phone especially not this one. Just great reception in many areas others have none "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!" Good.

Good phone


Feb 7, 2005 by avidphoner

Just got the phone. I am switching over from V60i.
Feels good to hold.
Voice commands (see CONS)
Cons: Motorola is switching over to Speaker-Independent voice dialing, which I think is not a good deal. It might work for simple name. How about for people from other countries ? It almost never works.

I do not understand why it needs to be Speaker-Independent, when only I am going to be using it mainly.

That is what I like about the V60i - speaker dependent voice dialing. I can record the name in the phone book in my own voice and pronounciation. And I am the one using VOICE Dial. It works all the time.
I am considering going back to V60i.

the motorola v266 is a good phone


Dec 11, 2006 by rachey12321

I purchased this phone about a month ago and have been very satisfied with it. The only thing i would change about it would be more battery life and more memory. The battery life is ok but I would like to have more. The camera phone is ok, I like the different picture settings but the pictures do not come out too well but hey, it's just a cam on a phone. Sometimes the phone freezes for a bit but then it is ok. There's been known charging problems with this phone and I have encountered some, but in the end it has worked out with a little wiggle.

customized buttons and layouts
good text messaging
pretty straight forward
reliable most of the time
picture settings with a good zoom
voice recorder
speakerphone is good
**DURABLE!!! -- last night I noticed my phone was missing so I went to go look for it and I found it in a deep puddle of water. The phone was submerged for 5-10 minutes, I dried it out, and it works fine!

some charging problems
freezes sometimes

I would definitely recommend this phone!

Motorola V276


Dec 7, 2005 by KingWill00

This is a pretty good phone, so far I'm happy with it, although when the RAZR comes out on Verizon tomorrow, I might drop this one for it, simply because I want more bells and whistles. As a phone, it does exactly what its supposed to do which is to place and recieve calls. The RECEPTION ON THIS PHONE IS GREAT; better than almost all other Verizon phones I have owned, probably comparable to the E815. The voice recognition feature is very nice to have especially since I didn't have to train my voice to it. And the speakerphone works great. The pre-loaded ringers are pretty bad and the camera is decent, although most of the pictures come out darker than they appeared on the screen before I took the picture. The phone feels a little flimsy and cheap, but this cheap flimsy feeling phone gets better reception than my old rock feeling Samsung SCH-a670. I would recommend this phone to someone who simply wants a reliable phone. If you want something more advanced get the E815 or the new RAZR.

hackeysack NOT phone


Jan 10, 2007 by Orr04

this phone has served me nothing better than to play hackeysack with. all verizon phones suck. switch to cingular. please

15 months later...


Jan 8, 2007 by KNTRDR

Although not completely satisfied with the phone, it has proved itself to be durable and fairly reliable.

I get good reception in most locations, locations where my previous phone and many of my friends phones do not function. The camera is functional for taking quick photos. I would certainly not choose to have my wedding photos taken with it but its functional. The voice dial feature I like as it doesn't require pre-recorded names to work. The contact list is roomy to say the least. The various abilities within the text messaging center are useful.

The phone does however have its share of problems. It, as I see many others on this page have mentioned, does have a tendency to shut off/reboot itself for no reason during normal operation. Perhaps Microsoft designed the software for this phone? It does have very limited memory space due to both the fact that it just was not built with much capacity, and that Motorola generously installed a ton of pictures and ringtones that you can never delete. Ever. I have yet to experience any major issues with the charger, mine seems to still work fairly well. It IS loose but it does seem to connect. The battery life is acceptable. I have noticed a decline in the 15 months I have used the phone, but that is to be expected with almost any rechargeable battery as time wears on.

I have dropped, hit and tossed this phone, had it on almost 24/7 for the last year, shutting it off only a few times, charged it up every night by my bed, used it as an alarm clock, a reminder clock, and my main personal mode of communication since I owned it. My work as an auto technician and my dirty, oily, greasy hands have yet to cause any damage to the phone (although it does slip from my hands now and then).

Despite its flaws and failings, it continues to function at near proper capacity after over a year's worth of fairly abusive beating. Perhaps the other reviewers phones were made on a Monday or a Friday. All in all...I'm satisfied.

Nothing But Problems.


Nov 14, 2006 by roentgen

We have two of these phones. During the first week of use, I had to return one of them due to the battery overheating. The other phone was ok for a month and then stopped recieving a signal, so I returned it. Now the two new phones have two new problems. One of them has such bad audio quality that I have to be in a quiet room in order to hear what my caller is saying. The other phone will only hold a charge for six hours (without use) before needing to recharge.

I will never buy a Motorola phone again.

metro's piece of crap!


Oct 20, 2006 by kerri5281

I absolutely hate this phone. I had a nokia phone for over a year and never had any problems with it.. None. I dropped a zillion times on hard concrete and when I went to get a new one, they said that one was still in great condition. The Motorola V266 however is so plasticy and slippery! I bought it back in April and I was drawn to the camera. I was lied to and told that I could "send pictures to who ever I wanted, any carrier".. huge lie!!! And I was also told that it was the best phone that they had... another lie!! It's the WORST!

It was fine for a while, I liked that it was a flip phone, and the black made it look really nice. But just a few months ago it started acting up. For one, I can't hold a call to save my life. I can have a full signal and my call will drop (even if the other person is on their house phone!), and same goes for calling.. it will say call failed with a huge signal. My battery won't stay charged at all..even when i charge it all night. I have a 5 minute conversation and it goes down to one bar of battery life.

Also, its gotten to the point where sending/receiving texts is impossible. I get day old texts, and when mine do send, they get 3 or 4 of the same one. When people call me it goes straight to voicemail and my phone never rings... it is ridiculous!!!

I would not recommend this phone to anyone. It is the worst thing I have ever owned!! I hope they take it off the market soon!!!

the black exterior

plasticy feel
HORRIBLE battery life
camera is pointless
worst phone EVER.

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