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Really happy with the results...(It's just a phone!)


Dec 22, 2008 by TeamTwilight

- looks cool (always a plus
- big screen so its easier to read (awesome
- thin so it fits nicely in your pocket (great for school students
-its Motorola ( a good brand for easy learning

-Battery life is not long ( get a backup battery or prepaid backup cell

- Sometime you have to play with the charger to get it to work, it might light up when plugged in, but look carefully because most of the time it comes up "unable to charge." ( get a new charger or take in it into facility

-Camera isn't the best ( Get a digital camera

-When texting, somehow it will switch to numbers in stead of letters in the middle of typing, and in order to fix it u have to close out of it and start all over again. ( don't text. Not a biggie.

-It has an alarm clock, but it doesn't always go off when its suppose to. ( get an actual alarm clock people!

All of the cons have an easy fix.
Alarm clock: It's a phone!
Camera:It's a phone!
Not clear ringones:It's a phone. You want music? Get an iPod! Lord!
It's just a phone! A REALLY good one IF you use it as a phone. It's perfect!

RAZR V3- I like it


Nov 14, 2008 by ilyphones123

I have had a RAZR for over a year and i half and i find it very sturdy and usefull. Even though it doesnt have a full QWERTY keyboard like most phones it is still ok for messaging if you use T9.

-Sleek design
-Not Bulky
-No Major Problems

-Not much memory
-No full keyboard
-Video Camera is not good.

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Three Defective Razrs = One Unhappy User


Sep 12, 2008 by GMFWDFAN

My experience with the Motorola Razr was terrible. And that's putting it lightly. The problems with my Razr(s) seemed to never end.

I got my first Razr in January of 2007. One week later, it screwed up for the first time. It would "lock up." Battery and signal strength would both be good, but I would unknowingly be totally unable to receive calls and also unable send or receive text messages until I turned the phone off and back on. I'm not a big caller, so my phone could for two days with me being totally unreachable without knowing it.

Also, the Razr would randomly tell me to "INSERT SIM CARD" when the SIM card hadn't been altered at all. One time it even vibrated continuously for no reason until I took the battery out. And it also turned itself on and off two to three times a day.

So, I sent it back and got another Razr as a warranty replacement. This phone's button lights flickered and went out the very night I got it. And they refused to come back on unless I tapped the side of the phone and/or pressed the pound key very hard. There was an obvious short. Then this Razr did the "INSERT SIM CARD" thing as well as the turning off and on thing.

And I sent that Razr back and got my third warranty replacement. Two weeks after I got it, it began to show all of the funky behavior that the other two did. After a few months of dealing with this Razr doing the exact same thing the others did, I had it sent back and replaced with a Samsung A727 (which in itself is another story).

Those three Razrs have turned me away from Motorola phones altogether.



Aug 5, 2008 by ImYourSatellite

I work for a cell phone insurance company, and quite honestly do not receive any more or any less claims for this model than for any other. Many people rumour that this phone is easily broken - it's a cell phone, they're not indestructible people...as with any phone if you take proper care of your handset and do not use excessive force, it will last you as long as any other. I am a personal owner of a MOTO RAZR V3 and am absolutely satisfied with it's performance, quality, and design. It is a popular model for a reason!!!



Jul 17, 2008 by daskateh

I got this phone almost a week ago and it is great so far.

*Very sleek design.
*Easy to use.
*Camera and video capabilities.
*Pretty good battery life
*Nice feel of keypad

*I heard is very easy to break(I have not broken it my self tho.)
*Does not have a great video camera.

In my opinion this is a great phone and worth buying. But because it is a popular phone their is a lot of phone critics.

one rugged phone


Jul 9, 2008 by Akashrahi

Okay first of all i know that everyone thinks the razr sucks, but personally its one if the best phones out there...
i have an iphone and when i go outside to like airsoft wars i just switch out my sim cards...

* rugged
* really good signal ( i live in kansas ) * small and light weight
* fashonable still

* interface is not interesting
* the web browser buttton on the left cab be annoying

overall its a great phone i would reccomend it with verizon wireless cause the phone.

Good Phone!


Jun 11, 2008 by rsu81

I've had this phone for almost 2 years. No problems at all. No buzzing speaker, no dust in screen, no dropped calls. This phone is not a good camera (I have a good camera), not a good web browser (I have a computer), not a music player (I have a walkman). I use this primarily as a phone and it is a GOOD phone. After 2 years I still only charge every five to seven days. I found BB still offers v3 with renewal and I'll probably get another.

love it!


May 28, 2008 by simmons4jesus24

i love this phone!

*keypad is easy to use
*ease to use
*camera is pretty good
*everything else is awesome!

*font is weird
*middle navagation key is very flat and hard to use.

this phone is pretty good. I had the v3xx and liked this better! weird huh?

but, if i was you, just dont get a motorola.
they brake easily. but, the easiest one to is the v3xx. i've had mine for 4 weeks and it wont even turn on because the battery messed up the phone. and it says "invaid battery" motorola is really a piece of crap.

I Switched, From A Razr To A Sidekick Slide


Mar 10, 2008 by misscenab

The Razr, Wow..Its An Okay Phone, Excpet, There Is Like NO Memory..And No Memory Card Slot...But Its A Tuff Little Phone, I Have Threw Mine On The Ground, And Dropped It So Many Times, And Its Still Alive And Going, And All That Stuff.

*Its Thin
*Love The Blue tooth
*Pretty Easy To Text On

*Reception Sucks!
*Alot Of Dropped Calls
*Not Enough Memory!
*Speaker Is Not That Loud

I Recomend You Don't Get This Phone,
Only Because, You Can Get A Better Deal And A Better Phone, For Maybe The About Same Price, Sorry Everyone, For Being Negative...But Its True, This Is Not A Very Good Phone To Have!


The RAZR V3 - not buggy as predicted.


Mar 7, 2008 by MotoV3RAZR2008

I just got a Moto RAZR V3 Black from Walmart as an AT&T prepaid kit. I got it for 99 dollars. I am using it for my current post-paid AT&T Wireless account and I am very surprised about this phone.

I think Motorola really improved this model, because mine is not the least bit buggy. The EDGE is a little slow, but I don't browse much due to the high data costs.

The large screen on the inside is beautiful, very vibrant. I can hear people very very well on my phone, something which also surprised me. I used to have another Motorola clam shell and I had a hard time hearing people.

The games look great on this phone, very graphic and lovely. I bought a leather case with clear plastic to fit over the screen so my phone is very well protected.

I am so pleased with this phone, I just love the themes, graphics, and ringers that come with this phone.

I give this phone a perfect 5.

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