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wonderful phone


Dec 11, 2005 by phancci

My boyfriend bought this phone from amazon because he was able to get a mail in rebate for it that made it free. i dinked around with it after he got it and couldn't believe how much i liked it. loved it so much i went and got my own from amazon.

it didn't take me more than a day to get used to the software. it was really simple, and i don't know if its my location or not, but so far i haven't dropped any calls or lost signal AT ALL.

the thing that really stands out to me about this phone is how customizable it is. it does mp3, which i'm into, holds 5megs. people often say this is bogus but kids,

listen, its first and foremost a PHONE. if you want an mp3 player, buy an ipod. if you want something to take high quality pictures with, buy a real camera. but if you want a good solid phone with room for a few cool ringtones and a couple pictures, get a razr v3. seriously, this isn't rocket science.


* good internal antenna, haven't lost signal yet
* calls are clear and crisp (also, everyone i talk to says they can hear me clearly also)
* speakerphone works well
* good software, gotta love motorola
* easy to use and set up initially
* customizable (ringtones and pictures to add to the "cool" effect)
* really sweet looking phone (had a few compliments about it)


* the vibrate mode is a little wussy, but i still am able to feel when i'm getting a call in my pocket.

thats really all i have to complain about to be honest. i think i'm in love...

i would recommend the razr v3 if the price is right. its a really solid phone with some cool features on it.

This Phone Is Great


Jun 24, 2006 by Eldren

I just got the black Razr from Cingular, and I honestly don't know what people are complaining about. The call reception is great, call volume is just fine, the phone offers video capture, it's physically sturdy, and the Bluetooth works beautifully. I was able to Bluetooth over from my Motorola V600 my MP3 ringtones and the photos I use for my address book entries. This kept me from having to re-download the ringtones, or re-take the pictures (or in the case of an out-of-state friend, have her send her picture via phone).

The phone isn't perfect, no phone is. I don't like that the buttons are on the upper half of the flip instead of the "main body". I think the front screen (which, admittedly, still has great picture quality) is a little small for all the glass windowspace that's on the phone. The camera quality isn't the greatest, and the Motorola UI is the same (exactly) as what was on my V600.

This being said, this is the fourth phone I've owned, and it's easily the best of them. I first owned the Nokia 8210 (my first phone, also a GSM phone). I didn't know any better as far as phones went, so it was fine at the time. Then I saw (and had to have) a Motorola T720. I loved that phone! Then I moved to the LG L1150, which was a nice-looking, simple-function phone. From there I acquired my Motorola V600, and now I'm finally using the V3 Razr.

Trust me, this is the best phone by far. There are phones on the market now with flashier features (though to get much past the V3 you're going to have to enter into PDA territory), and there are phones with more up-to-date user interfaces, but by and large, Motorola has kept a UI that long-time users are going to be intimately familiar with, and has wrapped it in a great phone that has a beautiful form factor and great performance. What more could someone ask for?

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A Great but not PERFECT phone


Apr 15, 2006 by Death_Phone_Lord

Okay here is my story...

I had this phone for about 3 hours and it is great. I have alot of Pictures. Allthough there is a few features I think could be improved. My older brother and I both have one. My yonger brother wont stop calling me. But enough of that. Please enjoy the following...


- External Camera
- Camera Zoom
- Battery Meter
- Photo Caller I.D.
- Service ( I've had 3-5 bars everywhere)
- Reception (I could here everyone I talked to very clearly)

Improvements (Cons) needed:

- Better screen (I can't see it well in the sun)

Thats all.

Insurance Needed!!!!


Mar 23, 2006 by homicidal_bitch

For the first few weeks it was wonderful, great huge screen, thin and new. Then the problems started. The screen malfunctions (mind you hadnt be dropped or wet once)It just stopped working. Ok so thank god for insurance. Got the new phone. Then the key pad wouldnt work. Insurance again. Ok then i think hopefully all is ok. well not only that but sometimes it says it was charging and it really wants so then i would assume i had full battery when i really only had 1 bar left.

Pros: Nice large screen, Great photos,

Cons; Malfuntions often, Not really loud not even the speaker phone, turns off often by it self if you get to many aims at once.

Love My RAZR V3!!!


Jan 7, 2006 by blueeyes625

I just purchased my second RAZR V3. The first one I purchased through First Cellular. My contract ended so I decided to go with Cingular. The RAZR through First Cellular didn't have reception where my parents live (rural area). I told First Cellular about the problem and they told me the towers were not capable of GSM. The second RAZR V3 I purchased through Cingular gets great reception at my parent's home. What gives First Cellular? Anyway, enough of that. Here is my review of my Black RAZR V3.

great reception
cool design
ultra thin
dual screens


I highly recommend the RAZR V3 to anyone who wants a cool phone with lots of features!!

Fun fun fun


Jan 3, 2006 by PDXMatt

First off, I'm not basing my score on whether or not I dropped the phone & broke it, how I feel about either Cingular or Motorola or whether or not I think it should have features it doesn't. It's just a matter of "Does this phone do what they say it can do?" It does...and I LOVE IT!

This phone is a marvel! Sleek and sexy design with a beautifully vivid, crisp display and shiny keypad to top it off. It's a bit wider than most cell phones, but I have fairly large hands so I have no problems with that.

I've seen a few complaints about the complexity of use, but it only took me about an hour of fiddling with it to figure everything out without resorting to the manual. I have no idea what was going on in the mind of whoever decided the default address book set-up was a good idea, but that's a problem easily solved by adjusting the settings. The camera takes decent photos, no complaints there. The OS is slower than I'd like and I did have an instance where my fingers moved a little too quickly while attempting to download and save an mp3 ringtone causing the phone to reboot itself. Odd. Other than the few things I've mentioned, there've been absolutely NO PROBLEMS with this phone and I've had it over a month now. And as far as I'm concerned, the envy of others when they see me use it alone far outweighs anything negative I could possibly say. But that's just me. Because the one feature this phone has that you can't put a price tag on is the WOW factor. In that area it delivers in a BIG way.

I'm not going to lie. There are other phones out there with more intuitive interfaces, have more features, better cameras, etc. and I can't say I'd recommend it for, say, a top-level, world-traveling business exec. That is what sims are for anyway. :)

My Moto!


Dec 27, 2005 by carlbeaty33

i love this phone it is one of the best phones i have had. I was debating on this phone and the slider phone and im glad i got this phone. GO out and buy it today you want be unhappy with it. I got it for xmas and im loving it!



Dec 25, 2005 by PhoneLover05

I love the Razr it has wonderful reception (something I never had) with Samsung. I like the speaker phone it is very loud and camera takes nice still pictures. I just got it for Christmas!!
Yay My First Moto

A Good Phone


Jul 16, 2006 by mpreyno2

I have been using this phone for about a I thought I would write a review.

Sturdy Design
Slim and Compact
It is customizable
Bright color display

No additional memory card slot - I found this to be helpful on the V360

No easy way to place phone on vibrate- with all my other phones V360, I could hold down the # and it would place it on vibrate. With this phone, there is no real shortcut

External screen could be larger

Receiver is a bit low when in busy areas.

Overall, I think this is a great phone and would recommend it to anyone. I would not suggest buying it used..T-Mobile had to recall them a several months ago for dropping calls. The problems have now been fixed and I have not had any problems. (That is why I did not buy it sooner)

Better than Expected


Feb 27, 2006 by hwashburn

I have read a lot of these reviews regarding the RAZR, plus have compared the various versions of the RAZRs. And I am surprised with the variation there is in opinion about this phone and the quality between cel carriers. I am with Cingular, but had a chance to test Verizon's version. Which made me happy I stayed with Cingular. Anyways, I have gone from a Nokia 6820, to a Motorola V551 and then to the RAZR. And out of the three phones, my RAZR has worked the best. On the Nokia and the V551, reception at my home (Woodinville, Washington - Cottage Lake Area) was between 1 and 2 bars. But with the RAZR I am getting 2 to 3 bars.
Obviously, the phone isn't completely without flaws. However, the Cingular version's flaws I found are insignificant. There is a slightly longer delay when moving from the standby screen to a menu, which I did not have have my V551.
Other than that, I have no complaints at this time.

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