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I love it!


Dec 28, 2007 by cdsdiver123

I love this phone! It has a nice sleek, slim design! It is very loud when calling someone. The only bad thing is the light outdoors but you can just cover it with your hand and its still easy to see.

Slim Design
Great Camera
Loud Speaker
Video Player
A ton of ringtones
Volume buttons on the side
Camera when the phone is closed
and a lot more!

The Light could be better outside
The buttons can sometimes get stuck

I Hate this phone with a passion!!


Aug 28, 2007 by sosweet

The only reason I got this phone was because It was pink and cute! However, that is the only thing it had going for me! The buttons were too flat and sometimes when would press one button, another would dial, and I have small hands. The phone was too thin making it difficult to hold and especially hold on your shoulder if your hands are full. Because it was so thin, it was very uncomfortable holding to my ear and it felt like it wasn't on my ear. The pictures were hard to view on the phone because it seems like they had a glare on them because of the way thin screen. I purchased the phone brand new, and only had it for 30 days then sold it and got another one. I Hate The Razor!!!

Good Battery Life
Good reception
Pretty colors
Clear ringtones


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Blue Razr V3


Feb 24, 2007 by moth

I have a lot of contact with alot of phones and I feel the Razr is less than it could be.

I also happen to love mine.

PROS: I like the size and wieght. It is bottom heavy so it does not try to escape your gri as easy as other phones (though factors such as these vary depending on the size of a person's hands and their way of holding a phone).
Good reception.
Fair earpiece volume.
Fair keypad.
Good screensize.

CONS: Motorola makes wishy-washy phones with odd bugs (not just the Razr).

My earpiece turns off and I must turn on the speakerphone and then turn the speakerphone off to remedy it.

This phone is slow.

Fragile, especially the hinge.

Some models will get dust through those little holes near the top which will cover the back of your screen's glass. You can get this repaired or if you are uncovered by warranty/insurance you can carefully pry off the glass and clean it and press it back in place.

wickedly AWESOME!


Jan 28, 2007 by money0808

OK, the razr is definately the best phone that i have ever used. Im use to using Virgin Mobile and their crappy phones. but my parents have had a lot of phone with cingular and t mobile. I got this phone unlocked from amazon.com and use it with cingular. The signal is amazing compared the to the Kyocera Switchback i had previously. i get 5 bars like everywhere. Except in school. My battery just about dies when my phone is on in school so i really can't say anything on battery life. People have been complaining about ringing volume. On my phone, the ringing volume is exellent. Its VERY loud. my grandmother can even hear it ringing. Its the earpiece volume thats a bit low. I can't really hear people in loud areas like the hallways at my school. thats the only big con i have on this phone. Otherwise its perfect. Although mine is the European version, so mine could be a better version than that of the US. And my phone came with Mobile Phonetools, so i can add pictures, wallpapers ,and shorten my favorite songs to the chorus and use them as my ringtone. So now i don't have to pay for them anymore! If people are complaining about that, try the unlocked European version from amazon. I paid only 170 something.In my opinion,the Euro version is soo much better.

Hate!!!!! The Razor V3


Jan 17, 2007 by butterfly40061

I traded my LG CG300 for this junkie razr V3 phone, it is the WORST phone that i have ever had. I have had 8 pink razr phones in 3 months and they have all had the same problem, the ONLY good thing about these junkie phones is the thin design and the color.... I will "NEVER" buy a Motorola phone ever again, its about like the V557 that i had before the LG "JUNK"!!!!!!


Alot of dropped calls and i have service that is supposed to have the fewest dropped call "yeah right" not with the razr! turns off by its-self, sometimes doesn't ring at all, interferes with computers and stereos, after charging battery the phone indicates that its not fully charged, Better hope you don't drop this phone cause the battery backing will pop off and you will have a hunk gone off your phone and paint scratched off aluminum covering even if you have a leather case.....

Needs more call log storage


Feb 17, 2006 by OldSage4u

Overall the phone quality is good. Two short commings.
1. Call logs (Recieved calls and Dialed Calls only holds ten)
2. Phone does not register missed calls into the call log when they call if you are on the phone with someone else.

Great Phone - Firmware needs upgrade


Jan 17, 2006 by egale1

I have to say that this phone has the best sound quality of any phone I have had. The software does need a facelift, the camera is nothing more than a cute gadget and it doesn't have a wealth of features but what it does, being a phone, it does extremely well.

My only complaint is the firmware which needs some fixing. The first day I had the phone, it decided to give me a mirror image on the screen with everything backwards. Never have I seen anything that weird! Turning the phone on and off or removing the battery fixed it sometimes but a few minutes later, backwards screen was there again.

Motorola was little help, they suggested I return the phone under warranty and wait 14 business days. Finally, I reset the phone settings and after that all has been well. The only other problem I have found is the battery charging/complete indicator sometimes not showing complete when it obviously is finished.

I do love the call quality and in the end, that is what really matters.

Best Yet!


Jan 3, 2006 by ested23

The Black Razr V3 is the best phone that I ever had. I've 3 Razr V3's and the latest batch that came out recently is excellent.
Reception, call quallity, sound, Video capture, bluetooth..works great. Pictures are fine. I wish it was a megapixel phone but it's ok. I have NO complaints otherwise. A definite recommend!



Jan 2, 2006 by euroboy002

Provider: T-Mobile

Phone: GSM MOTO V3

I am an LG fan, that's all I have EVER owned, except for 1 Nokia. I was always hearing Moto get a bad wrap for things, but I LOVE this phone. Maybe I'm LUCKY?


Great Reception

Good Call Quality

Awsome Ringtones/Sound Quality/Speaker Phone

Easy Interface

Nice Walpapers

Awsome blue tooth

Better charger than previous Motos I've seen.

Nice feel to keypad

Fits Nice In Hand


Walpaper does NOT move/Animate.

Camera function weird to get to

Standard Ear Peice SUX.


Battery Life

It's actually pretty good!


Dec 14, 2005 by mraymo

I have had this phone for a week now and it has been my favorite phone. I have owned about 8 or 9 different cell phones over the years and this one is the best. I have retired from smart phones as they are just too much phone for me so the simplicity and functionality of this device, not to mention the size compared to a treo 600, is very welcomed. This phone does everything it was intended for very well.
Great reception (t-mobile, saint paul MN)
Very cool form factor.
Adequate camera for MMS messages.
Great voice dialing, I never get an error message or anything.
Great screen for bejeweled when I am bored. Good loud ring.
Good speaker phone
It is a phone first and foremost and not much of a business tool other than to make calls but it no one ever claimed it to be much more than that. That being said, The high price tag when this phone was first introduced is too high. For $200.00 I am pleased with it. If I wasn't under contract, I could have gotten it cheaper but I am OK with that price for this phone.
Somewhat quiet ear speaker but not as bad as others have said.

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