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May 18, 2006 by Seski

Okay. I have a good reason why you shouldn't buy this phone. My stepfather bought this phone two days ago, and the day after he got it, it quit working. It won't even power up, but when you put it on the charger, the screen will light up, but nothing else will happen.

total waste of money


May 17, 2006 by slowdown

Do not waste your money on this worthless piece of garbage. I purchased it and ended up giving it away three months later. It dropped calls like hot lead. You would better off using two tin cans with a string. It wouldn't even make a decent paper weight. I did see a couple of kids using one to play hop scotch so I guess it wasn't totally worthless. Take the screen and glue a mirror so that you can use it as a compact for you ladies...


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Motorola V3(all versions)


May 16, 2006 by Mark_S

Very nice phone for what it is, thin and that is about it. BEWARE OF THE BATTERIES!!!
Everyone that I know whether it be GSM or CDMA version, the display eventually freezes up and the cause is Motorola's crappy battery defect for this and the V360 phones. If you think it is hip to be square, get this phone. Otherwise stick with a Nokia. Gets reception where this phone cannot.

I own v3c verizon, friend owns v3 cinglar


Apr 26, 2006 by RSX8900

Okay, my best friend has this phone.. I have the verizon razr...
Her phone is okay... like its half good and half bad.
she always recieves my texts and calls, i always recieve hers... she had a cheapy razr w/o video so she called cingular and said she had a bluetooth problem so they sent her a brandnew pink one, that takes video...
she is happy its pretty fast and her battery lasts longer than mine.. then again i use mine more than she does.
Her speaker isnt as loud as mine, but her earpiece vol is alot lower.. so thats a down fall.. Her ring tones are kinda quiet but she has the vib/ring mode so it doesnt matter..

Nice thin.
Buttons are easy
Pix good quality
Fun Phone
Great Interface
Calls and Texts
good battery life

Bad Video
slow software.. (slower than verizon)
ringtones soft.
vibrate isnt so hard.
earpiece vol.
hope this helped.

Its okay


Apr 20, 2006 by jesk88

The RAZR is a good phone.. sort of? I have always bought LG phones, so when i got the MOTOROLA RAZR it was bit different. What i don't like about MOTOROLA phones are the quality of the pictures, my friend has a different model and her picture quality is also very poor. I read someone write the buttons on the sides are annoying.. I also find this true, when i put this in my purse, i flip open my phone and it doesn't tell me that i have any missed calls. The rings also change, so when i put it on vibrate and its left in my purse it rings because it was accidentally hit. Also, another problem i have with this phone is when its on speaker phone, people cant hear me. I find that odd because aren't you suppose to be able to talk away from the phone and be expected to be heard? The things i do like about this phone is the style, size, battery life, and coverage from my service provider. After listing all the cons, i wonder if the money was worth the phone? I think the next phone i purchase, I'm going back to LG. Sure this phone looks nice but I'm not the sure the quality of it is so great..

Nice to look at... HORRIBLE to use


Apr 19, 2006 by nikinacky

I first got the silver razr. I loved it... Until people weren't getting my text messages I was sending. I also wasn't receiving theirs. Not all the time. So my boyfriend got me the new pink razr. I love it. I am also having the same problem with the text messaging and it shuts itself off and back on. Pretty much does whatever it wants. I like the phone alot... the bluetooth... way it looks but it is a hassle to use on a regular basis. My boyfriend has the V3i. He does not have any of the problems I do.

stay clear of this one


Apr 19, 2006 by pjabone

this phone is a absolute piece of junk ,they should recall this phone! For the price i payed for this phone motorola should be put in jail for theft....i am on my fourth phone in as many months... the speakerphone rarely works ,you have to hold it so close to your mouth you may as well put it to your ear ring styles are easily altered from the exterior buttons if you use a case the keyboard has numereous problems ....dial eight ,you get a 2 etc....you need to hold the phone exactly to your ear to hear well due to the fact the earpiece is to small..this phone has numerous software issues that you need to constantly get updates from your provider...they say it fixes the problem but it doesnt ,constantly getting double dates on the screen .....take my advice buy a cheaper phone they always last!



Apr 17, 2006 by atrain

It shuts off randomly. It drops calls. It is slow as can be. I must admit, it was a good phone for about a month or two but then it started to go downhill. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. Don't even accept a free one.

No phone is perfect


Mar 17, 2006 by chevellegrl

The Razr has been the only phone that I have been completely content with.... until now. I work in the wireless industry and in the last 3 weeks, I've had to replace 4 Razr phones in my company because they are stating to grow "fungus". This happens on the inside of the display screen, it starts very small, looks almost like dust, then it just grows and grows to overtake the whole screen. I've also had to replace my personal Razr and my husbands for this same problem. As much as I've loved the Razr and raved about it to everyone that asks, I think I'm going to move on instead of spending 30 minutes on the phone with warranty exchange trying to replace it with a refurbished one.



Apr 7, 2005 by jewfacekilla

This phone is dope as hell. Looks cool and works great... can't beat quad band... I have the black one and it rocks!

Looks sick!
Great RF

Price (I'm ritch biotch!)

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