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OK but keep looking


Aug 2, 2006 by jeffrey31580

I've had this phone for 2 years... I'm just getting ready to buy another because of the troubles with the "latest" one. The first phone I had, the screen completely crashed. I called cingular and they had no problem sending me the replacement under warranty. BTW this was really the only trouble I had, this is a nice phone when there aren't issues...
The second phone, right out of the box, had problems... The battery cover is HELL to put on... it turns off randomly sometimes, vibrates constantly when people call and won't let me answer, and now doesn't seem to come on at all...... Plus accessories are a pain to find...
All and all a good phone with some great bells and whistles, but not worth the effort of messing with.



Dec 14, 2005 by Irol

I bought the mpx220 in June of this year and loved it!!! About a week ago it suddenly stopped charging...what a disappointment. I have a friend who has one and the same thing happened to his. Now we can't get a replacement.

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Dec 12, 2005 by Djanifer9512

Just to make a few things clear, there is no insurance for the MPx220 from Cingular. Cingular does not offer insurance on any data/smart phones/pda's ect. The only phone that resembles a smart phone that Cingular does offer insurance on in the Nokia 6682. And comming from a 4 mo. user of this phone, I can say with confidence that this phone is absolutely a piece of junk. This phone was pushed back 3 times in a year back when at&t wireless was supposed to get it. And then when Cingular finally got a hold of it it was recalled 2 more times! I don't know about anyone else here, but I wouldn't buy a phone that has this many set backs, is this expensive, and is no real protection plan for. BUYER BEWARE... This is not the phone for anyone. PERIOD.

As Business Phone I Love it


Dec 10, 2005 by CAHNOCAL

I'm a business power-phone users who is on the cell phone all the time, and I travel to Asia frequently and have to have a four-band GSM phone.

I have had a Motorola A780, Siemens SX66, Treo 600/650, and several other phones. This is the best phone I've ever had because:

1) Small - compact, easy to carry around
2) Sound quality - customers and associates say I'm clearer than I've ever been. Also true with my Moto HS850 Bluetooth headset.
3) Everything worked the first time. iTAP text input, voice recognition, synchronizing my ~2000 contact database (hard to find phones with this capacity)
4) Immediately sychronized with Outlook with no difficulty - on both Mac and PC. Unlike Moto A780 "Mobile Phone Tools" that took 60 minutes (yes!) to synchronize, and often lost data. Microsoft software is better than some people, anyway...
5) Dialing and name lookup is extremely fast
6) Menus are intuitive
7) Photos are good enough (not great)
8) Battery life is fine. I talk 2-4 hours per day and still have 50% battery at the end of the day.
9) MiniSD memory is used by system for everything (including contacts!) but core phone software. So I can have a picture and custom ringtone for every important contact!

Can't give it 5 stars because
1) Voice recognition doesn't work with Bluetooth (why not?)
2) In-call operations through the Menu button are too clicky for me - too many steps to Mute in traffic, combine calls for a Conference, and such.

Very Sad Owner


May 24, 2005 by hammerhead

I'd say the concept had me very excited, but the execution was flawed to say the least.

I had a perfectly good motorola V60 and an ipaq 2210, but I was getting tired of carrying both around. So when I saw the MPX220 I drooled. Then I whined until my wife gave me the go ahead. I bought two. I've never regretted a purchase of a piece of gagetry so much in my LIFE. These suck and that's putting it kindly. I had to wipe out everything at least once or twice after setting it all up due to some glitch. You can't hear at all if you have any noise around you. My wife constantly complains that she can't hear on hers even though it's at full volume. I miss calls all the time since the coverage (Des Moines) is HORRIBLE. Voicemails sometimes don't show for hours/days?

But really, what a great idea ruined by trying to be too cheap in executing. The other thing that I HATE is the so called "snooze" feature on the reminders. 5 minutes or dismiss?? Are you kidding me?? HOW ABOUT SOME OPTIONS??? 5, 10, 15, etc like on the ipaq??

Hello MOTO and Cingular, if you are listening, I want a different phone.

And the Cnet reviewers, you're fired. Missed by a mile.

Love it!


Feb 14, 2005 by queenb

i have had my phone for two weeks and i love it. i took the time to learn it before i got it and now that i have it i wish i had gotten it sooner. the only thing i dont like is leaving the bluetooth on kills the battery. but other than that there are no problems with the phone. no issues. the sound quality is good but the ringtones are low if you don't put it on outdoor.

Pretty Happy with phone:)


Jan 11, 2005 by 97blkSE

Well i just picked up a mpx220 today from cingular. and i have to say compared to my v600 im pleased. the camera quality leaves something to be desired but i can deal since i barely used the v600 camera i doubt ill use this one.

As for the volume issue: when i first turned the phone on it seemed very low and near impossible to hear. after about 20 mins of trying to figure out how to fix it i realized i still had the plastic cover on it and once that was removed there was an extremely noticable difference in volume in both the earpiece and speakerphone.

im disappointed that the external display only stays on for like 5 secs.

-lighter than my v600
-way more features

-slightly larger than the v600
-kinda of a pain to scroll thru the menu to get to folders

overall i like the phone and so far i am happy with it but time will tell. i still have to play around with the bluetooth headset i got and read the encyclopedia...i mean manual.

Excellent phone that does everything.


Dec 26, 2004 by Nagrom Nniuq

This phone is almost perfect in everyway. I have the Cingular version and love it.
The only cons or things to improve (if you can call them that):
-Easier access to the alarm settings.
-A bigger external screen.
-The ability to use speakerphone with phone closed.

Very Nice phone


Dec 17, 2004 by yz450fman

I have this phone and am very happy with it. The camera is way better than my v710. I am not sure about the problems that others have but my phone has the 1.70 software update and it works very well. You can use the speakerphone with the phone closed.

MPx220&Best Buys and Cingular return Policy's


Dec 3, 2004 by Stevoe

I Was originally thinking of going with Cingular due to some unhappy experiences with Verizon BUT Now have decided NOT to. First of all,the MPx220 Needs Much more work, it drops calls, phone shuts off in middle of call. Can be slow going from Screen to screen. the Speakerphone and Camera is useless, Difficult phone to get places fast in menu, BUT nice looking phone, battery was week in the three days I had it, charged it twice .

NOW I purchased this from Best Buy,I happen to notice a clause in my Cingular contract stating if I kept the phone PAST 3 days I would be charged a $36.00 activation fee even if I canceled in my 30 day trial. NOT GOOD. Also I payed cash at Best buy, so when I went to return the phone they told me they did not give refunds totaling the amount of the phone $ 266.00 back in cash that I would have to wait for a check, 7 DAYS to get a check back,still waiting. Needless to say I was NOT happy, READ the fine print, WATCH out. I canceled, I had to fax a copy of my Best Buy return receipt to Cingular before they would credit the $36.00, it was not easy, Fortunately I saw the FINE print before my 3 days were up.BEWARE.

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