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Tons of features but fails as a phone


Oct 17, 2004 by farain1

okay first the good part about the phone

pro: looks nice
-expandable memory
-mp3 playing capability
-no external antenna
-Windows CE operating system
-voice recognition (really cool)
-bluetooth and Infrared

okay now for the bad news. This phone is really not worth it let me tell you. First of all the speakerphone is useless. You have to hold it next to your ear to hear. People complained about not hearing me very well, the same people who can hear me fine when i'm using my Sony Ericsson. The camera is pathetic. Its dark and like the way it comes up isn't good either. I don't get it because its supposed to be 1.23 mp. I'd rather get a V600 over this phone. The camera on V600 is way better than this phone. What is Motorola thinking--don't they get people to test these phones out?? Browsing through contacts is different than other phones. I still haven't figured that out.

I mean it has tons and tons of features a smartphone would have but it fails in basic functionality. The battery life is not that impressive either. The external ID displays useless information and its color, which you think is good, but it isn't because it goes into standby and you have to press the side volume keys if you want to check the time or how strong the signal strength is. In normal mode the phone is really not loud at all. I missed alot of calls and had to put it in 'outdoor' mode. The vibrate is good though. I couldn't hear very loudly and I have to press it really hard to my ear. I haven't used a bluetooth headset but the bluetooth is good for transferring files. The video recording and playback quality are pretty bad and the sound again is feeble.

Basically I don't see what the hype is about. It failed me in the two things I really look for. Sound quality and camera. Maybe it might be for you if your into IM and emailing and the internet funtions.

MPx220...Best Phone I Have Used!!!!!


Oct 11, 2004 by videobobbo

This phone is the best I have used...period! I just upgraded to the Cingular version from a V600, and I must say that this is the best phone I have seen.
-Large, Crisp Display
-High quality speaker
-Windows Smartphone 2003
-Color external display
-Sturdy Construction
-miniSD slot
-Closed-flip viewfinder
-Battery life (but it still outlasts my v600...)
-Flip opening and closing is a little stiff
-Large side volume keys(easy to accidentally grab)

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Great Phone If Used as Smartphone


Oct 16, 2004 by dlane44

I am in the Phoenix Metro area and use the ATT (soon to be Cingular) network.

After inserting my ATT SIM card and making a few Data Connection adjustments everything was working fine. I use the phone mostly for its smartphone capabilities. Don't buy the phone for the camera or if you don't plan on useing a headset.


Very Fast..Sync's perfectly with BT and Outlook..despite what others say the build quality is very good (I owned the Mpx200)..very attractive..document view is the best I've seen..lots of memory..reception on both the phone and my HS810 is strong, much better than the MPx200 and T720..external display is OK..photo caller ID on external display is good..overall file managment is great..MMS, Internet browsing, and email capabilities work great.


Yes, the volume through the earpiece is low at times, but, since I use a headset it doesn't bother me..I own a nice digital camera so the poor quality is not a big concern.

Final Opinion:

If you want a feature packed fast well built nice looking phone, this is it. Just make sure you use a headset and own a nice digital camera.

HelloMoto should be GoodByeMoto


Feb 21, 2005 by dtmoore555


1. POOR Battery
2. Worst CAMERA I've ever seen on a phone.
3. Can't control MENU setup for programs
4. Earpiece (EP) & Speakerphone (SP) suck horribly. When did MOTO start using SNAP CRACKEL & POP (SC&P) in their phones?
5. Calling w/ EP is sorta hard due to you have to get it just right on the ear or forget hearing. SP is just horrible loudest volume SC&P happens & hard to hear due to it's POINTED AWAY from you.
6. Mic on speakerphone sux my Siemens a56i is 10x better.
7. Reception is HORRIBLE compared to my g/f's V551.
8. Media Player skips on playback
9. User Assigned Ringtones & Pictures don't come up all the time (sometimes it does, but plays default ringtone for 2 secs then goes to assigned).
10. miniSD slot not fully compliant w/ certain Cards.
11. NOT EDGE only GPRS
12. Keypad goes off way too quick & is hard to see when in a lit room (makes ur eyes go blurry)
13. Key response is very slow all around.
14. Camera FLASH is useless to me it's just there as a selling point.
15. Voicemail doesn't reset unless you have someone send you one to reset it. (doesn't happen all the time, but this could also be cingulars fought I don't know)
16. Some more, but minor stuff

1. Build, structure, feel, look, keys, controls, placement, etc...
2. MOTOROLA (Always Good, just not this time)
3. Smartphone (SMP) setup so puts all ya need in one device.
4. Size 3.8oz and awesome for SMP.
5. Ease of ACTIVESYNC w/ PC & Bucktooth. Assigned Caller ID & Ringtone (OPEN AWESOME closed PIC is so so)
7. Hit on the streets w/ coworkers (ENVY lol)
8. 176x220 Screen AWESOME & 96x96 Screen SO SO
9. Speech use all around is awesome (dial, open progs, etc.)

All in all this is a SO SO phone and I give it a 2.5 because to me for $300 w/ 2 Year Contract MOTO should/could develop a much better phone. Come on MOTO where's your PRIDE GOING???

Classic Windows/Moto screwup


Nov 30, 2004 by grreeknick

I bought this phone on Friday, 11/26 - by Saturday morning, I knew I had problems on my hands; I could not get Bluetooth to recognize my PDA, couldn't discover any way to configure email setup on the phone, couldn't access the web in any way, shape, or form, and had no voicemail!

The camera was a disaster, and the speakerphone and ringtones (very cool, BTW) were only audible if you held them up to your ear.

I consider this product about 60% there. It looks and acts like it's a demo product, under-engineered by somebody's marketing goons to rush out to the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. While I paid $350 for this phone (and was going to receive $300 in mail-in rebates), after using it, I decided that even if I had been given this phone for free, I wouldn't have wanted to invest the time and the energy doing Motorola and Microsoft's jobs for them to get it working properly (if that is even possible).

I took it back and canceled my Cingular service, and am experiencing a palpable sense of relief!

Cingular DOES Support the Data Side!


Nov 23, 2004 by threed240

Cingular does support the data side with this phone. I currently carry a nokia 6230, motorola V3, V400, Ngage, and a 637 ericsson. And they all work with pop3. I have used the MPx220, and cingular does support this type of email. You need to speak to the right person. Customer service is pretty much only good at credits or billing issues. Contact the data group through tech-support to get the provisioning on your type of email. Even samsung will carry pop3 email now.

Picked it up today from Cingular


Nov 18, 2004 by chris525

I bought the MPX220 today at the Cingular Wireless store by my house. A good friend of mine works there and told me that they should be receiving the new batch shortly and knowing that I have been wanting this phone for quite some time called me this morning and told me that he had one waiting for me and to come pick it up. I was a little skeptical at first after reading some of the reviews about the phone but decided to try it out since Cingular has now adopted AT&T's return policy of 30 days instead of their 15 days prior to the merger of the two companies. The first thing I did was make a phone call to see if the ear piece volume was up to par. With the new flash from Motorola the volume in the ear piece and ringer is great.


- Ear piece volume is great
- Ringer is very loud
- Camera quick key on the side for easy access to the camera.
- Bluetooth pairing works incredibly fast (Using a Motorola HS810 headset)
- Beautiful screen
- Menu's fairly easy to navigate
- Loud, audible speaker phone for both parties (friends told me they could hear me very clearly while I was on speak phone)
- Great reception quality. I was told that the new 64K SIM cards make a world of difference but none were available at the time when I purchased the phone so I was unable to get my hands on one.
-Best voice recognition softwear I have used. No need to program voice dial names, the phone picks the names up off of the SIM card.


- You have to navigate through a series on menu's to activate the speak phone during a call, not like the V400/551/600 and others where you can just hit the speaker phone soft key.
- Camera quality is a little poor for a 1.23 megapixel. Not like the Audiovox 1 megapixel that Sprint offers.

Other then those two little things I think its a wonderful phone. I also got the phone at a very good price. $400 with no commitment, and if you sign a 2 year agreement the price drops to $250 (Out the door price) Would recommend to everyone.

Smart looking smartphone, dumb camera


Oct 16, 2004 by Randomest

Well, now that this phone is available at Best Buy more-or-less nationally, I was very pleased to finally get my hands on one.


+ Stereo Mp3 player

+ 1GB Memory Card Expandability

+ Smart looking (as compared to Nokias with similar features)

+ 1.2 Megapixel Camera

+ Quadband

+ Extremely fast processor


- Very short battery life compared to some Sonys which are getting 16. However, the advertised 5 hours is about right.

- Camera produces dark images. Many blame this on a bad "lens" system. I think it's a bad software lighting adjustment. I can fix images quite nicely in photoshop. Hopefully Motorola will upgrade this.

- Expensive. VERY expensive. I'd expect some deals by Christmas if you can wait.

Be patient, this phone delivers the goods


Jan 21, 2005 by dparnas

I'm a very picky buyer and have been waiting for a PDA/Smartphone for a long time, waiting until something came along that provided key features that were important to me. They were:

1) Reasonably small clamshell design
2) Easy sync'ing w/ MS Outlook for Calendar and contacts
3) External Display for caller ID
4) Camera

I was waiting for the Samsung I550 since I've always been a Palm user, but got tired of waiting and gave the MPx 220 a try. Boy have I been blown away with this phone. Although it met #s 1,3 & 4 above, it blew away #2. I was cringing as I installed the software and attached the cable, but man this process couldn't be easier. But then, all the other features this phone provides is amazing.

1) MP3s, although I didn't think this was important, I enjoy having this at times
2) Speakerphone, another feature I didn't think I needed, but it works great, not sure why others have had volume issues
3) Bluetooth, it's awfully nice not to have wires for a headset and that's only the surface of what bluetooth can do
4) Video capture - very low res, but nice to have in a pinch
5) e-mail access - Not a big deal, but I can't access my Yahoo/SBC e-mail account through my work firewall. Now I can check that account via the phone in a pinch
6) Windows media player - it was fun showing people an MPEG from comedy central
7) External memory expansion slot - nice to have this flexibility for MP3s, image storage, MPEGs, etc..

I was ready to spend $500+ on the I550 and instead spent around $200 on Amazon for this phone, so I'm ecstatic. Yes, the camera is not great quality and it might be nice to have a slightly larger screen, so, it's not perfect, which is why I gave it 4.5 rating instead of 5. But, if you want a PDA/Smartphone, but don't need the ability to type in much data or have stylus input, then you'd be hard pressed to find a better solution than this one.

Good Phone!


Feb 15, 2005 by ickmule

I have had this phone for 4 days now. had to play with it quite a while to learn all the tricks. Before this model i had a v400 and can say that I like it just as well. No problems with volume levels on this phone as others have reported. I suspect that many do not know how to set up the phone to make it loud. If you go into profiles and chage your system volume to "loud" you have no problems at all. camera takes a good enough picture. What do you expect from a phone? cant say I am dissapointed at all in this phone.

Pros: everything. This is a very nice phone. I like the voice activated features. Nice when you are driving.

Cons: Motorola needs to make a nice leather case for your belt for this and I will give it a 5 rating. Thats my only complaint.

Buy it you will like it!

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