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Great Phone!!!


Apr 23, 2005 by phoneyphone113

This phone is great! It is not as updated as the motorola V400(which is also a good buy). It is just the Motorola V180 with a camera. The camera is ok but not as good as the newer Motorolas.

Pros: Built in Camera
MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) capable
AOL Instant Messenger
Polyphonic and Mp3 Ringtones
Big Phone book (1000)
Built in speakerphone
External screen (caller id)

Cons: If you drop it so many times the external screen gets messed up
Camera not as good



Apr 22, 2005 by cellpro

This phone is an entry level camera phone and its pretty nice for an first camera phone. The phone scratches easily and the speaker is real easy to get muffled. Other than that if you got big hands this isn't the phone for you. This is perfect for High School age young adults. Hardly no dropped calls and its heavy duty if your clumsy.

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Okay Phone


Apr 11, 2005 by myah

I brought this phone around Xmas and it was holding up good until about a couple of weeks ago when my screen began to freeze.

adjust the ringer w/ side buttons
speaker phone

small screen
battery life is not that great
camera seems very cheap

I'm not confident that this phone will hold up during my contract with my carrier.

Decent phone.


Apr 9, 2005 by colione

This phone is good for the money. I suggest this phone to people starting out with a camera phone, or people that don't need great quality pictures. While it's true the pictures look better on a computer, there isn't really that much improvement.

It's a tri band phone, so it'll work almost all over the world, but anyone with enough money to travel, should have enough money to get a v551.

The only really bad thing I have to say about this phone:
It's really sensitive, the screen scratches easily, and very little pressure on the external display cracks the lcd display. If you treat it right, and aren't looking for a top of the line camera, this is for you.

The motorola V220, what i think about it


Mar 31, 2005 by webstar

The motorola v220 is a pretty kool phone. camera kool, colour displa is kool, big enough display, in my opinion, nice kool blue colour, small, flip phone, external display, nifty

COns, the thing i dont like about it that it lacks memory. 1287 kb, like really, that sucks, its pathatic, the new i pod has a built camera and can hold up to 25000 pictures and 15000 songs, like thats sad compared to the v220.other than that, its a prett kool phone.

Any one out there, i have a question, whats this thing about the usb cord thing that you have to buy soemthing and pay for pictures and is it possible to get more memory into the phone???????????

4 out of 5


Mar 30, 2005 by Enigma Kahn

I found the moto V220 to be a very solid phone, it provided good quality sound, as well as a good fit in my hand, which, when your talking for an extended period, is quite important. i also found the camera to be of relative good quality, but this is where my major gripes start, and it mainly has to do with the V220's ability to sync with your PC, now, the biggest thing is that, the software is so hard to get, i only found it on a few sites, and it was insanely expensive, and, when i finally did get a hold of it, i found the software to be difficult and unwieldy as well as i only got it to sync just once. it was absolutely mind blowing and was quite frustrating. now being as the phone only uses a simple USB-b plug, it was maddening to discover i just wasted $20 at radio shack, but Motorola doesn't bother to tell you about the proprietary software till you are already at home looking for drivers. now other than my PC grips, the over quality of the phone saves it from its abysmal Sync performance, sound quality, great, picture quality, great i can't complain about the phone, other than the lack of SD expansion slot, some MP3's would be nice on the road, but heck, for the price, i can let it slide

As good as its worth


Mar 8, 2005 by jade

i recently purchased the motorola v220 as my previous samsung only a year old was not working efficiently. I had a low budget and considered this phone a good buy, at only £100.

At first i enjoyed the exitment of having a new phone, this soon wore thin.

I can often work out how to use things without looking at the manual, this phone was easy enough to work out the basics, but soon i wanted more information of certian aspects of the phone, but the manual was vauge and didnt explain anything in depth.

The battery life is very poor, my lasting only 2days at the most.

The camera resolution is very very poor, often i find it hard to see the picture, and it now remains on night mode constantly, as this is the only way to recieve a half decent picture.

I find it annoying that i cannot name my pictures, and have to scroll through them all to find one.

i have not yet been able to send pictures, and it does not state anywhere that i have to get the device unlocked.

The phone does appear cheaply manufactured, and the screen is small with poor visiblitly.

The phone often cuts out claiming to have no signal, but comes back a minute or two after with full signlal.

I think certain glitches like this are due to maufacturing errors.

Most features are usefull, the phone is a good size,the home keys i find usefull, the text messaging itap is fast and effective.

In conclusion, i realise there are many aspects at error with this phone model, but considering the price i paid, i dont expect state of the art camera ect...
I would recoment this phone if like me you have a low budget and want something new, but if you do prefer something a bit more specific, i would go for another model, maybe another phone, my friend has the model up from mine, and saving a video clip takes a lot of time, and the phone appears to be very slow. i wouldnt recomend a samsung as i and many people i know have had many problems with the sceens ect... but the camera is off good quality.
good luck! jade x

Very HAPPY with this phone


Mar 1, 2005 by Munchie

I was a little skeptical at first reading all of these reviews. But, I decided to order the phone anyways. I have to admit, I LOVE this phone. I will list Pro's and Cons that I encountered.

Screen on the outside

LCD is VERY hard to see in sunlight
I still can't figure out how to assign specific ringers for people.

Other than that I'm Very Happy with this phone.

If you have a MINIDISC player/recorder, you can use that cable for the USB.


that connector....... also, the mobile phone tools ARE out there, you just have to find them. I have them, I'll post a link with a zip file to download that comes with the v220 usb driver, and Mobile Phone Tools.

again, VERY happy with this phone.

So So


Feb 23, 2005 by Mkrajenke

The phone seems so so. I am thinking about switching to the Sony Ericsson 500A. This phone looks all perdy and shiny in the pictures but kinda dull looking. The menus are not exactly user friendly I thought. I like LG's menus. The cameras is pretty good except the preview is crappier looking then the actually photo being taken. The signal dropped allot when I went in stores at the mall. Armani Exchange, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, abercrombie, ect. I would walk in the store talking to my friend and about halfway to the back of the store the phone cuts out. Expecialy in abercrombie. The whole time I was in the back the signal would not work at all. When I crossed 'the mark' it worked at 1 or 2. I sleep in my basement and well the signal is at 3 or 2 and sometimes 1. I do like the battery charge. The talk time is good. Along with voice activated calling, speaker phone, and just regular speaker. DANG its loud and clear. After about one week the hinge started to squeak a little bit. The phone is small and I do like that. It ships with one game. Bejewled. I did like the game but wish there was more to offer. The ringtones stink along with backgrounds. The one thing I hated the most was startup time. It took forever it seemed. It had that 'Hello moto' logo for about 10seconds then the cingular logo, then loads the backgrond, then finally the signal loads. Geese so much for calling 991 if your being guned down for your car.


Picture preview is not so great
Case not all sleekish
ALOT of dropped calls
Not good ringtones
Menu not easy to navigate through
Slow starting up

Pretty good pictures after taken
Voice activated calling
Nice keypad
Connectable to your PC via cable
Pretty good price
Great charge time



Feb 20, 2005 by danman92

Second worst phone ive ever had [1st was a virginmobile kyocera k7]













DONT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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