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worst phone ever


May 22, 2007 by showbiz1

this phone is a disgrace to cell phones. i had it for 2 weeks the camera went out (it was crappy anyway) then the front screen broke. and a week before i was finally able to get rid of it and get my w300i(awsome phone) the external and internal screen broke. neveer even dropped it! do not buy this phone. if you already have i am truley sorry...

Is this not like the cheapest phone ever?


Aug 1, 2006 by chic_803

Okay I didn't think Motorola would do me like this. It hasn't even been a year so I'm hoping my warranty will still do something for me. Okay why am I complaining:for starters that camera doesn't work. I get a blank screen which is black and then the thing just goes out and this isn't the first time I've heard about the phone doing this, my friend had the same problem. At times my phone can't send or receive text messages, so I have to take the sim card out and blow the phone and put it back in. But how do I know that it isn't working. I don't, after about a day or two you start to wonder why people haven't been texting you. And thats the problem. And then the raggedy thing is always freezing up. It scratches like no other phone in the world. Oh and for those who want to know. They don't even sell the phone anymore. They took it off the shelves, you can't even find a charger from your service provider. I TOOK IT TO THE REPAIR SHOP SHE TOLD ME NOT TO WASTE MY TIME FIXING IT BECAUSE ITS DEFECTIVE AND MOTOROLA KNOWS IT AND THEY DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!

mhmm...it's pretty niceee...but on he otherrr hand...


Jul 7, 2006 by heyy. im chelseyyyy

okayyy...well you mightt kno me as chelsiscellphonecrzy (corny i kno)well i forgot my password for that name sooo i startedd a new nameee
okayy..sooo i've had this phone for about 8 months noww and it's been pretty good,you kno, for how cheap it was i say it was worthhh ittt

*nicee colorr displayyy
*aim instant messengerrr ( a deff. must haveee forr a teenaged gurl like meeee =])
*camera has zoomm.
*mp3 ringtoness=]
*usually has a good signal(cingularrr)

*no flashh on cameraa
*scratches pretty easilyy( ohh boyy, you shouldd see minee!)
*it can be sloww,like when i got to the main menu, it can take a while sometimess..
*Blahhh,speakerphone suckks!
*ummm...thats all i can think of for mee

What a Horrible Phone


Apr 19, 2006 by pinkdiamonddolly

I have had this style of phone for 14 months I am on my 3rd one. This is perhaps the worst phone made.

Pros- its small and therefore will be easy to throw away when my new one comes in

Cons-the phone decides when your conversation is over, the camera has ceased to function on all 3 of the ones I have owned, pitiful reception my friend who also has Cingular (with a 29.99 cheapy phone) has bars in places I can't dream about, It will show 4 bars then I open it to dial and all of the bars disappear its the V220's way of screwing with your mind, constant ocean noise in the background, the battery loses power really quickly and the phone gets super hot.

I have owned many cell phones, but never a motorola I was excited because of the great rep they have, however this is the most disappointing phone ever. Motorola should be ashamed peddling this piece of garbage to an unsuspecting public. I love Cingular and have never experienced anything but top of the line customer service, but this phone was almost enough to make me switch companies until I realized the problem was the phone itself. I was actually one of the ones dumb enough to pay 69.99 for this phone and I still think I deserve a full refund. I gave it a .5 rating because its small and easy to carry.

Do NOT buy - It's not worth the money


Dec 30, 2005 by MOVIElover12345

I purchased this phone from Cingular and oh my..The first two months of having it were fine (just fine, not good or great) but then, my camera froze and blanked out on me. Sure I may have dropped it a few times, but I was a lot more careful when I had to get TWO OTHER OF THESE PHONES and those cameras blanked out as well.

-Well...It's a nice size for a phone and lightweight

Cons (Where should I start?!?!?!)
-BAD CAMERA, I tend to use it a lot and goodness it's the worst camera in history (and like I said before it freezes)
-It feels cheap and the outside gets scratched extremely easily (if you drop it anywhere, there's sure to be a mark)
-The volume buttons are in a bad position because when I was in the movie theatre, my phone was in my pocket but all of a sudden I heard a *beep!* from the volume key (it's very annoying)
-If you flip it open a lot, the flip structure will tend to get a little weird (mine makes a cracking sound)
-It drops calls
-The battery cover actually comes off very easily and then the battery pops out
-Not good rings tones (especially the 'ding' one, its so pointless that I'm guessing nobody has dared to use it. The only one I found normal was the 'spooky' one..I suggest that you buy mp3 ringtones)

Wow...Just don't even get near this phone!! It's a piece of junk. Here I come LG! (Or Samsung)

Do NOT get the Motorola V220!!!


Nov 25, 2005 by evankyle21

I will never own another Motorola because of this phone. Cingular gave this to me for free, and now I know why they couldn't charge for this piece of junk. I have had this phone replaced (under warranty) because the screen went out after 6 months, and the replacement phone backlight on the screen is going out. The screen is very low quality if you are interested in clear graphics... and the camera.... forget the camera. I have never seen such a cheap camera. I don't know if it is the phone or Cingular that makes the calls have static 75% of the time. I do know it is Cingular that drops calls like no other. I'm going to throw my V220 into the Atlantic ocean and then I'm switching to Verizon Wireless!

Run As Fast As You Can!!!


Nov 21, 2005 by supergurl7890

The quality of the camera itself sucks. There is no video recorder and the speaker phone messed up after about a week of having the phone. I have had the phone now for over a year and I have sent it back to motorola for them to just send me a new one but I had to keep my orginal battery. I gave the phone a 1.5 because before I had to send it back to the company, I dropped it in the ocean, the bath tub, and the toilet. It still worked for a while after all the droppings it went through. About a month or two after dropping it into the ocean and getting sand all in it is when it started dropping calls and such. The new phone that I currently have is just a piece of crap as the one I sent back to them. It randomly for no reason drops calls and turns off when you flip it open. I suggest to run away from this phone unless you get it for free and then you are going to trade it in for a decent phone. RUN!!!!!

this phone sucks!!!


Nov 17, 2005 by Bike_Maniac

This phone is a horrible piece of junk! my screen cracked after a few days of having the phone, camera is horrible, either the lighting is too bright or too dark and picture quality is poor, its always fuzzy. texting takes years to finish even with predictive text on. i have found only one good thing about this phone... when i hit it with a baseball bat it shattered and made a cool fan of pieces flying through the air

Not happy with this phone


Nov 15, 2005 by sydsmom

I bought this phone 8 months ago and have not been pleased with it. My boyfriend has an old Motorola that he loooves, so I figured that any Motorola would be good...I was wrong.

*Small, lightweight

...and that's about it

*Poor camera quality (but I bought it for the phone, not the camera)
*Cannot see screen in direct sunlight
*Poor selection of ringtones
*Menu is impossible to navigate
*Scratches easily
*Has recently starting making a clicking sound during my calls, sounds like Morse code
*Side buttons get accidentaly pushed all the time
*Ringtone volume is too low

I can't get another phone through Cingular for a year, so I am purchasing one on eBay. I will never own another Motorola. My boyfriend swears by his, but I can't stand mine. I would highly suggest not purchasing this phone.

Terrible Phone


Oct 12, 2005 by bjackson

At first glance, it appears to be a great little phone...nice displays, easy set up, compact and easy to carry...until...the hardware/software goes crazy.

We've only had the phone since February 2005.

First problem, loss of display. The phone was sent to the manufacturer to be 'repaired'. It took over 4 weeks to get the phone back.

It came back 'repaired', and is worse.

Dropping calls...and still display problems.

We just sent it back for 'repair', or 'upgrade' number two.

I asked our carrier, Rogers Wireless, to swap us to a Nokia phone, but they refused.

The V220 is a dog of a phone in our opinion, and has cost us more time and frustration than we have time for.

It's my wife's first cel phone, and we got it so she could have some sense of safety, as she travels home from work in the late evening.

This phone drops out and looses calls constantly, and does not get our vote for any sense of reliability.

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