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only use for this phone is as a door prop


Dec 7, 2005 by lwcq

this is probably THE worse phone I have ever bought. This will make the 3rd time having to have it replaced. Cingular has agreed to give me a different brand. Am doing research now to decide what to do. If you are cingular don't have it replaced for a exact one more than three times. After that refuse........request a different model.

Great Phone


Nov 16, 2005 by Anna

I think this phone is awesome i haven't had it that long but so far im completely satisfied with it. i think the photos that are taken by the phone are pretty good quality for a phone. most camera phones don't take very good pictures. I have good reception all the time. I like the size and weight of the phone its small and light. i say if your are interested in this phone you should go for it!

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Surprised by all the bad reviews


Oct 20, 2005 by brandon.mayfield

I've had this phone about a year and it's been great so far, especially for the price which was a free Cingular upgrade. I do get some dropped calls and sporadic bad reception but no worse than other phones and carriers I've seen. My in-laws got Verizon w/ nicer (and heavier) phone but I get better coverage in the Denver area and mountains. Excellent coverage in CO/TX w/ Cingular.

I've got no complaints about the camera either. The LED display is poor, but downloading to my PC has given me many images almost as good as my 2M Nikon, if I keep the lens cover clean and lighting is good. The camera is much better with good lighting and a steady hand, not so good indoors. Better than I expected for a cheap phone camera.

The speaker should be on the side of the phone instead of the back; lying on it's back I can't hear it unless I'm in the same room, and the speaker phone mode is awkward since the mic and speaker are on opposite sides of the phone. Still it's OK for being on hold.

I got the mobileaction.com data cable and handset manager software lets me save and edit the phone book, download a bunch of ringtones, and upload / download images. Maybe not as good as the Motorola product but a lot cheaper (at the time).

Maybe I'd feel differently if I paid $100 for it...

Just get a Nokia


Oct 17, 2005 by jem3315

After having Nokias for the past 3 years, I decided to switch it up for a flip phone and was told that Motorola was going to have the best reception.... Needless to say I am running back to Nokia just in time for my 30 day return. Get a Nokia! Now that the Nokia flip is out I'm looking forward to that.

Pros: It was cute for 5 days

Cons: Terrible reception, poor variety of ringtones, you can never hear it ring, camera quality is bad, and poor reviews from other users who have told me to get out!

Just don't go here...

Motorola v220


Oct 6, 2005 by kylem08

I just ordered this phone. and i had no idea that there was so many negative things people had to say about this phone. Have i got myself into a mess? -??

Hey--it made it through the spin cycle!


Oct 4, 2005 by afrisillo

I have had my phone since December and have had no problems. I agree with the comments about the camera and readout, but this isn't a $300 phone, right? I recently sent mine through the washing machine and I was sure it was a goner...turns out I only fried the battery!! Not too bad! For the money and for everyday basic use, I would recommend it, just check your pockets before you do the wash.....

come on, its not THAT bad.


Sep 14, 2005 by katrinioso

my phone has lasted seven months and i haven't had a problem with it. it got run over by a van, so the front display is messed up, but the inside is fine. the camera is pretty bad quality, but hey, its a PHONE. i didn't expect it to be super-quality when i first got it. i don't like that it makes all electronic devices buzz when they're near it due to interference. i like the design. all in all, unless you need every possible feature in the universe to make a phone call, it's not too shabby.

its ok


Aug 26, 2005 by lgvw0591

my dad has this phone and it has worked fine for him but the outside screen broke besides that nothing is wrong with the phone i mean yea the camera sucks but he doesn't need the camera

Good for the under 60


Jul 14, 2005 by WestEndGirl

After owning both a low-end and a high-end nokia, I have to say I like the moto v220 better. I was dying to get rid of my high end Nokia after owning it for 5 months and having multiple software and voicemail problems. I was considering going back to the old ancient Nokia, but instead the Cingular and AT&T merger got me this phone for free...

- no dropped calls since I've owned it
- camera works for me, and is much better picture quality and settings options than similar phones from LG & samsung
- linking photos to phone book entries is great if you can remember faces but not names
- no games is a plus. Could they take off the internet links too?
- flip open to answer option is great when you have gloves on and can't feel to press the talk key, or when you're driving
- speakerphone quality and volume definitely exceeded my expectations (better than my at&t multi-line at work!)

- while this phone does offer a lot of fancy features, some are hard to use/find. don't even give this phone to a senior citizen, they'd never be able to figure out how to dial 911 on it
- ring volume is pitiful. I miss calls daily, even with the 'siren' ring set on 7. With my old Nokia I could even hear it when it was on vibrate...that sucker could walk across a table on its own.
thinking about downloading ringtones? go ahead and waste your money: they're a lot harder to hear than the ones you get for free. speaking of ringtones, it really bothers me that you can't switch tones SILENTLY without the auto preview.
- can't see the screen outside in daylight AT ALL

My, My, My.......


Jun 25, 2005 by DaRev1

After reviewing this phone, I can truly say this is really an ENTRY level phone.


Great Reception
Battery power is ok
Multiple numbers per contact


Camera is horrible
Volume is deplorable
Main display is a little hard to see in bright light

Like I said before, this is an entry level phone but hey, it's whatever float your boat.

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