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Decent Entry Level Camera Phone


Oct 1, 2004 by erinboberin

The V220 is a great entry level camera phone for the user who isn't planning on taking millions of pictures. The screen quality (in comparison to the V400) is a bit fuzzy and weird, although apparently the colors are supposed to be the same (65K). The screen is smaller than the V400 too.

- Loud mp3 ringtones
- SMS messages use phone memory instead of the SMS memory (SMS memory is only about 17 messages).
- Fairly easy to use menus.
- GREAT new charger. Instead of the lame prong thingie which tends to break inside the phone, this is like the old Motorolas, or how Nokias are.
- RF is decent.

- When the phone rings, or when using the speakerphone, you can feel the strange vibration in the phone body.
- Some may not view this as a con, but the call and hang up buttons are reversed.

Fun lights?


Sep 8, 2004 by retromex

I got this phone for $50 dollars (US), and I really do like it. I don't have too many complaints and this is the first Motorola I've used and found it easy to set up and use.

Color screen
Speakerphone option during calls
MP3 ringtones
Battery life(at least 5 days)
External display(caller id,time, msgs)
Light, small phone

Voice recognition does not always work
Speaker phone"speaker" is on bottom of phone
Pictures taken aren't the best quality

Only one thing, I can't figure out where these "fun lights" are.

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Fatal Glitch!


Nov 24, 2005 by tnup2jen

First V-series my husband & I bought were the V180s. Within the 1st week, mine developed an annoying flaw: the "Personalize" feature under the "Settings" menu did not work and instead shut my screen off, then turned back on showing "No Reception".

We returned these phones & got the V220. After less than 8 hours of use, mine developed the EXACT SAME PROBLEM. Motorola is "aware of the problem" but doesn't think it is widespread. 2 phones out 4 with this same "software glitch"? That sounds like poor quality control to me. Motorola should have never let either of these phones out of the factory. We are now getting our third set of phones in as many weeks (Nokia 6101/6102, a far superior phone for similar price).

Other than that, here are the (few) Pros & (many other) Cons:

*Small, sleek phone with a front screen (shows incoming calls)
*Decent camera
*Battery life was acceptable.
*Speaker phone actually works quite well.
*It can make calls. Sometimes.

*NO multiple phone numbers for each name in your phone book, despite what most specs say. This means if you've got a friend with 2 or 3 numbers, you have to use 4 phone book entries (instead of one with four different numbers).
*Limited "one touch dialing 1-9 are allowed the speed dialing method of holding the number key corresponding to the phone book entry number, & 1 is defaulted to voice mail (still haven't figured out how to change it).
*"Shortcuts" aren't short at all. To use voice dialing, you have to hold the side key, verify that the voice dialing selected the correct phone number from your phone book, then hit send. Shortcut?!?
*Phone book lists entries alphabetically only. I had a Samsung that could also list them by the speed dial number.
* Not user friendly - nothing about this phone is intuitive. If you don't read the entire manual front to back & quiz yourself on it before you personalize the phone, your doomed. And that's if the Personalize feature WORKS.

Don't buy it!

Absolutely useless


May 30, 2005 by kingsbridge77

I have to say what several of the reviewers have already said: This is the worst phone I have ever owned.
What's the most important feature in a phone? The reception. Do you agree? Well, the reception is absolutely crappy. The phone calls cut out and worse than that: You get cut off in the middle of a conversation. This happens in 90% of the calls, approximately.
This phone reception is equally terrible indoors and Outdoors. It is so bad that it always shows 4 bars (the highest amount possible), and it still gives you a terrible reception.
I will not discuss the camera because the reception is so bad that nothing else matters.
If this phone were a nightmare, and buying it were falling asleep, I would advise you to drink lots of coffee.

Worst Phone I Have Ever Owned


May 29, 2005 by dward10

First off the day I signed up with Cingular. my fiance` and I got theses phones. By the time I walked out to my truck from the store the screen was already "dead" and you could not see anything. After that one was replaced We have been through 8 Different phones. They would just turn off and not come back on. They wouldn't accept a charge the lights would just blink but the the phone would not power up. Finally Cingular agreed to give me a different model after arguing with customer service reps. I would not recommend this phone at all, unless you like the hassle of having to mail it back to Cingular every couple months or so and being with out a phone for a week at a time. And if you are going to get this phone, make sure you get insurance or you will be sorry.

What More Can I Say?


May 16, 2005 by Djanifer9512

I work for ATT/Cingular and have had the unpleasent experience being allowed to demo the Motorola v220. I own a motorola v551 and let me tell you, this is no v551. First the pros; Excellent reception, battery life, features (camera, speaker, Q-band, Mp3), and very low cost ($179.99 retail, $29.99 2-year). And now with the long list of cons; The sorriest color screen I have ever seen on a 65k cell phone. The screen is about as large as a square quarter and is extremely dark. The phone vibrates like mad when it rings, even when the vibrate function is off. A fairly user friendly menu is cluttered by the small screen. The phone feels light and cheesy, and everytime I open it up, it feels as if it were going to break in half. Honestly for the cost, you really can't get more phone for your money, but you could get something a little better put-together. I personally recomend the Samsung e317 or an LG 1400 or even a Sony Ericsson Z500a.



May 4, 2005 by phoneman59

The V220 is my 8th Motorola phone since 11/04. It may be the cingular service or the phone, but all promise great features but deliver poor service. I started with the V180, and it would stay connected but the other party couldn't here me, or I couldn't here them. Cingular upgraded me for $89 to the V220 and it is worse. I parked my car below the signal tower and got 2 bars. As I drove away I only got 3 bars. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE.

has lots of features
camera (fair pics)
speaker phone (poor sound)
USB connection

cons: HORRIBLE reception
must buy software to use USB cable
comes with small selection of ringtones
many sales reps say its a bad phone

I came over from former ATT network for my service, and since the merger its BAD.

Motorola V220


Apr 26, 2005 by crito

Yeah i brought a motorola v220 for me bday last week and have 2 problems with it, first of all, after like a day i got it, i couldnt access the settings area that has personalise it just goes blank then comes back two the home screen and says no service then itll say back two service, i dont mind not having it but its good just two have so i can change the home screen colour syle and greeting etc. could anyone help this problem!
secondly, about yesterday i couldnt access the games option it says No Installed MIDlet suites. could anyone help with there as well. i have been using the games before it said this, and it was all fine.

moto v220 is a loss


Feb 1, 2005 by tdeagan

Things I liked:
Larger time Display on front when unit is Closed. Finally changed pwr on and send key to proper side.

Things I really hated:
rest of the phone and the camera are garbage.
Too many non-removable graphics and tones.

Looks good, can't talk on it!


Feb 1, 2005 by Darrellk-1

I like the overall looks of the phone and how the features are laid out.

I received my phone in Dec. 04 from Cingular for use in Dallas/Fort Worth. Upon receipt it did not have the same voice quality that my old V60i did but I was told that the GSM network was developing and it would get better (once by customer service and once at a local store). I rarely get more than 3 bars of signal and most of the time only 2; I can't use it in my office because it breaks up. I have been sent 2 more phones and traded the SIM card and still have the same problem. I dispelled the GSM myth because my son has a V551 and it gets 5 bars all the time in the same locations and crystal clear voice. I am currently trying to get them to let me trade phones. Do not buy a V220! Also, check the reviews (too late for me) on www.cnet.com

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